Episode #52: Prioritising Creativity in Life & Business with Hira Sameer Ahmed

Today’s guest is artist & creative coach Hira Sameer Ahmed. We dove into all things creativity: what it means to be a creative person, how to be ok with creating imperfectly, how creativity helps us better understand and trust ourselves and how we prioritise creativity even when we’re not feeling it.

Episode #40: Jessica Rose Williams on Claiming Your Voice, ‘the Numbers’ & Tuning Into What You Really Want

Today’s guest is writer, blogger and fellow introvert, Jessica Rose Williams. I loved this interview, as we got pretty deep about a few topic, including our feelings about “the numbers” on Instagram, and online in general, finding a voice as women who have previously found it hard to speak our opinions, and running a business […]

Episode #24: Laurie Collins on Building a Business on Instagram, Outsourcing and Ethical Clothing

Today’s interview is with Laurie, who has been on an incredible journey with her business: she started sewing clothes for herself, then sold them on Instagram, and then turned it into a successful business.

Episode #23: Sarah Von Bargen on 11 Years of Blogging, Selling Courses the “Wrong” Way & Habits for Happiness

The Creatively Human podcast is back for a second season! And to kick things off we have an interview with professional blogger and online course creator, Sarah Von Bargen.

My Challenge to Write 1,000 Words Per Day for a Month

This month I’ve decided to set myself a challenge: to write 1,000 words every weekday for the entire month. Writing is at the heart of almost everything I do in my business, and it’s also a creative outlet that I’ve been missing lately. So I’m using this challenge to write a combination of content for this […]