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Episode #56: On Taking Breaks & Having Nothing to Say [Rebroadcast]

As I release this, on March 26th 2020, the schools and nurseries are currently closed, the UK has been placed on lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, and I decided it wasn’t time to release the solo episodes I had planned. So instead, I’m re-releasing an episode from last year, all about those times when you have nothing to say, and when you’re not getting much done.
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Episode #52: Prioritising Creativity in Life & Business with Hira Sameer Ahmed

Today’s guest is artist & creative coach Hira Sameer Ahmed. We dove into all things creativity: what it means to be a creative person, how to be ok with creating imperfectly, how creativity helps us better understand and trust ourselves and how we prioritise creativity even when we’re not feeling it.
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