Episode #131: The Finale

There once was a woman who had a nagging idea but was terrified to share it with the world. It was an idea that wouldn’t leave her (even though it felt ridiculous and not for “someone like her”), and she didn’t really have a clue what she was doing. But she took the leap, she […]

2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year of massive personal growth behind the scenes, ending with some huge changes in my business (the latest of which I’ll share at the end of this review). I got more visible than ever before, publishing my book, hosting my first summit, doubling my email list and tripling the number of students […]

Episode #127: On Cultivating Safety and Worthiness in Our Businesses With Ashley Beaudin

Why should we be prioritising safety before strategy in our businesses? And what’s the real secret to feeling worthy of what we’re calling in? I talk about all of that, and more, with Ashley Beaudin in today’s episode.

Episode #126: Reducing Calls in Our Businesses (Without Reducing Support) With Meg Harrop

Is it really possible to reduce the number of calls we do in our business without reducing the level of support we offer? Yes, and we’ll talk about how to actually do that in today’s episode of the Quietly Ambitious podcast.