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How I Recovered from Entrepreneurial Burnout (Or… Why I Gave up the Hustle)

For a few years now you couldn’t browse the online business space without coming across a strong encouragement to hustle for your dreams. I used to think that this talk was motivational, but a couple of years ago I started to realise that it was actually detrimental to my productivity and my mental health. I’ve suffered business burnout many times over, and now I’ve given myself permission to simplify and give up the hustle. It feels good, and it hasn’t impacted my profits. I hope that sharing my experience over the last 10 years might motivate you to approach work a little differently, too.

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How to Stop Freaking Out About Money in Your Business

Being in business for yourself can be a real rollercoaster ride, and one of the biggest issues is money. In a job, at least you knew you’d have a particular amount coming into the bank every month. In your business, your income can vary massively. If you tend to freak out about money like me, this is the post for you (and it includes some pretty specific ways in which I’ve dealt with this over the last 8 years).

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7 Ways to Save Time in Your Online Business (and Create More Freedom In Your Life!)

Ever since I first started my business in 2008 I have never, ever been able to say that I got everything done on my to-do list. There are always extra ways to grow your business, always new things to try and new people to reach. That said, there are ways to save time and cut the work you need to do day to do (or to give you more time for the new tactics). Here’s how I do it…

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