I believe That business should
Support OUR life & values

…and for me, that means honouring who I am, what I believe in & what I enjoy (without sacrificing income)

Hi! I'm Ruth, and I’ve been earning a living online since 2008, going from freelance copywriter to six-figure business owner in the space of a few years. But my business wasn’t fulfilling, I didn't feel safe to show up as my full awkward, introverted and idealistic self*, & I wasn’t able to even allow myself to want more, let alone make it happen.

After learning to trust in who I was & what I wanted, I started this second business to support other highly sensitive humans to scale their businesses without sacrificing who they are, with both the practical strategy and the purposeful side of putting their work into the world.

Now, I describe myself as quietly ambitious (and I'm proud of it!).  Because who I am is incredibly ambitious, but in my own unique way, and in a way that doesn’t just benefit me. I want to change the world, and I want to get well paid for doing it. How about you?

It is totally possible to run a business that is both profitable and incredibly fulfilling and that honours who I am at my core. I am not willing to sacrifice, because I don’t need to. And I want this for everyone.

I live in Kent with my husband Chris and three-year-old son Rowan. When I’m not working on my business you’ll often find me running (slowly) along the seafront listening to the Beatles or a 90s-themed playlist, pottering about in the garden, or curling up in front of Netflix with a nice glass of red wine and some veggie junk food. (I also love to travel, but that’s been put on the back burner a bit since Rowan and the subsequent pandemic arrived!)

*In case you’re into personality tests, I’m INFJ.


I strive to run an inclusive and intersectional feminist business. Click here to read my values.

I believe we make the biggest impact in the world when we are brave enough to choose simplicity & joy, to mould our work around our personalities, and to work in accordance with our values (even if it's not quite the way anyone else is doing it).

My Story

If you're interested, I have a whole post that goes into details about my 10-year online business journey. Here's the abridged version…

My online business journey started in 2008, very unintentionally. I had just graduated from a (seemingly) pointless degree in Philosophy & History. I ended up pulling out of my Master’s at the very last minute (it just didn't feel right).

Thanks to the recession, I had no job to fall back on and nobody would employ me. Luckily I still had the security & privilege of being able to live with my parents. So I went online, I found some freelance writing jobs in a business forum, and I was amazed when I received money in my PayPal account the very same day.

I steadily and successfully grew my business, eventually managing my own team of writers providing content to website owners all around the world. I've even been able to support my husband as he started his own creative business journey as an ecopoet.

It wasn’t long after starting my online career that I realised I couldn’t go back to “normal” working life. At this point, I feel I'm basically “unemployable” – there's no way I could give up the freedom of thinking and working for myself. I've used that freedom to earn money when nobody would give me a traditional job, to spend a whole year travelling around Asia in 2012 and to give myself permission not to work to a traditional schedule (especially since having a baby!).

But it hasn't all been smooth sailing. For years I tried, and failed, to do business in a way that just didn't feel right. I tried to do what the hustlers and the girl bosses said I had to do, and it never felt “me”.

Thankfully, I've figured out what really works – for me. It's less about fads, one-size-fits all strategies and “shoulds” and more about aligning your business with your values, and implementing smart ways of working so that you don't have to hustle and work all the time.

Because when you create space in your life, you leave room for the big dreams, the world-changing vision, and the small things that make up a life well lived. In fact, I believe that as female or non-binary business owners we are already changing the world just by showing up and doing our work in a system that wasn't designed for us. I'm so passionate about this work and helping you to do more of what lights you up.

As feminist business owners we are already changing the world just by showing up and doing our work in a system that wasn't designed for us

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