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Episode #12: On Feeling Good In Business, Making My Own “Rules” & Ignoring the “Noise”

In this solo episode on Creatively Human, I talk about how I’m prioritising feeling good and in alignment with my values in my work. I also share how I didn’t always do things this way, and why it’s actually quite scary at times to forge your own path.

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How and Why “The Golden Rule” Has Become an Essential Part of My Business

I’ve never had any formal business training, in fact my degree was Philosophy & History. I used to think it was a waste of time because it didn’t lead to a job, but now I see it as totally relevant to everything I do. Surprisingly, though, this is the first time I’m actually talking about philosophy in a blog post. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t very technical!
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5 Soulful Journalling Prompts (For When You Feel Stuck in Your Business)

Journalling is one of my favourite ways to get “unstuck” in my business. Here are 5 journalling prompts I use to help me move forward when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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