Here’s what previous clients and course participants have to say about working with me…

“I am so pleased with myself for deciding to go with Ruth…. she was great at giving me small manageable things to look at so that I felt I was making some progress into what felt like a gargantuan journey. The panicky feelings I had melted away. I didn’t feel pressured or vulnerable in the way I have with other coaches one to one. It was very comfortable and easy.

Ruth’s super-power is bringing clarity to (what to you feels like) chaos. She can help you see a path when you feel there isn’t one. And she does this all with this amazing calm energy. You never feel rushed or pressured, just reassured and supported.”

Penny Brazier – Mentoring Client (Shift)
Creative Copywriter at The Mighty Pen

“Ruth is insightful, can make you feel safe, seen and heard and can help you come up with unique solutions to your unique problems. Also, she is warm and caring.

I have felt a burst of encouragement after our one call and that burst of encouragement came directly from you and the way you show up in the world and it made me find ways to be visible in ways it would work for me.”

Hira Sameer Ahmed – Mentoring Client (Shift)
Artist & Creative Coach

“Ruth’s ability to see through the negative clutter and her way of approaching things stopped me in my tracks and made me reassess my way of thinking on many occasions. Her openness and honesty when sharing her own experiences made me feel encouraged to keep going. From the very beginning I felt completely at ease to share with her my biggest fears and dreams and without judgment she listened and helped to break these down to actionable steps which was just what I needed.

At the beginning of the year I knew that I had the potential to be a better business woman/artist but I was really lacking in confidence. With Ruth’s help I was able to connect with that part of me and I feel so much more confident now and for that I am truly grateful, thank you Ruth. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

I would highly recommend Ruth if you feel like you need gentle encouragement and nurturing with no pressure. Someone to cheer you on from the sidelines while you go at your own pace.” 

Lauren Lawton – Mentoring Client (Flourish)

“Taking advice from someone you don’t know can be a tricky path to navigate – will they understand my perspective? What do they really know about my business? Will they be able to tap into my thought-process? Ruth’s experience and balanced approach to her own businesses means she can cut through to what really matters and put me at ease immediately. She researched my business before our call and gave honest feedback to my questions and concerns. She has a skill for truly listening, processing and giving sensible, solid advice.” 

Jo McCarthy – Mentoring Client
Owner of Online Shop Firain


“It was great to have Ruth actually go through my website and give me practical advice improvements and her thoughts. I found her tips on improving sales very useful and would like to think I’ll be working with her again in the near future.” 

Safiyyah Choycha – Mentoring Client
Artist & Textile Designer at Safiyyah Studio

“My call with Ruth was really helpful as she gave me lots of advice and tips to help me move forwards on some areas I was feeling a bit stuck on. I love how approachable and encouraging Ruth is, and I love her approach to building a business on your own terms. I finished our call feeling uplifted and like I had some practical steps to start putting into action. Thanks Ruth!”

Eloise Rickman – Mentoring Client
Parenting Coach & Writer at Frida Be Mighty

“Ruth has not only inspired me, but has taught me more valuable advice than anyone. Knowing how to run a successful business for years while establishing something completely new, gave me confidence and trust in her experience and knowledge… She pushed me, in the kindest and most helpful way possible and I am ever so thankful for that. ” 

Dora Botta – Email Mentoring Recipient
Blogger at Mamoradiary

“Thank you for putting together a really simple way to knuckle down and get to grips with an email list. It spurred me on to make some simple but effective changes… I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how little simple things… have made such a difference. I’m actually excited to send my new and improved letter out next week”

Huma Qureshi – Email Challenge Participant
Author, Writing Mentor & Blogger at Our Story Time

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