Hi, I’m Ruth. 

Starting my first business in 2008 was one of the best things I’ve done. I believe that life is more meaningful when we do work that’s profitable enough to be sustainable, that fulfils us, and that gives us freedom to do more of what matters (whether that’s travel, raising a family, or changing the world)

I’m all about creating & growing businesses that are not only profitable, but that truly fit around our lives, our wants and our needs. This is what I mean by a joyful business. How do we achieve that? By staying true to our values, getting crystal clear on what we want, ignoring all the “shoulds” and using smart strategies to simplify our work. Oh, and believing it’s actually possible in the first place.

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Topics include heart-led, values-based entrepreneurship, making space & freedom to live differently, juggling business & motherhood, and online business tips to help you create a simple, more joyful working life.

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