Episode #40: Jessica Rose Williams on Claiming Your Voice, ‘the Numbers’ & Tuning Into What You Really Want

Today’s guest is writer, blogger and fellow introvert, Jessica Rose Williams. I loved this interview, as we got pretty deep about a few topic, including our feelings about “the numbers” on Instagram, and online in general, finding a voice as women who have previously found it hard to speak our opinions, and running a business […]

Episode #37: Hannah Bullivant on Kindness as a Core Value, Figuring Out Your Calling & Being Honest About the Journey

Today’s guest is stylist, writer and nature lover Hannah Bullivant. We talk about Hannah’s journey to finding her calling in an unexpected industry, kindness as a core life and business value, building charity into our work in small ways, and being honest about the journey.

Episode #36: Nicola Rae-Wickham on Showing Up As Yourself, Dreaming Big & Affirmations for Business Owners

Today’s guest is creative coach and lovely human Nicola Rae-Wickham. We talk about how we get to that point where we start believing in new possibilities, how showing up as yourself is a huge way to make a difference, the nuanced journey to becoming more of ourselves, and the power of affirmations in all of this.

Episode #35: Sara Tasker on Money, Influencer Responsibility and Chronic Illness

Today’s guest is Instagram Queen Sara Tasker, and we talk about using your online platforms to make a difference: with how you show up as yourself, setting an example for others (and talking about money), and being responsible with the brands you work with.