Here’s a list of all the resources I offer (both free & paid)

On this page you’ll find links to my free and paid offers, for ambitious, intuitive and heart-led business owners. They will support you with various ways to increase your impact and income by embracing (more of) who you really are – and working in alignment with your unique energy.

On this page you’ll find everything I do, both free and paid, within the following categories:

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I borrowed this idea for the everything page (with permission!) from the brilliant Elizabeth Goddard* – that’s an affiliate link if you want to check out her $9 course on the practicalities & strategy behind setting your own Everything page up.

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the art of aligned action-taking

(+ how to listen to & trust your intuition in business)

✨ learn to harness your most powerful tool: intuition
✨ know exactly what to do next when you follow the art of aligned action-taking guide
✨PLUS get my collection of powerful journal prompts & affirmations especially designed for business owners

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Doing It Your Way/ Intuition in Business

What if your quietness, introversion, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness were your superpowers in business?

Are you looking for ways to market and sell what you do without feeling like you need to be loud or pushy?

…then Quietly Ambitious was written for you

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✨ learn to harness your most powerful tool: intuition
✨ know exactly what to do next when you follow the art of aligned action-taking guide
✨PLUS get my collection of powerful journal prompts & affirmations especially designed for business owners

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I share my business philosophy with you in the form of three pillars of a simple and joyful business.

Uncovering your values is the first step towards a business that really brings you joy

Having a business meeting with yourself is a period of time you intentionally set aside (like a morning every quarter) where you work on the big things that determine how you spend your day-to-day, who you serve and what you earn. It is game-changing!

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Have you been struggling to price your services or courses to reflect their true value? Are you going back and forth (even though you KNOW you want to raise them) because you aren’t confident enough to commit? Maybe you’re worried about how your customers will respond, or what it’ll mean for future sales?

If you answered yes to one or more of these then the Price Rise Process is for you. Get the super-simple (but powerful) 3-step process to choose your aligned price, conquer your fear & resistance around claiming it & confidently put your price rise in motion.

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how to run powerful, short-term group coaching containers that increase your authority & grow your coaching income (both now and later)

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This is my full process for having a business meeting with yourself that allows you to work “on” and not just “in” your business – to make those big goals happen, and to keep you connected to the work you love.

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For business owners of all types and stages who want to radically shift their mindset, strengthen their self-trust, and expand how they see themselves to make it easier to make empowering decisions that’ll create more income and impact in their business.

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Soulful Marketing & Sales Strategies

Join a range of experts to discover your unique sales strategy as a heart-led business owner during this free 4-day online event.

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Free soulful selling workbook & visualisation (including 2 super simple daily practices to help you sell more) to help you fully know the value – & show up in service of – the transformation

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Launching my podcast was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my creative business. But there was quite a learning curve to get it off the ground (and some personal help too)! I’m hoping this post will help simplify things for you. I’ve condensed it all into an easy-to-follow checklist to take you from idea to launch day.

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 If you are one of “the quiet ones”, I hope this free guide – full of lessons I have learned and am still learning on my own journey – will give you a little more courage to share your (imperfect) brilliance with the world.

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Want to get more visible as your true & imperfect self to grow your ready-to-buy audience of right people?

Then you are invited to join the $7 Soulful Growth Club where you’ll get my trainings on quiet visibility, sustainable marketing, and journalling and content prompts to help you grow and connect with your audience as your unique and imperfect self.

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In this guide, I walk you through my content  planning system, which I’ve been developing since 2008. When I sit down to create I always have an idea to run with, leaving more mental space to do what I really want to do: better connect with my audience & get my work out into the world.

The guide culminates in you coming up with a year’s worth of content ideas – you can use them for blogs, podcasts, emails, social media & more – which is a lot easier and quicker to do than you might think with my prompts & worksheets.

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This is for ambitious & heart-led course creators, coaches & other online service providers sell more offers in a way that totally honours who you are.

Trust me when I say this is a unique selling membership. Because we don’t just cover the “how”, we cover the mindset & somatic shifts that’ll get you there quicker and easier.

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plan to be seen & sell more of your stuff online… in a way that feels good, suits you, and does not involve an overcomplicated & set-in-stone schedule!)

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learn to soulfully structure your business so that everything powerfully feeds into everything else (supporting your money goals, your audience size and you)

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This is my fun & creative strategy for running free challenges that grow your audience AND sell what you do.

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Aka how to run impactful free webinars – the soulful way – to grow & sell to your audience.

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A course on transformative, intuitive & heart-led content marketing that will magnetise your right people to you.

It’s all about taking that unique magic and letting people know about it. It’s more specifically about how you create content for your brand, from an intuitive place, that powerfully grows your audience & sales.

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Aligned offers is an overwhelm-free programme – with daily actionable trainings & homework for 5 days to get that bold, exciting and full-of-potential offer ready to put out into the world. Learn to create offers that feel good to you, appeal to your clients, & are much easier to sell (without the overwhelm or “sales dread”!)

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Own who you are at your core as a human to magnetise your right people to you (& scale your business with grace and ease)

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Direct Access to Ruth

Join me as I share the highs, lows, behind-the-scenes & everything else that goes along with showing up authentically & wholeheartedly in my online business… 

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The Soulful Sales Show is for thoughtful & ambitious online business owners with me, Ruth Poundwhite.

Every week I’ll share the mindset & strategy that supports you to believe in the value of your offers, get them in front of your right people, and sell more of what you do in YOUR unique way.

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Quietly Ambitious is a podcast for sensitive and ambitious online business owners and creatives, that dives deep into how it really feels – and what it really takes – to build a business that honours our whole self, unapologetically. And that includes who we are, how we feel, what we really desire, the impact we want to create and – importantly – the money we want to make.

Expect real and honest conversations that go straight to the heart of what really matters, plus solo episodes from me about the always-rewarding, and often challenging, journey of self-expression, business building and owning those big dreams & desires as a sensitive and ambitious human.

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I want to support you to embody and radically embrace (more of) who you really are to create your next level in income, impact, self-trust & self-expression. 

My 1:1 packages are for you if you’re ready to let go of thinking that others who are more successful than you have something you don’t – and embrace your unique magic & brilliance to magnetise the right clients to you.

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Journalling & Affirmations for Business Owners

For fun, and for our mental health, let’s challenge ourselves to journal every day for one week. (Write whatever you want, for however long you want to!)

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These 10 journalling prompts can help get you “unstuck” in your business or life, and perhaps kickstart a habit that I know will do you good

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Use my journal prompts and affirmations as a simple but powerful tool to trust in who you are and the way you want to show up in your life & business…

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how to *quickly* create transformational questions, workbook exercises, journal prompts & affirmations for your clients

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Do you want to run a business that works around your energy levels, your personality & what actually brings you joy? it all starts with believing in & trusting yourself. Use my set of affirmations as a simple but powerful tool to trust in who you are and the way you want to show up in your life & business. Available to download & use instantly.

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If you’re dreaming of more impact and more success, I want you to know how magical (and surprisingly simple) journalling can be in helping you get there. 

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In this brand new, 3-part course I’ll share with you how to really get behind your offer energetically, how to set powerful goals before you launch, managing your energy throughout the launch, a powerful exercise to work through ‘stories’ as they come up, what to track & learn from 

…& with all of this you’ll be in a position to really stand behind the transformation of what it is that you do, calling in more sales without the stress & second-guessing yourself

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Gain the confidence to show up in your business and make more money with prompts that help you unpack the things that are limiting you

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Soulful Email Marketing

I built an entire business using email marketing (and no social media presence, except for a hundred or so Facebook followers of a page I never used!) So here are all my email marketing resources in one place, including blog posts, podcast episodes, courses & freebies.

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Free checklist: the 6 stages of growing your email list (the simple & soulful way!) Learn the simple way to grow & powerfully nurture your email list without having to do “all the things” or stay glued to social media all day.

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This list can help you brainstorm some ideas and get you into the habit of regularly sending unique content to your mailing list, especially if you’re just getting started and aren’t yet confident in regularly emailing your list.

Get this free guide when you sign up to my email marketing resources page.

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Free 5 day challenge: how to soulfully grow your list & make selling to your right people easy and fun (without it feeling icky or overwhelming). In this 5 day workshop, you will learn the simple way to grow & powerfully nurture your email list without having to do “all the things” or glued to social media all day.

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During this bootcamp you’ll kickstart your email list and boost your sales – withshort, simple & powerful daily actions designed to be done in under 30 mins – in a soulful, authentic way that reflects you and your values.

With This Bootcamp You Will ::

✨Uncover 5+ simple, actionable steps to boost email sales
✨Get tailored steps whether your list is new or established
✨Master soulful email techniques that feel like you
✨Get expanded trainings for every step if you need it
✨Turn laidback email sales into your new business norm

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During this bootcamp you’ll create a strategic freebie that authentically connects to your right people in a way that naturally leads to more sales of your paid offers.

With This Bootcamp You Will ::

  • Receive 5+ actionable steps to craft your powerful freebie
  • Learn how to dramatically reduce creation time
  • Master the art of freebies that convert to sales
  • Turn free value into a core part of your sales process

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Other Online Business Resources

If you’re wondering what tools I use, then this page is for you! This is the list of tools and resources that I’ve found useful throughout my online business career.

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Every blog needs a name, but coming up with the right one isn’t always easy! I’ve personally found finding a name one of the hardest parts about starting a new blog. It just seems like such a big decision, so final. You want to do it right from the beginning. If you’re struggling like I have in the past, this post is for you!

>> Find it here

No matter what stage of blogging you’re at, there is probably a way to turn your passion into profit. I’ve put this list together to get the ideas flowing and to help you see how your blog – or even an idea that you haven’t yet started – could make you some cash!

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Whether you’re currently pregnant or planning on being pregnant soon, congratulations on the start of this exciting life and business journey!

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