Episode #113: Why It Feels Hard To Truly Receive Support

Most of us are conditioned not to receive the support that we need, but as quietly ambitious business owners we deserve to be supported on this journey. Let’s talk about what we need to unlearn in order for that to happen.

Episode #112: 5 Lessons from 14 Years In Business

It’s my 14 year online business anniversary and I’ve got 5 key lessons to share with you in this episode, from what it takes to run a business you’re madly in love with to the way’s I’ve experimented and what I think about the moments that feel “too hard”

Episode #111: How to (Properly) Sell a Lot of Things at Once

Selling lots of offers at once – why would you do it, does it work, and how can you support yourself to do the best job without burning yourself out? I’ll answer all these questions and more in today’s episode!

9 Challenges Worth Signing Up For (They’re Free!)

In February I ran the first live round of my course, Grow With Challenges. Free challenges have played an important role in the way I’ve grown my audience and launched my courses and programmes, but as a sensitive human I had to figure out my own way of doing them, which I share in that […]

2022 Intentions & Word of the Year

It may be February, and it may have taken me a whole month to share this with you all, but I can already feel myself calibrating to some powerful intentions I set myself at the beginning of 2022. They are so much less about doing, and much more about being. Plus I have chosen a word of […]