2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year of massive personal growth behind the scenes, ending with some huge changes in my business (the latest of which I’ll share at the end of this review). I got more visible than ever before, publishing my book, hosting my first summit, doubling my email list and tripling the number of students […]

Episode #125: On Letting Go & Honouring Endings

As I head into a period of reflection, and letting go a big part of my business, in this episode I’m sharing with you the lessons I’ve learned and some prompts to help you really honour wherever you’re at (and you might just be surprised at what comes up). 

Episode #121: Parenthood as an Entrepreneurial Superpower with Tamsin Williamson

Today I’m chatting with Tamsin Williamson, aka the Parenthood Coach, about how parenting is a superpower in business, and while being a parent often seems to feel at odds to running a business, they actually work very well together.

Episode #120: Embracing Your Creativity & Learning to Experiment with Caitlin Gwynn

Today I’m chatting with Caitlin Gwynn, creativity coach and small business cheerleader about why creativity matters to business owners, what it means to be creative and why some of us struggle with it.