#74: Behind the Scenes Update on Best Ever Months, Being Supported & Upper Limit Problems

In this solo episode I’m sharing some behind the scenes updates, realisations, lessons and mindset shifts (& blocks!) that have been coming up for me over the last few months of some big business growth and shifts. A lot of what I talk about here is about running my business in line with what feels […]

Episode #53: My Weekly Planning Process (It’s More Than A To-Do List)

Today’s episode is all about how I plan my weeks. And this is more than just creating a to-do list. It’s a very intentional system that includes how I want to feel in my mind and body. And, importantly, it’s really simple and quick to do.

Episode #51: Behind the Scenes of My First Group Programme Launch

I’m going behind the scenes on my first group programme launch. I cover how I developed the programme structure, how I felt about it, how I showed up and sold it in a very different way, and why it all felt easy (even though it’s one of the most expensive things I’ve ever sold).