Episode #131: The Finale

There once was a woman who had a nagging idea but was terrified to share it with the world. It was an idea that wouldn’t leave her (even though it felt ridiculous and not for “someone like her”), and she didn’t really have a clue what she was doing. But she took the leap, she […]

#74: Behind the Scenes Update on Best Ever Months, Being Supported & Upper Limit Problems

In this solo episode I’m sharing some behind the scenes updates, realisations, lessons and mindset shifts (& blocks!) that have been coming up for me over the last few months of some big business growth and shifts. A lot of what I talk about here is about running my business in line with what feels […]

Episode #53: My Weekly Planning Process (It’s More Than A To-Do List)

Today’s episode is all about how I plan my weeks. And this is more than just creating a to-do list. It’s a very intentional system that includes how I want to feel in my mind and body. And, importantly, it’s really simple and quick to do.