Episode #88: 5 Things I Want Us to Stop Asking for Permission for in Our Businesses

Today I’m talking about something that most sensitive business owners struggle with: seeking permission & approval vs. just doing the thing we want to do in the way we want to do it.

Episode #80: Intuitive Emotional Writing for Self-Healing & Soulful Selling with Shantini Rajah

Today I’m chatting with the lovely Shantini Rajah all about her intuitive emotional writing technique – how it can be used for self-healing as well as a powerful boost to our copy and how it connects with readers. We talk about the importance of shadow work, how to get into the right emotion before you […]

Journalling To Connect With Your Goals & Desires As a Business Owner

I see goals as milestones, targets, plans that are designed to be structured and checked off our list. That’s not to say that goals can’t be big and bold, but it feels more like a process to me. Desires, on the other hand, involve feeling and they don’t always immediately seem rational. They are the […]

Episode #72: What It Means to Be A Writer & Why We’ve All Got A Book In Us with Genevieve Parker Hill

Today I have the absolute pleasure of talking to my mastermind sister Genevieve Parker Hill: international bestselling author, speaker, coach and leading expert in the fields of minimalism, intentional living, nomad lifestyle, and creative growth. She’s published five books of her own and now helps people turn their solo podcast episodes into books. We talked […]

Episode #70: Being Supported to Do the Work That’s True to You With Kate Northrup

Today’s interview is with the brilliant Kate Northrup, and it’s all about doing less, being supported in life & business, and doing the work that is true to you and what you believe (plus a few lessons from the pandemic so far). It was wonderful to interview somebody who truly is one of my business […]

Episode #67: Leading with Joy in Life & Business with Danielle Brooker

Today’s episode is a conversation on joy with Danielle Brooker. We discuss what leading with joy means and looks like, the process of getting to know yourself and what feels good, why we don’t always choose joy, and what joy means in practice when we’re going through genuinely hard times. I can’t tell you how […]