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Get well paid to do work you love, in a way that totally honours who you are as a person (thoughtful, complex, brave, scared, overwhelmed, ambitious, awkward, & everything in between).

Does this sound like you?

✓ You’re ready to show up, put your work into the world and make a difference, but most of the sales tactics you’re seeing feel icky. They don’t feel like you.

✓ You’re willing to work, but all the to-do lists and complicated “launch planning” you’re finding online don’t match your energy (as a sensitive or introverted human)

✓ You get stuck in the details: what to say, when to post, where to show up… when you know that what you really need is the permission to speak your truth.

✓ You’ve had enough of letting the sensitive, thoughtful and fearful parts of your personality hold you back. You’re ready to take ownership of all the wonderful things those parts of you can do for your business (and the world).

✓ You're done with waiting, overthinking & letting the fear get in the way of your dreams (even though the fear is still very real)

✓ You get lost in all of the ideas – you just have so many – and can feel yourself spinning your wheels and holding back.

✓ You’ve created programmes before, but you self-sabotaged by moving onto the next thing too quickly instead of showing up to wholeheartedly sell them.

If you nodded your head to one or more of these, then I get it. That was me too. 

Let me share my journey with you…

I’ve been there, and I had the same excuses (although I no longer blame myself for them, and I won't let you blame yourself either, as you’ll see below). I've always had big money goals, and I crossed six-figures in my first business after a few years. But the truth is that I wasn’t happy, because my business looked like:

  • Knowing I had a calling to do something more (to do this!) but feeling stuck in my old copywriting business because I thought that mentoring, showing my face, creating real connections with people wasn’t possible for me.
  • I spent years doing this, “working on my new website” behind the scenes, all because I was so afraid to show my face and speak my truth.
  • I was settling, simply because I was earning good money. But I felt a deep disconnect between the person I was in business and the person I was in life.
  • All the while I was sabotaging my own ability to break free. Either my calendar was full, and I was “hustling” trying to create something half-heartedly on the side, or I was ignoring those desires altogether.

None of this was aligned to my core value of personal freedom. And, honestly, it was eating away at me.

I spent years beating myself up about my inability to figure out how to work with not against my sensitive nature, but I now realise it is not my fault.

Becoming a mother was the catalyst for me to get completely honest and raw with myself, and start reclaiming my story (with a lot of support along the way)

As Anais Nin said, “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

I had to learn to do this my own way and still get results like:

Cultivating a real and incredibly fulfilling connection with my audience, and working with over 100 incredible humans in my first year of this new business.

Being completely true to myself, and calling in perfect-fit clients because of who I am (not in spite of it)

Doubling my prices based on a feeling (when logic told me otherwise) – which massively paid off. 

Launching and filling a successful high-end group programme within the first year of this business, and releasing programmes and products that are completely based on how I feel and what I want to do – rather than what I “should”.

Creating a level of freedom I never dared to want before: thanks to my business my husband quit his job, and is now home for our young son. I'm working 10+ hours a week less during lockdown and seeing my income jump.

Now I know that it is possible to run a business that is both profitable and incredibly fulfilling and that honours who I am at my core. I am not willing to sacrifice, because I don’t need to. And I want this for everyone.

Like you, I have been conditioned all my life not to trust myself, to keep myself small, and to play down what I want. Not any more. 

It's time to reclaim the word ambitious.

Who I am is incredibly ambitious, but in my own unique way, and in a way that doesn’t just benefit me. I want to change the world, and I want to get well paid for doing it. How about you?

doing business your way is the only way this gets to be sustainable (and the good news is that it can be wildly profitable, too!)

Here's what my lovely clients have to say...

“Ruth is a great role model in being able to make a lucrative but value based business work and flourish. I’m glad to have met Ruth and know she is out there doing what she is doing”  Sarah Gray

“Ruth is a wonderful business mentor. She has a supportive, kind approach while also providing accountability to make sure you take action.  Ruth has also been great in helping me get over myself in terms of asking for the sale. I am now much better at making that ask.” Caroline Wood

“Ruth if I can support my clients as well as you supported me I’ll be very happy! ” – Sarah Lynas, Coach

“I have launched workshops, developed and launched a course, run a really successful Instagram challenge and am learning to trust myself. Ruth is nurturing, honest and thoughtful. During my time working with Ruth I’ve found my focus, developed and launched stuff in a way that feels good to me and found some real momentum. I’ve loved working with Ruth!” – Jo Hooper

*I have space for 1 new 1:1 client to start in Feb 2022* – pay a deposit now to secure your space & start in Feb OR click here to read more about my group experience, REST & Rise, open now

Introducing my private 1:1 package

If you would like the support of somebody who understands, who can listen to your big dreams, help you really believe in them and hold your hand every scary step of the way in your business journey, so that you can make the money you want & do the work you love then here's how we can work together…

got questions? view the faq below

‣ PRELIMINARY QUESTIONNAIRE: This helps me get to know you and to clarify what we will work on so that we can get right down to the details once we start working together

‣ 12x 60-MINUTE 1:1 SESSIONS (& RECORDINGS): Held on Zoom, spaced 2 weeks apart. Each session is completely tailored to you, your goals, and your needs at that time + we discuss action steps by the end of the call, so you're not left wondering what to do next.

‣ 6x MONTHLY MINDSET GROUP CALLS (& RECORDINGS): Talking through what's going on & working on the strategy side of things is massive, but so is what is going on subconsciously. These (optional) group mindset sessions will take you through a number of different healing and expanding modalities to bust through limiting beliefs and make big things happen.

‣ 6 MONTHS OF EMAIL & PRIVATE MESSAGE SUPPORT: In between calls you have me in your back pocket – which I find is key to pushing through those mindset wobbles, or celebrating every win on the way to your big goal. Seriously, if you've never tried this before, it really is magic (see more below in the FAQ)

‣ WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK-IN: I email all my clients every week (except when I'm on holiday) to check in on you, your goals and your feelings. Clients have told me that the accountability really helps them take action.

‣ STRATEGIC TRAINING LIBRARY: This programme is not a step-by-step course, but it does come with my 5 pillars of REST training library throughout the time we're working together, for you to draw on as you go about creating a fulfilling, impactful and profitable business – one that suits you perfectly. Use what you need & leave the rest, or pick a route to guide you with one of my special roadmaps. Includes video, audio and text-based training, plus fillable Google docs.

‣ MY EYES ON YOUR WORK: As a business mentor I'm with you every step of the way – and that includes being available to cast an eye over sales pages, content plans, product ideas & more (includes feedback, not editing & detailed proofreading)


YOUR INVESTMENT :: £6500 (or 6 payments of £1090 – longer payment plans are available if you're booking in advance, see FAQ)

*I have space for 1 new 1:1 client to start in Feb 2022* – pay a deposit now to secure your space & start in Feb OR click here to read more about my group experience, REST & Rise, open now

Whether your heart is already saying yes, or you've got some questions, I invite you to book a free 20-30 minute chat using the button below (with zero pressure) & we'll make sure we're a good fit together before moving forward.


“I am so pleased with myself for deciding to go with Ruth…. The panicky feelings I had melted away. I didn’t feel pressured or vulnerable in the way I have with other coaches one to one. It was very comfortable and easy.

Ruth’s super-power is bringing clarity to (what to you feels like) chaos. She can help you see a path when you feel there isn’t one. And she does this all with this amazing calm energy. You never feel rushed or pressured, just reassured and supported.” – Penny Brazier, Creative Copywriter

a little note from me to you...

This is a big step for you!

Investing in a coach/mentor is exciting but it can also be scary. So let me share my journey with you. I started my business in 2008 and I had very little confidence in my abilities as a business owner. It took me years to invest in 1:1 support. And when I finally found the right person to support me, the money felt big.

But it also felt like the right step. The first time I was choosing to believe in myself as the business owner I already was, not the business owner I could be, if only I were more outgoing, more confident, more, more more…

I learnt to stretch my comfort zone based on what was in my heart, not based on comparing myself to what other people were doing.

I have never looked back from that first investment, and I'm never now without the support of a coach, mentor or mastermind group. Even though the money still feels scary at times. Because having the space for other people to truly hear you is priceless. And making all those decisions and stretching your comfort zone alone is hard.

So if it feels scary, know that this is partly what makes the investment so powerful. You'll have a reason to show up, and trust that your intuition has led you to the right person who truly sees you and knows how to push you in the right way.

I would be honoured to support you on your journey to make even bigger and better things happen in your life and business.

You've got this.

Book a free chat view my 1:1 package

or send me an email

“Taking advice from someone you don’t know can be a tricky path to navigate – will they understand my perspective? What do they really know about my business? Will they be able to tap into my thought-process? Ruth’s experience and balanced approach to her own businesses means she can cut through to what really matters and put me at ease immediately. She researched my business before our call and gave honest feedback to my questions and concerns. She has a skill for truly listening, processing and giving sensible, solid advice.” – Jo McCarthy of Firain

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

My 6 month mentoring package is £6500 (pay in full), or 6 monthly payments of £1090.

Do you offer any longer payment plans?

I offer a 6 month payment plan as standard for my 6 month package. If you need to pay over a longer period, I may be able to extend the plan even further. If you're booking in advance then I'm also happy to just start the payment plan earlier so that you can easily stretch it out over more payments (e.g. starting your payment plan in October even though you're booked in the work together from January). Just get in touch and we can chat about it.

Do you offer any other 1:1 packages?

If you're not ready to commit to 6 months then I offer a one-off day of Voxer mentoring here (it's powerful!) If you have a custom time period in mind, get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

How will you hold me accountable?

As your business mentor, your success and your happiness matter to me. That is why I do everything on my side to keep you accountable: I work with you to break big goals down into actionable steps. I give you the ability to email me or message me whenever you need a bit of support. And I check in with you every single week (unless I'm on holiday).

As the client, it's your job to do the work and be responsible for your own success. My clients have told me that the regular accountability check-ins, combined with a reduction in overwhelm following our calls and emails, help massively. And when life does happen – as it does for everyone, including me – I'm always there to bring your big goals back into focus and help you figure out what went wrong and how you can get back on track.

How does message & voice note support work?

I use a free app called Voxer to keep in touch with my clients. You can send quick text or voice notes whenever you need to. It works like WhatsApp, but I choose to use Voxer so that we can both keep some boundaries between our “work” and “life” chats. It's really easy to use, and honestly fun too! It's a great way to keep me in your back pocket and know that you have the support when you need it. I find it also adds a deeper level to our communication. 

If I'm honest, I believe that Voxer support is honestly quite magical! Don't take my word for it, though, click here to see all the wonderful testimonials from people who have had a one-off Day of Voxer with me.

And if you're shy (like me!) trust me when I say that it doesn't take long to warm up to. But you don't need to use it! Many of my clients have just used email support and that has also worked great. It's all about figuring out what works best for you.

How often can I contact you?

I know that I attract thoughtful clients who often worry about “bothering me”. So I want to let you know upfront that you are free to contact me at any time. I will take care of my own boundaries: I take weekends off, I generally only respond to emails within the hours of 9-6 UK time, and I'll let you know in advance if I'm planning a holiday. I use the iPhone “screen time” feature to block access to Voxer when I'm not working, so you'll never bother me. I'll also let you know if I think your emails or messages need to wait until the next call. 

It's so important for me to let you know that you have me here alongside you every step of the way – and I want you to take advantage of that!

So please do know that you can send me messages, emails or voice notes at any time. Even if I don't reply instantly, my clients often find that writing things out, or sending me a voice note about what they're up to, is massively useful to help them move forward while they wait for a reply.

*I have space for 1 new 1:1 client to start in Feb 2022* – pay a deposit now to secure your space & start in Feb OR click here to read more about my group experience, REST & Rise, open now