believe in the power of online business to offer us a greater level of personal and societal freedom. But the conversation around success must be nuanced. 

I will not ignore very real systemic injustices, and the role they play in opportunities afforded to us. My feminist business is intersectional.

I work people of any gender identity (or sexual orientation) who are comfortable in spaces that centre the experiences of women (also, trans women are women).

I unequivocally stand by Black Lives Matter and accept the role I and all business owners play in dismantling white supremacy. I am committed to integrating anti-racism into my business, and have taken the anti-racism pledge.

In a time where the marketing message is to “be yourself”, I acknowledge that it’s a lot safer for some to do so than others. 

I believe in the power of women supporting women and refuse to participate in any activities that pit us against each other. I will also gladly share and support the work of other women.

I refuse to build a business based on hustle and burnout. Mental and physical health matters, and our pricing and business practices must reflect that.

I do not work with any person or company promoting diet culture & fat phobia. 

I believe in the power of business owners to positively impact and change our culture (h/t Kelly Diels)

My Feminist Business Practices:

  • Although I am not able to offer free personalised 1:1 business support (which would be unsustainable), I have a number of free or low-cost options for working with me (under £100). I regularly check in on requests made in my Facebook group, I have a free podcast, a weekly newsletter (which also gives you access to a free resource library), and several workshops & classes.
  • I am the breadwinner in our family and wholeheartedly believe in setting prices that reflect this, unapologetically.
  • Once my income needs are met, I offer a number of trade or pay-what-you-can spaces on courses, and periodically offer pay what you can mentoring (especially to those working in activism or who are part of a marginalised group)
  • I donate roughly 5% of business profits to charities and important causes (and plan to raise this number in the near future)
  • I offer payment plans for those who would not otherwise be able to accept my services and/ or products. I charge a maximum of 10% (usually less) for payment plans, based on actual administrative costs and time taken to provide these. I do not believe in extortionate payment plans for the people who can least afford them.
  • I hire and buy from relevant clients and people within my online communities (which I intentionally seek to diversify – see below)
  • I strive to use vendors, software and apps founded by – and who hire – people of non-dominant identities, and with a value set similar to my own.
  • I will not speak on podcasts, at events, or participate in summits where the speakers are disproportionately white. When I plan my own podcast interviews and community projects, I will ensure there is a diverse line-up.
  • I am undergoing specific Feminist Copywriting training with Kelly Diels to unlearn the traditional marketing tactics that include (but are not limited to): shaming, mental and social triggers.

I will not get all of this right, and I welcome and thank you for your critique or discussion around any of these topics. 

I will revisit this page on a regular basis. Last update 24th September 2020.