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There are a few things I want you to know...

✨ Most of us don’t think big enough, and this limits what we can achieve, the impact we can make and our personal fulfilment. There are things you truly desire that you don’t even know about yet.

✨ When you start listening to yourself, everything can change in your business – and quickly! – in the best kind of way. And I believe that the world would be a better place if we all owned our goals and ambition, unapologetically.

✨ But we have been conditioned not to trust ourselves, not to listen to that inner knowing, and not to even entertain our big dreams. This stops now.

✨ You deserve it all. I can’t ignore the fact that we are in a global pandemic. It’s now harder than ever to believe that we deserve what we want (when others are suffering), that we are worthy of our own dreams, and that we are capable of making them happen. But we are worthy. We are deserving. And we are (more than) capable.

quiet ambition will help you trust yourself & what you want...

Introducing Quiet Ambition :: Learn to access & trust your intuition, uncover the layers of what you want vs. what you think you want (or think you’re allowed to want), and massively expand what’s possible in your business.

It’s a 3 week programme and challenge to help you intentionally and effectively push the limits of what you think is possible when it comes to the income and impact you can make in your business.

No matter where you are in your journey, there are always new layers to uncover. There are always new desires that feel “too much” or “not possible”.

Give me 3 weeks, and we’ll turn these beliefs on their head.

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Hi, I’m Ruth, and I’ve been earning a living online since 2008, going from freelance copywriter to six-figure business owner in the space of a few years. But my business wasn’t fulfilling, and I wasn’t able to even allow myself to want more, let alone make it happen.

Now I know that it is possible to run a business that is both profitable and incredibly fulfilling and that honours who I am at my core. I am not willing to sacrifice, because I don’t need to. And I want this for everyone.

Like you, I have been conditioned all my life not to trust myself, to keep myself small, and to play down what I want. Not any more. It’s time to reclaim the word “ambitious”.

Who I am is incredibly ambitious, but in my own unique way, and in a way that doesn’t just benefit me. I want to change the world, and I want to get well paid for doing it. How about you?

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by email or private podcast – you choose

Every week day for 3 weeks, starting on the Monday 15th July (with a little pre-work), you’ll receive a short, impactful daily lesson and exercise from me. Every day will include an action step to help you make a huge amount of progress in a short and very doable amount of time, without spending hours on this every day.

Note: although the lessons are delivered daily, since this is a self-study programme, if July doesn’t work for you, you can revisit this any time. Plus the lessons are deliberately designed to be short and sweet (many people used this as their daily practice during full pandemic childcare schedules!)

ask me via email or the member area

You can reply to any email to ask me specific questions about the course, then I’ll either send you my personal response or I’ll include the answer in a bonus q&a. This isn’t like having me as your 1:1 mentor, this is a live course that you complete yourself but with the chance to ask me a few questions – which people have loved so far!

to make sure you actually do this

You’ll have access to a private podcast (for lessons, pre-work and bonuses) if you prefer to listen rather than read. You’ll be able to listen in your regular podcast player (or download the audio files to your computer). In my experience, this can make all the difference to you actually getting the work done.

to help you create the time

I know that many people are either really busy with childcare, and there’s a lot going in the world right now. I first ran this programme in lockdown to rave reviews (see below). That’s why I’ve kept this programme very digestible, and also why I’m giving you access to a bonus mini guide on carving this time for yourself – because you really do deserve it.

something you’ll return to again and again

There are always new layers to uncover in this work, and I promise that this journey will give you something unique that you really need. It’s not a one time process, this is a programme you’ll return to again and again, which is why I’ll add everything to the membership area of my website for you to easily refer back to in future.

Previous students LOVE this course and they repeat it again and again (seriously, I have students that have done it 5+ times)!


I’m making it an easy decision for you by inviting you behind the curtain of my own mindset work.

As soon as you join, you’ll receive a bonus all about my own shifts, big goals, and even behind the scenes of how I planned this product and launch very differently. This is juicy!


Things I’ve personally done…

I doubled my prices based on a feeling (when logic told me otherwise) and it massively paid off.

I have created a level of freedom I never dared to want before: thanks to my business my husband quit his job, and is now home for our young son.

I saved for a 5 month self-funded maternity leave (& even made money during labour) because I decided that making money had  to be easy then.

I’ve worked 10+ hours a week less during lockdown and my income has really jumped.

I’m releasing programmes and products (like this one!) that are completely based on how I feel and what I want to do – rather than what I “should” do – and am absolutely loving my work

I have cultivated a real and incredibly fulfilling connection with my audience by being completely true to myself, calling in perfect-fit clients

Things you could do…

You can allow yourself to accept the idea of starting that project that feels so big but so, so right. Like writing a book, starting a charity, or getting interviewed on Oprah – only you know what feels right!

Make better and faster decisions, building huge momentum in your business. You can also reduce the anxiety that comes with second-guessing every single thing you do. Everything becomes a fun experiment!

You can sell more easily (without the ick) because you know in your core that what you do can make a massive difference, working in your zone of genius. And, as a result, you make more money!

By doing what is true to you, you will inspire and uplift everyone around you to do the same.

✨ Or you could throw out the rule book and reject any one of these things I’ve listed! Because this is your business and your life. And I want for you the confidence to go against the norm.

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Here are your options for the unique & transformative 3-week experience 



✨ 3 weeks of daily lessons taking you on a powerful journey through who you really are & what you really want, and making a plan to make it all real

✨ bonus juicy behind the curtain guide to my launch & mindset shifts around launching this

✨ read the daily emails or listen to the private podcast (or do both – you choose!)

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✨ everything included in the standard option

✨ PLUS 1x day of Voxer with me to use over the next 3 months (usually worth $555 alone)

✨ Basically, this is like buying a day of Voxer with me & getting the Quiet Ambition programme FREE!

Voxer is a voice and text messaging app, it’s super fun & impactful! Note that this is powerful support, but it is not the same as a continuous whole day conversation – there will be pauses and times where you get on with your own work)

VIP PAYMENT = $677 $555

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(if you choose the payment plan you will not be able to take the day of Voxer until it is fully paid)

Quiet Ambition is for you if…

  • You want to make more money, have more impact, feel more excited about your work, to feel ok with your own version of ambition, and to up level your business.
  • You’re ready to open your mind to bigger possibilities than you have imagined so far
  • You want to make big things happen in your life and business (even if it sometimes feels scary)
  • You want to work towards your own version of success, nobody else’s
  • You want to stop people-pleasing and start doing what feels right and true in your heart
  • It’s especially for you if you’ve ever thought you aren’t worthy of your desires.
  • You want the successful business and close relationships with your family and good physical & mental health and personal fulfilment.
  • You want some practical ways to access your intuition, which in turn will help you make decisions more quickly, and build a business that really feels like you.
  • No matter how much time you may or may not have right now, you want to make it a priority to take 20-30 minutes to nourish and stretch yourself each day. Because you are a business owner and you deserve this.
  • And – I’ll say it – you want to earn more money! This is the mindset work that gets you there.

Quiet Ambition not for you if…

  • You want to follow a one-size-fits all blueprint and aren’t willing to dig into the feelings and the mindset work
  • You are not open to journalling
  • You “already know” all of this already. The truth is that I want Quiet Ambition to go deeper, to uncover another layer. But you need to be open to finding things you haven’t found before.
  • You only want practical business advice (this course is a mindset programme that can lead to big practical results!)

frequently asked questions

This course is delivered by email and/ or private podcast (they’re exactly the same, so you can choose your preferred option – or use both!). Everything is pre-recorded and planned out to take you on an impactful journey.

Although the course will be delivered daily to your inbox from July 15th and throughout the next few weeks, afterwards you’ll also have everything available to access in your member area whenever you want it. This is a process you’ll return to again and again.

And although it’s drip-fed, this is a self-study course & people have told me that the ability to listen on a private podcast makes it super achievable no matter what else is going on (it takes 5-10 mins per day, and the first round happened during lockdown – even people with kids at home said this was very doable and a great point of daily reflection)

I’ve kept each day deliberately digestible to make it easier for you to do this impactful work. Each day will last around 5-10 minutes on audio, or take a few minutes to read (the text and audio are exactly the same). The work itself consists mainly of journalling, visualising, setting goals or taking practical actions to anchor them in. I’d set aside 15-30 minutes a day for this work. If you’re busy and/ or stretched for time, it’s for you too! See the next FAQ.

See the answer above for how long each day takes. But YES absolutely. In fact, I think it’s essential to stay connected to your bigger dreams during these times. Here’s what one participant had to say about it:

“Amazing! I loved the format and the short daily mindset work. Worked so well with having a small baby. I’d recommend it to someone who feels overwhelmed with their schedule.”

She also described it as “achievable, and delving deep”.

No, this is the last ever time before the course goes into retirement.

For current or want-to-be business owners, who care about the world, who want to do work that fulfils them, who know they have big dreams, and who are willing to open their minds to the idea that they can dream even bigger. Any kind of business owner is welcome!

You can reply to any email to ask me specific questions about the course, then I’ll either send you my personal response or I’ll include the answer in a bonus q&a. This isn’t like having me as your 1:1 mentor, this is a live course that you complete yourself but with the chance to ask me a few questions – which people have loved so far!

Quiet Ambition is all about accessing your intuition, getting clear on what you really desire, and doing the work towards believing it is all possible. This is a real mindset journey, and you’ll just have to try it to really get what I’m taking about!

To give you a idea, some of the things I’ll guide you through include removing layers of who we think we should be, fears and outside expectations, figuring out what you want to let go of, anchoring in your big goals, and learning to make decisions based on how you feel. Week 1 is about getting to know yourself, week 2-3 is about owning your desires, and week 3 is about believing they’re possible. The exercises are mainly based on journalling and visualising. Trust me, this stuff is powerful.

I pay people a lot of money to get me thinking differently in my business. And I personally work with so many women who, deep down, want to do incredible things – and want to make incredible income doing it – they just need to open themselves up to the possibilities. No matter what level you’re already at in your business, I know there’s another layer waiting to be uncovered. And that is why you need this.

Click here to send me an email, or feel free to DM me on Instagram. The quickest way to get in touch is to use the little chat widget you should see hovering in the bottom right of the screen.

When you start listening to yourself, *everything* can change (A note from ruth...)

If you’ve come this far down on the sales page, then I want to tell you this: I believe in you, and I know you have all the answers you need. You just need to learn to listen to yourself. And when you do? Everything can change, and quickly!

Most of us just don’t think big enough. We’ve been conditioned to stay small – in oh so many ways – by our families, our old work mates, society, the patriarchy!

I believe in the power of sensitive leaders owning what they want, earning the money they deserve, and using it all as a force for good.

And if you’re worried that this is another course that’ll distract you from the real work? Let me tell you: this is the real work.

Is it time that you stopped holding back on what you truly desire?

You’ve got this ✨


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