Episode #64: 5 Things I Would Tell Myself 2 Years Ago When I Started To Get Visible

Today’s solo episode comes right from the heart. I didn’t make any notes, I just came to talk about what I would say to myself two years ago when I first started showing up and getting visible. It’s all about enjoying the journey, stretching my comfort zone, and finding my voice. I’m getting vulnerable in […]

Episode #58: Journalling for Business Owners (My Best Tool During Lockdown) [Rebroadcast]

The episode I’m sharing with you today is incredibly relevant right now. In fact, I’d say that journalling has been my best tool to cope with, adapt to, and positively respond to all of the changes that have been happening over the past few months. But if it doesn’t work for you, don’t let it […]

Episode #50: Simplicity & the Power of Doing Less in Business with Josephine Brooks

Today’s guest is planning & productivity mentor, Josephine Brooks. Neither of us buy into the traditional conversation on productivity, and believe that simplicity is better for our work and for us.

Episode #40: Jessica Rose Williams on Claiming Your Voice, ‘the Numbers’ & Tuning Into What You Really Want

Today’s guest is writer, blogger and fellow introvert, Jessica Rose Williams. I loved this interview, as we got pretty deep about a few topic, including our feelings about “the numbers” on Instagram, and online in general, finding a voice as women who have previously found it hard to speak our opinions, and running a business […]

Episode #36: Nicola Rae-Wickham on Showing Up As Yourself, Dreaming Big & Affirmations for Business Owners

Today’s guest is creative coach and lovely human Nicola Rae-Wickham. We talk about how we get to that point where we start believing in new possibilities, how showing up as yourself is a huge way to make a difference, the nuanced journey to becoming more of ourselves, and the power of affirmations in all of this.