15 Free or Low Cost Offers Inside (From My Members)

Every other month in the Soulful Sales Society membership I run a live challenge for all members. This month was all about the mindset and the practical strategy around boosting our sales, now and later. As a reward for everyone who completed the challenge, I’m sharing some of their amazing freebies and low cost offers […]

Magic Masterclasses Worth Signing Up For (They’re Free!)

I recently ran another round of my brand programme, Masterclass Magic. Free masterclasses have been a wonderful way for me to grow my audience and email list, but as a sensitive human I had to figure out my own way of doing them, which I share in that course. 

Episode #111: How to (Properly) Sell a Lot of Things at Once

Selling lots of offers at once – why would you do it, does it work, and how can you support yourself to do the best job without burning yourself out? I’ll answer all these questions and more in today’s episode!

The Magic of You – What Makes You Unique? (4 Examples of Magical Business Owners)

In May I ran the latest round of my programme, the Magic of You. The idea is that you are exactly the right person for your right people, which means that owning who you are as a sensitive business owner is the very best way to magnetise your right people to you (& scale your business with […]