How to Take a Vacation from Your Business (and Why You Should Do It Regularly!)

I’ve said it so many times, but one thing I love about being in business for myself is the freedom it gives me NOT to work. That said, it’s far too easy to find yourself chained to your computer. This is why I try to take regular holidays away from my business, and here’s how […]

A Guide to Basic WordPress Blog Settings

The reason why I use WordPress, and recommend it to everyone starting a blog, is because it’s so powerful and flexible. But with that comes a small learning curve. If you’re totally new to the WordPress interface, here’s a quick guide to the basic settings you should know about. Once you’ve installed WordPress on your […]

Should You Automate Social Media Posts?

I strongly believe that business shouldn’t always be about the “hustle” or working 50 hours a week. I actually run my own business as a way to help me make more room in my life for the things that matter, so I’m a big fan of taking smart shortcuts when they make sense and work […]