11 Free or Low Cost Offers Inside (From My Members)

Every month in the Soulful Sales Society membership I encourage my students to practice selling every single day. And as a reward for doing it, I’m sharing some of their amazing freebies and low cost offers here!

Why Sell Every Day? And Isn’t It Hard?!

Every month in my membership I run a live challenge to sell every day for at least a week. Why?

✨ To show member that it’s possible to sell all the time without the hustle or the ick
✨ To bring to the surface (& work through) any mindset gremlins getting in the way
✨ To make us all more money! 💃

As an accountability incentive, I am sharing some of my members’ freebies and low cost offers with you below. Go check them out, they’re all awesome!

Offers from My Members
(All Free or Low Cost)

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23 powerful affirmations for when marketing feels meh

Karen Webber, Goodness Marketing – feel-good marketing for small businesses with big hearts

Feeling a bit low on marketing mojo? I have just the thing. For years I’ve been covering my computer in post-its with affirmations that help me show up in my business. They are a reminder of what’s really important and why I do marketing, and they often give me a boost just when I need it. So I’ve compiled 23 powerful Goodness Marketing inspired affirmations to help you go from meh to motivated.

✨ Print off or write down the affirmations that speak to you (feel free to tweak them to suit your situation too!). ✨ Look at them frequently and internalise the positive marketing inspiration! Use these little gems as a trusty cheerleader, an inner voice of confidence, the counter balance to doubt, fear and negative self talk when it comes to marketing.

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Profit & Priority Planner

Moira Fuller, Business Strategist & Coach

The FREE Profit & Priority Planner helps you choose where to focus your time and energy. 🌟 Get financial clarity & identify your money-making offers easily. 🌟 Plot out your ideal income, not arbitrary ‘6 figure+’ goals. 🌟 Effort vs. Earnings – quickly gauge the energy each offer needs & decide if it’s truly worth it. 🌟 Plan your growth with offers that light you up. ⏰ This isn’t just a pretty spreadsheet – it’s your personal roadmap for where to focus your time. ⏰ Download your copy, with free walkthrough video. 🎥

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How to write a pitching email

Emma Cossey, the Freelance Lifestyle – coaching and mentoring for freelancers

Have you had ‘write a pitching email’ on your to-do list for a while? Like…forever? I hear you. Whether it’s a case of not being able to find the time, a smidgen of imposter syndrome or just a general ‘I have no idea what to write’, I’ve got you. In this workshop, we’ll spend 30 minutes going through what to include in your pitching email….then 30 minutes where you’ll actually write it!

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Business Maintenance Course

Vanessa Smith, Normal Systems – strategic support for chronically ill and neurodiverse business owners.

Business Maintenance, the most unappealing course on the internet. There are a lot of small and easy to ignore tasks that are part of running a business. I’m here to help you take those tasks from a wishful thought to an action. Business Maintenance is a course to help you tick off all the “Hmm, I really should do that” tasks associated with running a business. The course is currently on pre-order while I finalise the content. You’ll get access to it by September 17th 2023. While the course is in pre-order, use the code BIZ50 to get 50% off.

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Step Into Podcasting Mini Guide

Kerstin Cable, coach & mentor

In this free mini guide, you’ll get useful tips to help you plan your own podcast that stands out from the crowd. It’s actionable, tech-free, and will save you time by teaching you the most efficient way to start podcasting today.

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Sacred Money Rendezvous

Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC, Sacred Life Mastery

The Sacred Money Rendezvous is a proven method of releasing the stress and trauma around paying bills, which will calm you down and open the door for money to come to you. You may have heard of creating a Money Date … the Sacred Money Rendezvous takes this concept to a whole new level!

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Procrastination to Success Society

Cayce Eastwood Coaching

The Procrastination to Success Society is a monthly membership for online business owners who have big hopes and dreams for their business and are tired of feeling stuck in procrastination, overwhelm or indecision. The three pillars of success are awareness, bravery and self-compassion, and I believe with all three in place (along with the accountability and support that comes along with being in a group) it’s possible to truly change your procrastination patterns so that you can take aligned action towards your business goals. Join now for only $7/month.

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Your Ticket To Explore – Essential Preparation For Your Translator Marketing Adventures

Sarah Silva, German into English chemical translator

Love translation, will travel (but marketing is another story). Your Ticket To Explore is essential preparation before heading off on adventures to destinations such as ‘New Clients’, ‘Dream Projects’ and ‘More Ease and Fun’. In less than 100 pages, this book will take you from anxious traveller to curious explorer, excited about what lies ahead. Enjoy this entertaining and actionable read that offers a new approach to marketing your translation business.

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FREE Write More in Less Time mini-course and private podcast

Claire L. Fishback, PMP, You Can, Toucan! Author Coaching Services

In this mini-course and companion podcast, you will learn how to: Harness the scraps of time in your life, eliminate distractions, show up every day no matter how unmotivated, brain dead, or procrastinate-y you may feel, and develop (or refurbish) your regular writing habit. All while avoiding burnout and distractions!

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“Sparks” Emotional Wellbeing Membership

Miriam Gitlin, Therapist and Life Coach

Ease into emotional wellbeing and healthier relationships at a pace that feels good… and just right for YOU. With the Sparks monthly membership, you’ll gain increased awareness, insights, and gentle shifts in your emotions, behaviors, and relationship dynamics. Each month we’ll delve into a topic related to emotional wellbeing. At the start of each month, you’ll receive an audio class, journal prompts, and affirmations on the monthly topic. Plus, you’ll get weekly check-ins with fresh ideas about how to use these tools in a way that fits your schedule. You’ll get sparks of inspiration, growth, and experience gentle, wholesome change.

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The Introvert’s Guide To Getting Visible

Jane Mucklow , Picture Your Brand

Are you struggling with getting visible and marketing your business? But don’t want to go live all the time or any of the other stuff that needs you to be a confident extrovert?! I know it can be scary, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting trying to do all the extrovert things when that’s just not you. So discover my top ten introvert friendly strategies in my free e-book to comfortably and confidently start getting out there to find, reach, connect with and convert more clients.



What They Thought About The “Sell Every Day” Challenge

“JOIN TODAY! Ruth Poundwhite makes you feel seen and heard wherever you are in your journey. ” ~ Claire

“I really enjoyed the focused week with daily pep talks and encouragement to sell every day.” ~ Sarah

“Hop on in! Ruth’s perspectives on selling are intelligent, useful, and different from the mainstream.” ~ Kerstin

“[the challenge] showed me it doesn’t have to big or scary to sell.” ~ Vanessa

“[the challenge] keeps me on track, challenges me to push myself a bit more and I find the other things people are doing inspiring too.” ~ Emma