Episode #122: Why Getting Uncomfortable Is Part of Running An Aligned Business

It is a privilege to get uncomfortable in our business, even if it doesn’t feel like it, and often what feels “easy” is not what’s ultimately sustainable or true to who we really are. I am digging right into this juicy topic in today’s episode on why running an aligned business requires discomfort.

Episode #121: Parenthood as an Entrepreneurial Superpower with Tamsin Williamson

Today I’m chatting with Tamsin Williamson, aka the Parenthood Coach, about how parenting is a superpower in business, and while being a parent often seems to feel at odds to running a business, they actually work very well together.

Episode #120: Embracing Your Creativity & Learning to Experiment with Caitlin Gwynn

Today I’m chatting with Caitlin Gwynn, creativity coach and small business cheerleader about why creativity matters to business owners, what it means to be creative and why some of us struggle with it.

Episode #119: What If You Realised How Great Your Work Really Was (& Stopped Trying To Prove Yourself)?

In this episode I’m sharing something that could lead to not just a HUGE perspective shift around what you do, but a tangible change in the way you show up to talk about it.

Episode #118: Learning from the Wisdom of Your Chronic Illness with Alana Holloway

Today I’m chatting with Alana Holloway (she/her), a Chronic Illness Coach & podcaster, about the “chronic illness informed” approach to living, working and creating and selling our offers.