Episode #119: What If You Realised How Great Your Work Really Was (& Stopped Trying To Prove Yourself)?

In this episode I’m sharing something that could lead to not just a HUGE perspective shift around what you do, but a tangible change in the way you show up to talk about it.

Episode #118: Learning from the Wisdom of Your Chronic Illness with Alana Holloway

Today I’m chatting with Alana Holloway (she/her), a Chronic Illness Coach & podcaster, about the “chronic illness informed” approach to living, working and creating and selling our offers.

Episode #117: Why I’m Changing To US Dollars (& What It Means To Me + My Business)

Which currency should you be charging in your online business? I’ve been thinking about this a lot, I’ve made my decision, and I’ll be sharing my entire thought process with you in this episode (including the people-pleasing part of me that was afraid to make it).

Magic Masterclasses Worth Signing Up For (They’re Free!)

I recently ran another round of my brand programme, Masterclass Magic. Free masterclasses have been a wonderful way for me to grow my audience and email list, but as a sensitive human I had to figure out my own way of doing them, which I share in that course.