Episode #61: Overcoming Fear of Judgement from Other People with Vicky Shilling

Today I’m chatting to wellness business coach Vicky Shilling, about overcoming the fear of judgement from other people. It’s something we all have to deal with as we put ourselves out there online. We talked about how we deal with that fear, why taking imperfect action is so important, looking at other people’s reactions to us objectively, and that huge fear of our family and friends watching what we’re doing online.
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Episode #60: An Update on Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Today I'm back with an informal update on how my business is going during the coronavirus pandemic. How I'm feeling, how I'm prioritising, huge lessons I'm learning and how I want to take those with me going forward. I also give a little info about my upcoming course, Quiet Ambiton (go here for more on that: https://ruthpoundwhite.com/quietambition)
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Episode #59: We Need to Talk About Grief with Ingrid Fernandez

Today’s episode is a conversation on grief, with former commercial lawyer turned small business owner Ingrid Fernandez. Ingrid shared so beautifully about her own experience of grief, why she wants to talk about this more, the importance of being ok with not being ok, connecting with each other in the hardest of times, and tips for supporting loved ones through grief and loss. Continue reading

Episode #58: Journalling for Business Owners (My Best Tool During Lockdown) [Rebroadcast]

The episode I’m sharing with you today is incredibly relevant right now. In fact, I’d say that journalling has been my best tool to cope with, adapt to, and positively respond to all of the changes that have been happening over the past few months. But if it doesn’t work for you, don’t let it be another thing to add to your to do list. Take what does work for you and leave the rest. Continue reading