14 Free or Low Cost Offers Inside (From My Members)

A regular challenge I run inside my Soulful Sales Society membership is to practice selling every single day. In February, we did it for an entire month (yep, I did it too!) As a reward for really showing up for their offers, I promised to share my student freebies and low-cost offers with you here. Enjoy!

Why Sell Every Day? And Isn’t It Hard?!

Every few months in my membership I run a live challenge to sell every day for at least a week, and this time was for a month. Why?

✨ To show member that it’s possible to sell all the time without the hustle or the ick
✨ To bring to the surface (& work through) any mindset gremlins getting in the way
✨ To make us all more money!

As an accountability incentive, I am sharing some of my members’ freebies and low cost offers with you below. Go check them out, they’re all awesome!

Offers from My Members
(All Free or Low Cost)

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AI Language Club

Kerstin Cable

Bored with apps and textbooks? No idea where to start learning a languages? Meet language learning like never before! Weekly 5-10 minute ideas, tutorials & prompts For any language and level With free tools Sound like your kind of thing? The doors to AI Language Club are open now, so come on in and join us from just $9 a month!

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Parenting Your Emotionally Intense Kid More Easily

Anouk Briere-Godbout

How to reduce outbursts and support kids who feel deeply and reacts explosively in 5 actionable steps by understanding them and finding ways to stay calm in the intensity.

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Your Ticket To Explore

Sarah Silva

If you love languages and travel but marketing not so much, then this short book is just the ticket. Let me take you with me on travels to The Great Unknown and Danger beach (true stories inside) and share my tips to help you uplevel your translation business. You may even start to enjoy marketing.

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My Inner Healing Wisdom Experience

Alana Holloway

A free and nourishing 5-day exploration into the wisdom of your body and chronic illness. Open yourself to what’s being communicated with you, feel empowered in accepting chronic illness as a valuable part of you (rather than seeing it as your enemy), and discover what’s possible when you do.

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The Middle Path Mindfulness membership

Nimisha Kantharia

ATTN : Stressed parents & care-givers with no time for self-care or interest in meditation The Middle Path Membership is the only mindfulness membership that helps YOU to access mindfulness your way. What’s inside : Mindfulness basics course Quiz to calm Journaling prompts Mindfulness colouring books Guided audios And so much more …. All this for less than the price of a movie ticket. Only 7USD /month. 7-day money-back guarantee. Cancel any time. Join us at https://themiddlepath-mindfulnessyourway.my.canva.site/

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Soften Meditation
(Use code RUTH for 100% off – ends March 14)

Queer Body Love

A guided meditation for when you need to cozy up and hit reset, melting into kindness with yourself. When you’re overwhelmed or judgy or a host of other things it’s a permission slip to just stop and take 12 minutes for yourself without guilt. Includes transcript and written guidance of the steps. (Use code RUTH for 100% off – ends March 14)

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Diastasis Decoded

Your Time Pilates

The up-to-date way to test for Diastasis Recti and how to programme your findings for your postnatal Pilates clients In this free 10-minute video guide, you will learn: Why Diastasis is so much more than a cosmetic issue The 3 must-consider factors for building a postnatal Pilates rehab programme My golden rule for progressing exercises and check list for working with a diastasis client Which exercises are ‘safe’ and which to avoid

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Follow-up Superstar CRM!

Moira Fuller, Business Strategist & Coach

Never miss a follow-up, deadline, or accidentally drop a conversation again! For $9, you’ll get:
✨ Clarity on your follow-up process
✨ Walk-through videos to set up your Follow-up System
✨ AirTable template (the free version works!)
✨ Automated email reminders how-to

⏰ In less than 2 hours, you’ll be set up & running. No more missed deadlines, opportunities that slip through the net, or ‘What did I say I’d do again?!’

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6 Needs of Grieving Journaling Guide

Anita Ramirez

A guided journal that walks you through the Six Needs of the Grieving framework by David Kessler to help you see where you are and what you need most right now in your grief.

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The Imposter Syndrome Toolkit

Emma Cossey from The Freelance Lifestyle

Got a case of impostor syndrome? In this free toolkit, you’ll find a bunch of useful tools and exercises to overcome it!

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Chats | Greek Speaking Membership

Danae Florou

Looking to practice your Greek speaking & keep improving? Get mini-but-mighty speaking lessons in your inbox, continuous support for your learning, and a gentle, step by step speaking approach that helps you progress from dreaming of holding conversations in Greek, to actually doing it. For students beyond the complete beginner level: Beginner A2-Advanced C2

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DIY Website Evaluation

Sara Obando

What if I told you can to start improving your website today, and make it work for you and your business instead of you working for it? All you need is right here, and it’s free! Use my simple 6-step framework on how to optimize your website and make it more user-friendly, based on who your audience is, and regardless of what website platform you use.

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Victory Hangover!

Asha Wild

What do you do with yourself once you’ve Done The Big Thing? Whether it’s everything you hoped for or a total flop, feeling like crap afterwards is totally normal- don’t panic! You’re having a victory hangover and there’s a solid reason for it. This hour-ish training will cover what’s really happening, how to cope, and why it’s a victory even when it didn’t go the way you’d hoped.

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“Sparks” Emotional Wellbeing Membership

Miriam Gitlin

With the Sparks monthly membership, you’ll gain increased awareness and gentle shifts in your emotions, behaviors, and relationship dynamics. You’ll receive a monthly audio class, journal prompts and affirmations, and weekly emails all focused on one aspect of emotional wellbeing. You’ll get sparks of inspiration, growth, and gentle, wholesome change.



What They Thought About The “Sell Every Day” Month Challenge

“I really don’t think I would have put nearly as much energy towards selling had it not been for this challenge, and I’m really glad I did — I earned more than I would have. I learned, grew, and laid the groundwork for more financial success to come” ~ Elizabeth

“I was really worried about doing this, not sure what to do, what to focus on selling, how to show up. I really over-thought everything before I started. And then once I started, I realised it was a lot easier than I expected” ~ Alice

“This sell every day month was the push I needed to finally create some momentum in my business” ~ Anita

“If it wasn’t for your gentle support, I would have dropped out!I’m mid-sales, and have sold 50% of my ambitious goal. Which is another win, I’m used to make very conservative goals and I’m happy with this month’s stretch” 

“I absolutely love the accountability, the tracker and bingo. It was wonderful to have other cheering me on” ~ Anouk

“This was brilliant. I joined at the last minute and wasn’t sure if I was really going to commit, but I gained SUCH momentum and I loved looking for ways to sell every day. It ended up being so much easier than I thought it would, and I plan to continue to sell (mostly) every day” ~ Asha