45 Freebies From My Strategic Freebie Bootcamp Students

I recently ran a live $10 Strategic Freebie Bootcamp. The challenge? Create a freebie in the simplest way possible, over the course of just 1 week, and be intentional about how you tie it into your free offers. As a reward for getting it done, I’m sharing some of my students’ amazing freebies here!

What is a “Strategic Freebie”?

Every freebie is strategic to some degree if you’re using it as a way to connect with your audience, invite them to sign up to your mailing list & give them a taste of working with you.

However, during my Strategic Freebie Bootcamp I was asking participants to be super-intentional about their freebie topic and scope, so that it was (a) very useful to their right people in the least overwhelming way possible and (b) specifically linked to what they sell as a “natural next step”.

In short, strategic freebies are:

  • Easy for the subscriber to implement
  • Designed to deliver a tangible win
  • And as easy as possible for us to create (often repurposed from content we’ve already created for our paid offer)

As an accountability incentive, I am sharing some of my student freebies with you below. Go check them out, they’re all awesome!

45 Freebies From My Students

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Website Audit Quiz

Michelle Pontvert

Is your website working as hard as it could be for your business? Take this quick quiz to see what’s working in your website and where it needs a little TLC.

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Easier Outings With Your Emotionally Intense child

Anouk Briere-Godbout

  • Feel confident next time you go out in public with your emotionally intense child
  • Make sure everyone is in the best state possible Have some practical tips to apply once you’re there
  • Know what to take with you to be prepared for anything that could happen
  • Deal with the judgment that you’ll get if(when) things don’t go perfectly as planned…as that will still happen, let’s be realistic.
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Online Strategies For Health & Wellness Solopreneurs

Sara Obando from Stargazed Studio

A handy, free roadmap on how to start building strategic plans to grow how many people you can reach by using the internet.

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Your Quintessential Fertility Companion: Daily Stress & Mood Monitor


The Quintessential Fertility Companion: Daily Stress & Mood Monitor, is a real game changer on your journey towards getting pregnant naturally. This easy-to-use helper cuts through the confusion of fertility tracking. It lovingly monitors your sleep, moods, and stress levels – key factors in natural conception. With it, you’ll understand your body better and navigate your fertility journey with ease. No more puzzling tools. Just plain, helpful insights in an organized Airtable database.

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Coach’s Checklist for On-Boarding and Off-Boarding

Jane Taylor

The Coach’s Checklist is for beginning and established coach’s who are ready to become more effeicnoet and increase their customer care. It has been designed to help you uncover the necessary steps in your own on-boarding and off-boarding system for your coaching clients. This practical tool will help you be more organised, efficient and increase professionalism.

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Your free guide to simplifying Human Design so you can actually use your chart today

Sarah Lynas

Human Design is powerful… but it doesn’t feel easy to use at all! My mission is to simplify your chart so that you can start using it right away. The most common thing that clients say to me is “this feels like permission to be ME!” Discover the 3 key elements of your chart that will boost your confidence, help you make better decisions, and live with more ease and flow, every day

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Discover your business image archetype in astrology

Iva Tarle

Discover your business image archetype in astrology and use it to your advantage. Gain clarity, confidence, and consistency in your branding efforts, building trust and recognition with your audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business image and stand out in the market. Sign up now and take the first step towards unlocking your brand’s full potential!

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5-Min 4D Unf*ck Your Daily Ops Framework

Patty Woods

Daily ops make your brain hurt? Managing your business is only hard AF when you do it like a neurotypical. Grab my free, 5-min method neurodivergent-preneurs swear by to blast through daily ops duties and onto the fun shiz faster.

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Embrace Your Inner Conflict Queen

Sarah Booth

For women who are done people pleasing and want to navigate conflict with courage and conviction; without losing connection.

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Align Your Money with Your Goals & Dreams

Lindsey Ciarrocca, YNAB Certified Budget Coach

Discover what truly matters to you and use it as your driving force in taking control of your finances. When you align your financial goals with your core values and aspirations, you create a powerful driving force that propels you towards financial success. By understanding what brings you joy, security, and fulfillment, you can make intentional decisions about how you earn, spend, and save money.

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DIY Potting mix for home gardeners: your tool for more freedom, independence, sustainability and top quality soil.

Katrina Wolff

Become a more independent gardener, and save money by making your own potting mix.

For home gardeners who want to stop buying soil in single use plastic. Being able to make your own soil is a major step towards liberation from the garden centre. What you’ll get: access to a Google doc with all the ingredients and ratios for my customised potting mix. Every batch is different – I’ll share why.

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From Overwhelmed to Calm

Arcadia Page

A Journal for Creating Calm and Recovering from Stress for Highly Sensitive People. This is a mini-journal structured to guide you through understanding what helps you to recover from stress as a sensitive person.

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Soulful Author’s Guide to Creating a Book Outline

Dan Teck

Feeling called to write a soulful book but not sure how to get started? This free guide can help take away the overwhelm and put you on the path to sharing your words with the world!

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Morning Blast

The Hitsy Hearts Coaching

Let’s be honest, those long morning routines? Not for everyone. Snooze button, anyone? What if there was a way to ditch the dread and launch into a productive day…in the time of your favourite song? This guide is for the realistic rebels who want to ditch the snooze and conquer their mornings without the juice cleanse or blessed nonsense. Download your free copy and kiss groggy mornings goodbye!

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Setting Boundaries Worksheet

Stephanie Lewis

Reduce stress, avoid or beat burnout and reclaim your time by setting boundaries. This FREE worksheet can help you identify where you most need to set boundaries in your life. Download it now and start your boundary setting journey!

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The Free Speedy Client Management Software Audit

Jo Shock, Streamlines Virtual Support – helping 1 to 1 service providers to level up your client management

Is your 1 to 1 client management software holding you back? Use this speedy audit tool to assess every step in your client management process, and see where you’re wasting time and energy with your software.

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Create Your Own Canva Brand Board

Marianne Touw – Branding and Squarespace Webdesign

For visionary creatives and coaches! Free Guide: Create Your Own Canva Brand Board. Learn how to create a consistent look and feel across your online presence. (goodbye overwhelm!) In this guide I will show you how to create a brand board that helps you being visible in an easy and effortless way so you can welcome in your right fit clients without getting burnt out.

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Being Intentional with a Mindful Goal

Mariah Odegaard

Our thoughts and feelings affect our mindset. Watch the short video on how to be intentional with your thoughts and feelings each month. Plus a guide to help you (+ your children), with where you’re at, and where you want to go with your thoughts and feelings each month.

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56 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Sammy Bohannon

You know your business is ready for a virtual assistant, but you aren’t quite sure what to have them do. That’s actually pretty common and a tough decision to make! Use this list of 56 tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant to help you figure out exactly what you can and want to delegate to your next VA.

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Creative Chaos Bingo Board

Caitlin the Creative

Creative curious, but don’t know where to begin? Discover your unique creative chaos with bitesize fun activities on the Creative Chaos Bingo Board! Full of ways to get creative that don’t take lots of time, energy, or resources. Download it today and discover the joy of creative self-care and self-expression!

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Refresh your Spanish Conversation Skills

Bianca | Blooming Spanish

A free 5-day email challenge that will help you get back to speaking Spanish and go from “I’ve forgotten so much” to “¡Vamos a hablar!” in just 5 days. No textbooks, no pressure, just bite-sized, practical activities you can do on your own to reawaken your Spanish speaking skills. 1 daily prompt, 15 minutes each, delivered right to your inbox. You SO can do this!

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Sacred Pause: Somatic Meditations for Tranquil Transformation

Yael H Dubin, MD, PhD, PCC

Private podcast of 7 short, powerful meditations for busy professionals & entrepreneurs to help you feel: Greater calm in your body. More clarity about priorities and decision-making. Profound confidence in your choices. Unleashing of your creativity and flow.

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Mini Goal Planner

Paulette, CafeLifestyle

This Mini Goal Planner toolkit was designed for woo-woo loving women solopreneurs who feel bogged down by traditional, limiting goal-setting methods. It’s a perfect fit for those in unique, non-traditional businesses. With only 19 key questions, it guides you through reviewing last year’s insights, setting this year’s goals, and maintaining momentum with regular check-ins and end-of-year reflections, ensuring you stay on track and progress confidently.

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Messaging that Works!

Rebecca Florence

No More Messy Message! Confusing people means losing people. It’s that simple.

Time to: Get clear on what your audience cares about (and why they should choose you), Stand out and draw people to you, Feel confident and excited speaking about what you do, and Get more clients with Messaging that Works! Use this Free workbook to craft your Powerful Message and Client-Attracting Elevator Pitch.

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How to Find Direction in Less than 5 Minutes

Laura Millross – Self-Discovery Coach

What is it you want out of life? Are you heading in a certain direction, towards a certain purpose? Or have you lost your bearings? Are you out at sea, drifting at the will of the wind and the waves? Wherever you find yourself, without a compass, you’re going to run aground sooner or later! This fun assessment and guide will unlock the secrets of your powerful internal compass, so you can navigate with ease.

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Quick Start Daily Action Checklist

Cayce Eastwood

Bid farewell to procrastination and welcome a gentle path to achieving your goals. Get your FREE Quick Start Daily Action Checklist and reflection tool, crafted especially for us busy online entrepreneurs. Spend just 5 minutes each day and see a real change in your productivity.

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2024 Create Your Dream Life Habit Tracker

Keitha Faile / Keitha’s Printables

Want to Create Your Dream Life in 2024? Habit trackers are a great way to stay organized and achieve your goals. Includes a circular habit tracker, brainstorm page, monthly habits list, and notes page for review and reflection. Change your life … one habit at a time!

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Membership Prep Workbook


In this FREE editable Google Doc workbook, you’ll start the prep for your membership idea without having to wonder where you set those print-outs. Just open your Drive!

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Choose Your Channels Guide

Stephanie Hahn | Calm & Creative Studio

This free guide with journal prompts helps soul-inspired, purpose-driven entrepreneurs (SOULopreneurs) reflect on key questions that should be answered before choosing which marketing channels/platforms to use. Limiting the number of marketing channels used, and being strategic about choosing which ones, is a key step in keeping marketing simple—which is critical for SOULopreneurs who have limited time, energy and money to spend on marketing (and important work to do in the world instead!)

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Get Organised in Canva – free guide

Helen Greenwood

Get your Canva account organised again with this handy free guide

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Optimize Your Business Growth Drivers

Grace Janet

In this free guide, you’ll discover how to maximize your results from proven winners. Take what’s working for you and make it bigger and better while saving time, energy, and resources.

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Track Your Cycle!

Sarah Starrs

Track Your Cycle! is a free, 5-day mini course. In it you will be led step-by-step through creating a cycle charting practice that you look forward to and actually stick with. Not only will you learn so much about your body but this practice takes less than two minutes per day and will help you connect with your intuition, feel more confident, and create greater ease in your family life.

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Data-Driven Decisions: A Marketing Metrics Playbook

Rebecca Caldwell

What if you could cut through the noise and pinpoint the metrics that truly matter for your business? Imagine having a crystal clear roadmap to track your marketing efforts, identify your conversion sources, and address blind spots holding you back. In this guide, you’ll discover: – The essential marketing metrics to focus on (and which to ignore) – A step-by-step process to analyze your data without overwhelm – How to identify gaps in your marketing for growth

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Authentic Branding: Stop Faking It


Hey, amazing introverted entrepreneur! I have something super exciting to share with you – my freebie, Authentic Branding: Stop Faking It. I know firsthand the struggle of putting on that extroverted mask. But guess what? You don’t have to fake it anymore! This resource is about helping you embrace your authenticity and build a brand that’s 100% YOU.

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Become A Person Who Consistently Exercises

Theresia Daniel

This free guide gives you the first step to consistent exercise using fun, play, and joy (YAY!) With clear instructions and a simple practice this guide will help you look at exercise differently. You will be drawn to exercise instead of being repelled from it. No more feeling bad about not exercising and then forcing yourself to do it then not doing it and then feeling bad for not doing it. That cycle ends here!

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Simple 5 Minute Self Care Ideas for when you “don’t have the time”

Kerri Leigh

Give yourself a quick boost with these simple 5-minute self care break ideas so you can: STOP waiting until you’ve reached total burnout to take care of yourself and reset, refresh + recharge your mind, body and soul batteries in record time so you can feel GOOD instead! You may be surprised how much of a feel good difference even only 5 minutes of intentional YOU time can have!

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What season of business are you in?


Growth in business isn’t linear – this quiz will help you figure out what season of business you’re in, how to grow more intentionally in that season, the next best steps to take during that season – and so much more! Use this quiz to find out what season you’re in and your best next steps to take to grow your business.

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Self-Care in a Snap

Amy Marette Joy

Refresh your energy in 5 minutes or less. You’ll feel amazing when you start spending just a few minutes a day doing any of the 26 *snacktivities* — bite sized activities that focus on you and your needs. Perfect for anyone who takes care of everyone else and leaves little time for themselves. Get this free guide to help you fit self-care into your day. You are important!

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Calm & Connected Challenge

Cheryl Sternberg with In Her Journey

Designed for soulful women who want to fill their days with more joy and ease. Reinvigorate yourself and your spiritual practice in just seven days, and begin setting the foundation for living a more soul-centered life.

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Assamble Your Watercolor Travel Kit

Elīna Eihmane

If you have ever thought about painting on the go or painting while traveling, it’s time to Assamble Your Watercolor Travel Kit! In this downloadable PDF you will find useful tips and links to assamble your first travel kit with ease.

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Whispers from Within – Guidance from Spirit Animals

Anna Emilia Hietanen

Choose your Animal Oracle Card for free to get guidance for today from Spirit Animals. This free online oracle card freading is for spiritual seekers, art enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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Discover The Undercover Reasons Why You’re Feeling Stuck

Vannessa Carroll

  • Become aware of your feelings, thoughts and behaviors that show up when you’re stuck
  • Discover the inner conflict between what you consciously want and what the subconscious is protecting you from (the undercover reasons you are stuck).
  • Shift the emotional charge of each of your undercover reasons so you can take action
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Feel Good Without Feeling Guilty

Asha Wild

In our hustly, bro-culture, capitalist world, pleasure gets a bad rap. It’s deemed fluffy and superficial at best, and a sign of laziness or selfishness at worst. This private podcast training will flip all of that on its head. You’ll walk away knowing what pleasure is, why it matters, and how to start bringing more of it into your life today. Especially for spicy brained humans, highly creative folks, and sensitive spoonies.

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Calm Corner Creation

Amy B

A step-by-step guide to take you through the simple steps of teaching your child self-regulation skills while creating a calm down corner together.

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What’s Holding You Back ?Quiz

Semonna McNeil

Ready to break free? Our 10-question quiz helps you identify & conquer the fear holding you back. Gain clarity & confidence to achieve your goals!

What They Thought About The Strategic Freebie Bootcamp

“I’ve been putting off revamping this freebie for ages, mostly because I made it feel way bigger than it actually was. Ruth’s simple reminders and nudges of what to do was just the motivation I needed to tackle this!” ~ Michelle

“I feel clearer and more strategic about why I’m doing it and who I want to attract.” ~ Sarah

“This bootcamp was so good! Before the bootcamp, it seemed overwhelming. Your step-by-step daily training and accountablity was just what I needed!” ~ Keitha

“I was really struggling with finding something that was a strategic freebie that led to a paid offer. After working through the course and getting feedback from Ruth and other creators, I was able to come up with the great opt-in which I’m really excited to share!” ~ Lindsey

“You run SUCH great challenges, it’s motivational and also not so much work that I can’t fit it around my other commitments. Plus you gather such cool businesspeople in your courses.” ~ Katrina

“I had already started this freebie when I started the bootcamp and spent a couple of weeks fixated on creating the copy, sales page, title, etc. however, I now realize there is a faster and more efficient way.” ~ Paulette

“Although I know this bootcamp was mainly for freebies, I know that the skills I learned can also help me to better position my paid products as well.” ~ Arcadia

“My freebie has been on the back burner for me for months and I wasn’t sure how to proceed with it. Without the challenge it probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day for many more months.” ~ Jo

“Ruth has a way of breaking things down into bite-sized pieces of information that makes it easy to see progress every day. I started this bootcamp feeling creatively dry and overwhelmed. By the end, not only did I have a new freebie I felt proud of, but I also had about 10 more ideas! I highly recommend this course!” ~ Yael

“The bootcamp provided structure and motivation to get a new freebie done quickly, instead of overthinking it and taking FOREVER.” ~ Stephanie