Journalling to connect with your goals & desires as a business owner

I see goals as milestones, targets, plans that are designed to be structured and checked off our list. That’s not to say that goals can’t be big and bold, but it feels more like a process to me.

Desires, on the other hand, involve feeling and they don’t always immediately seem rational. They are the little nudges, the inner voice that tells us we want something we’re not admitting yet we want to go for even if we don’t necessarily know what, why, or how.

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#77: Your Business Is An Imperfect Experiment

Today I'm sharing a simple but powerful mindset shift that I believe has made a huge difference in the growth of my business and in finding what I truly want to do. This was originally delivered live in my Facebook group (Quietly Ambitious Business Owners – come join us!) where I'm doing a short live every day in December.

Note: My group mentoring programme Rise is now open and applications are closing Thursday December 17th. Find out more here:

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#76: Why Raising Rates is Good for Mental Health with Fiona Thomas

Today I’m chatting with Fiona Thomas all about why raising rates is good for our mental health. We touch on what happens when we undercharge, why we undercharge, how to feel confident enough to charge more, and all the wonderful reasons why you (probably) should charge more.

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#75: How Highly Sensitive People Can Better Understand Themselves & Thrive in Life & Business with Nicolina Werther

In today’s interview I chat with mindset coach and success strategist Nicolina Werther all about what it means to be highly sensitive vs. introverted vs. an empath, and the benefits and drawbacks of attaching ourselves to those labels. We also talk about shyness, selling and the importance of stretching your comfort zone.

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#74: Behind the Scenes Update on Best Ever Months, Being Supported & Upper Limit Problems

In this solo episode I'm sharing some behind the scenes updates, realisations, lessons and mindset shifts (& blocks!) that have been coming up for me over the last few months of some big business growth and shifts.

A lot of what I talk about here is about running my business in line with what feels good, which is something I'm going to be sharing a lot more in my upcoming course, Aligned Offers (closing November 25th)
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