8 Free & Paid Offers Inside (From My Members)

Every month in the Soulful Sales Society membership I run a “get it done” week to encourage them to take action on a training inside the membership. Last week was “laidback launch” week. The aim? Plan a launch the laidback way (aka as quickly and simply as possible). And as a reward for doing it, I’m sharing some of their amazing freebies and offers here!

Why “Laidback Launch”?

At the start of 2023 I was burnt out, had to drastically reduce my 1:1 client schedule & launch more 1:many offers instead. But I didn’t want to replace one problem with another and burn myself out with back-to-back launches.

I was also struggling with forcing myself to do it the way everyone said I “should”. I’d been in a cycle of one big launch followed by weeks (sometimes months) of silence and relying on payment plans to keep me going.

Sound familiar?

I knew there had to be a better way to keep the momentum going in between the more “visible” periods. I was nervous, but I made a commitment to myself to keep things as easy as possible: to repurpose and to launch (and re-launch) more often.

Spoiler alert: my commitment paid off (big time)

Here’s what happened when I committed to “laidback launching”…

➤ In 2022 I served 354 paying clients across 256 transactions.
➤ In 2023 I served 663 paying clients across 1238 transactions!

For transparency: those numbers don’t include sign ups from bundles, but they do include payment plans & subscriptions.

➡️ That’s almost 2x as many customers and nearly 5x as many transactions. And a huge chunk of those payments came from “laidback launches”.

Laidback launches are about:

  • Making use of pre-planned and scheduled content so you don’t have to really be there & expend loads of energy to sell
  • Following a sustainable process for creating your launch content 
  • And making more from what you’ve already got – the audience and the offers

If you want to know more, I teach it all inside my Soulful Sales Society membership.

Offers from My Members
(Free & Paid)

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Job-Seeker Strategy Pack

Yael H Dubin, MD, PhD, PCC

Land a job you love at the salary you deserve! Write an attention-grabbing cover letter and wow them in the interview with the processes you’ll learn inside. Step-by-step tutorials, templates, and a fillable workbook walk you through the process from start to finish. Live round begins April 29 and costs only $47. Once the live round begins, the price goes up to $147.

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Foundation of Flow

Isabelle Naud

Get ready to elevate your well-being and transform your life with Foundation of Flow! This immersive 5-week Live Tai Chi course is specifically designed for electronic music professionals and other creatives who are ready to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance performance, and prioritize their health.

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Meet Your Inner Underearner [Free Quiz & Waitlist]

Dawn Behm

Are you an Underearner? FREE quiz. Then join the waitlist for my 16 Week Circle for those ready to to transform their relationship with money and their worth in compassionate and practical ways. Deeply resourced with weekly journaling and practical action steps, this is accessible and applicable for us all. “I have worked on my financial stuff AT LEAST for 20 years–None of it caused a shift in me that this has caused” Terri

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From Meltdown to Connection [Free]

Anouk Briere-Godbout

Discover the 2 main triggers and switches to transform meltdowns into moments of connection Understand why these triggers lead to emotional outbursts. Strengthen your bond with your child by switching the way you react Learn how to create a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere at home.

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Mindful Hearts Growth Haven

Jane Taylor

Mindful Hearts Growth Haven supports you to open your heart to your life and develop greater self-trust. Are you ready to start the adventure to focus on your needs and desires, express your truth, and take brave steps towards your success and well-being in a safe, supportive environment.

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1:1 Accountability Coaching

Cayce Eastwood

Do you have a business goal but struggling to take action? Research shows that weekly check-ins with an accountability partner can increase the likelihood of you reaching your goals by up to 95%, and I want to be that trusted person for you. Over the course of 3 months, I’ll support you to pick a goal, hold you accountable and support you as you actually DO the things you want to do for your business.

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relentless brilliance [Waitlist]

Asha Wild

You’re a deeply driven dreamer. A highly sensitive visionary. A wild-hearted creative. You stand out naturally, you know your stuff, and you’re relentlessly brilliant. But it gets lonely being one-of-a-kind and greatness isn’t created in a vacuum. Inside relentless brilliance, we’ll join forces. I’ll be your ride-or-die and together challenge the status quo.

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Mindfulness for ADHD – The Complete Solution [Waitlist]

Nimisha Kantharia

Mindfulness is scientifically proven to be beneficial for ADHD, but conventional mindfulness teachings miss the mark when it comes to making mindfulness accessible to and do-able for ADHD-ers. Learn with Dr. Nimisha, a surgeon, certified coach & mindfulness teacher with ADHD, who can pinpoint exactly how a particular mindfulness practice can benefit various ADHD traits, as well as how to modify mindfulness practices so they work with and for you as a person with ADHD.



What They Thought About The “Laidback Launching” Process

“I’ve had a complicated history with launching that’s left me a bit…reluctant and avoidant. Something about this training made planning and working ahead feel far more do-able than I’ve ever felt about it before.” ~ Asha

“I think laidback launching will be the only way I ever launch again (I’m profoundly introverted and I don’t have energy for a heavy lift every month)” ~ Yael

“Love how simple it gets to be, especially since I need to take a step away from my business for a few months, I can set it and let it run even if I’m not actively working” ~ Anouk

“I loved this course. It gets to the heart of a launch and gives you everything you need to start launching confidently.” ~ Damla

“If you have any reservations, anxiety, or if launching makes you want to hide in any kind of negative energy or feelings, this training is for you.” ~ Claire

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