8 Examples of Aligned Offers (& What Makes Them Special)

I recently ran a live round of my programme, the Aligned Offers Experience. And here is what my students came up with!

What Are Aligned Offers Anyway?

There is a difference between an offer you think you “should” create or that you’re running because you think people will want it, vs. an offer that’s truly aligned where you can really get behind the transformation. “Aligned” means that the offer is aligned with your energy levels, your zone of genius, your greater mission, your business meeds, and how you know in your bones that you can and want to support people.

By starting from this place – vs what we think we should sell – we save energy by working in flow, we can get behind the prices we really want to charge, we can have a bigger impact on our people (because we’re creating and serving from our zone of genius), and our excitement is really felt by the people who buy it!

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8 Aligned Offers From My Course Students

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Unleashing the Magic Within – A Live Training for Deep-thinking Spiritual HSP-Empaths

Danielle Brouwer (she/her), author of The Energy behind Manifesting

This Live Training introduces the Manifesting Formula and marks a powerful step towards aligning your Spiritual Self, your Sensory Self and your Rational Self. Join me to discover why alignment of your Three Selves is so crucial to your success, and learn how the Manifesting Formula can bring you a vital step closer to creating the life you have always envisioned for yourself. **Live Training, Thursday 14 March, 16:00hrs CET (UTC+1)**

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Flourish (Strategy, Systems, Mindset)

Moira Fuller (she/her)

Flourish: Move from doing all-the-things, to having your business run around you. If you’re tired of running flat out, juggling daily tasks & feeling frustrated, you’re ready for more. You know there’s more potential in your business, and it’s time to unlock it. Welcome to Flourish, the program to run your business as you’d love to: with systems, automations & light-touch support, get your time back and feel calmer in your work. 

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How to Finish Projects (for People Who Start Everything)

Katy-Rose (she/her)

‘Finishing Projects’ is based on psychology and cognitive neuroscience theory comprised of a 53-page ebook, practical worksheets & video pep-talks – designed to be completed in just a few hours by cutting out the fluff (so this doesn’t itself become just another project!) This workshop is for the frustrated and overwhelmed, teaching you *why* finishing is hard, how to work *with* yourself and the step-by-step plan to get your project moving *forward* again.

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Confident Parent Journal

Anouk Briere-Godbout (she/her)

30 Journal prompts to help you see how great of a parent you already are and focus on your strengths and sources of resilience. As parents we often doubt ourselves and feel that we are failing often. Use this journal to reflect on your parenting journey and all the wonderful things you are already doing focus on your values and your kids need to find ways to enjoy your parenting life even more!

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Question Creators

Vickie Kelty (she/her)

Question Creators is a helpful tool that helps you become more comfortable at asking questions in English for any conversation in life. You’ll get a useful reference guide, personalized feedback and exciting bonus challenges to practice with, all to support you feeling more comfortable asking questions in all the English conversations you encounter as you become more proficient in the language.

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Sign & Shine – Make a lasting last impression with email signatures that stand out

Antoanela Safca (she/her)

Are you doing the Irish exit at the end of your emails? Stand proud, shake hands and make friends with an email signature that trully stands out in all the best possible ways to just the right people. It’s time to make a lasting last impression.

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Soulful Marketing Magic

Lorraine Crighton-Smith (she/her)

Marketing without selling your soul. A 90-minute coaching and mentoring session for new coaches and online business owners feeling overwhelmed with marketing in 2024. In this session you can expect a non-judgemental coaching environment to work through any obstacles cropping up for you, blending with bespoke mentoring to get the results you want in the fastest time possible. *Master your mindset * Clarify your messaging *Create an aligned plan to move forward with

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Flourish (Group Coaching)

Asha Wild (she/her)

Group coaching to get to the heart of what’s stopping you from living your full, robust, creative life and supercharge your creative confidence and ability. Honor your creative ambition and desires even when they outmatch your time, energy, and/or capacity



What They Thought About The “Aligned Offers” Course

“I’ve taken lots of courses about creating offers – I understand the mechanism, the strategies, but there was always something missing, and I knew it had to do with how I felt about them. How I felt about me putting things out there. And you’ve helped me work through those blocks in a practical way.” ~ Antoanela

“Thank you for walking your talk – I can see stories I believe about “how a course should be” that you haven’t done and yet, I didn’t have any problem with it – so why do I set myself those same requirements for my own courses but it’s okay if others don’t?” ~ Katy-Rose

“It’s such a thorough process that really helps clarify what I should work on next and go into details of building it so everything is ready, launch included when I’m done. I always go back to that course when I want to create a new offer.” ~ Anouk

“This course isn’t one and done. You’ll keep coming back to reuse it with any offer you want to feel more connected to and that’s why I love it!” ~ Vickie

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