15 Free or Low Cost Offers Inside (From My Members)

Every other month in the Soulful Sales Society membership I run a live challenge for all members. This month was all about the mindset and the practical strategy around boosting our sales, now and later. As a reward for everyone who completed the challenge, I’m sharing some of their amazing freebies and low cost offers here!

Offers from My Members
(All Free or Low Cost)

Unsticking Tricks
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Unsticking Tricks (FREE)

Michelle Pontvert

5 out-of-the-box tips to help you get unstuck and moving towards your goals when willpower alone just isn’t cutting it.

Diya Magic
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Diya Magic – artisan smudge bundles to clear energy ($5 off coupon)

Tiffany Diya Tong

$5 off your purchase of $20 or more when you sign up for the newsletter

The Complete SEO Fairy Lights Keyword Planner
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The Complete SEO Fairy Lights Keyword Planner (FREE)

Mary James // SEO Mindset and Momentum Mentor

Help your dream clients find you with keyword research Use the gentle glow of Search Engine Optimisation to attract Clients easily – so they come to you

Teaming up with other parents
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Teaming up with the other parent(s) ($9)

Anouk Briere-Godbout, Family Moments – I support parents of emotionally intense kids

Are you the parent who does all the researches, try all the recommendations, goes to all the appointments? It’s hard to transfer all of it to someone else And you might sometimes feel like they are sabotaging all your efforts This workbook will help you to put what you learned in a short and transferable way, prioritize what to focus on and support you to collaborate together for your child

A Fun Way to Inspire Your Child to Read & Write
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A Fun Way to Inspire Your Child to Read & Write (FREE)

Mariah Odegaard, I guide parents and children in inspiring a love of reading, feeling empowered, & making mindful choices with a positive growth mindset.

Go from Frustrated to Positive Habits: How to get your child to love reading, writing and creating shared memories to last a lifetime. A free video for you and your children to watch together, to do the fun activities inspiring reading and writing. You choose the time that works for you and your children. Best for children 5-12 years old and the activities meet your child at the level they’re at. Enjoy and have fun!

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Procrastination to Success Starter Pack (FREE)

Cayce Eastwood, Cayce Eastwood Coaching

Do you have big goals for your business but find yourself procrastinating or getting stuck in overwhelm and struggling to take action? If so, check out the Procrastination to Success Starter Pack, a collection to tools to help you build your awareness, bravery and self-compassion so that you can begin the journey of understanding and moving past your procrastination patterns. Includes: Introduction to Procrastination, 7-Day Procrastination Tracker, a Guided Meditation & 25 Affirmations to help you overcome procrastination.

Checklist for managing a WordPress website
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Checklist for managing a WordPress website (FREE)

Susie Tobias,Wise Genius – WordPress troubleshooter & website untangler

Websites are not once and done. They are living, breathing parts of your business. And they need looking after. WordPress is constantly under development. To make sure your WordPress website is working well, you need to give it some TLC. The checklist includes weekly tasks for you to tick off, helping you keep your WordPress website safe, secure and running at its best.

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Bourbon: the all-in-on vanilla sock knitting pattern (9 EUR)

Chloé Fourtune,Tisserin Coquet, I’m a knitting pattern designer

With endless possibilities at your fingertips, take the lead in creating your dream pair of handknitted socks, whether cuff-down or toe-up, by combining a variety of five cuffs, two heels, and three toe styles!

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Get your Free Website Checklist (FREE)

Jessica Haines, Jessica Haines Design – I create beautiful and profitable websites for women in service-based businesses

This checklist will help you find exactly which strategic website updates for make for more subscribers and clients

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Hatha Yoga at Home ($1)

Vanessa Chambers, Slow But Steady Nature – I am a yoga teacher (E-CYT 500) who uses the practices of yoga to guide students to redirect their attention inward to communicate more clearly & compassionately with themselves.

Weekly yoga classes are a great way to maintain emotional health and gain perspective on all you have to accomplish. Try Hatha Yoga at Home for just $1. Staying home allows you to open up in a way you may not feel comfortable doing in a busy class, which allows you to connect to yourself without defenses. Class will be held Sunday December 3rd at 11:30am EST/4:30pm GMT and run between 60 & 75 minutes.

Mindful Minimalist Marketing 101 for SOULopreneurs Webinar
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Mindful Minimalist Marketing 101 for SOULopreneurs Webinar (FREE)

Stephanie Hahn, Calm & Creative Studio

In this free, 60-minute webinar, SOULopreneurs will learn my top tips for simplifying their marketing so they can spend less time & energy attracting clients, and more time actually serving them. I’ll cover how to keep simplicity in mind as they make ALL their marketing decisions—from who they serve, to what they offer, to pricing, promotion, and more. The LIVE webinar happens Wed Nov 29, 2-3pm ET. Registrants will also get 7-day access to a replay, and two bonus downloads: (1) the Mindful Minimalist Marketing Review Checklist PDF and (2) a recording of my Yoga Nidra for Focus class.

How to Support Students in Your Online Courses/ Programs
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How to Support Students in Your Online Courses/ Programs (FREE)

Raquel C Corona,Truly Yours, Salud, I am a course consultant and energy coach that supports women coaches and healers step into the teachers they’re meant to be so they can create unique courses, memberships, and group programs that change their students’ lives forever.

This is a 25 minute flash training with no fluff and all the tactical simple ways you can support students to actually finish your courses/ programs.

From Sabatoge to Success: Reach Your True Potential-Workshop with Guided Journal
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From Sabatoge to Success: Reach Your True Potential-Workshop with Guided Journal ($17 with code SOULFUL)

Sandra Callender, Supportive Sisterhood Space

Are you tired of feeling stuck and holding yourself back from achieving your goals and living the life you want? In this empowering workshop, we’ll dive deep into the core of self-discovery and begin the process of breaking through the barriers that have held you back for far too long. Throughout this workshop you’ll engage in thought provoking exercises and guided reflections (provided in a digital, printable journal) that foster personal growth and self-awareness. Insights and real-life experiences will be shared with you to inspire and motivate you on your self- discovery journey. All for 17$ with code SOULFUL

How to get out of your head and into your body: A gentle, nervous-system-friendly guide
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How to get out of your head and into your body: A gentle, nervous-system-friendly guide (FREE)

Roshni Dominic, I’m a trauma-informed sexuality coach who helps women and non-binary folks connect to their bodies and find their pleasure and wildness

I hear a LOT of vulva owners wanting guidance on how to get out of one’s head and into one’s body. So I created this trauma-informed ebook/pdf that goes at the pace of your nervous system. It provides bite-sized, gentle and do-able steps to connect to your body and start feeling more pleasure!

Online Snail Mail Club
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Online Snail Mail Club ($9)

Sara Obando, Stargazed Studio – We provide services and resources to help small business start and grow their online presence.

The Online Snail Mail Club is an experiment born out of my snail mail love, and wanting to incorporate it into my work. I mean, isn’t the best part about snail mail that you get to share it with someone? And who better to share it with than fellow business owners that appreciate mail goodies in their physical inbox! This monthly subscription include sa variety of 3-4 goods such as motivational quotes, journaling prompts, affirmations, stickers, and more! All nicely packed insider a regular letter-sized envelope. It’s bigger on the inside



What They Thought About The Challenge & the Membership

“I LOVED this challenge! It was great to identify where I am holding myself back from fear of selling, as well as creating a plan to actively sell for the rest of the year” ~ Jessica

“There’s so much support in this community, I love how it inspires me to do better! And at the same time, it’s great to know other people I can relate to with money and sale mindset struggles. It’s a great safe space to talk issues through, get insight, and get back on our way to our goals.” ~ Sara

“If you want things in small digestible chunks that don’t require you to spend too much time doing busy work but rather getting to the work of selling, this is the place to do it!” ~ Raquel

“[the challenge] really helped me listen to my own intuition about how to sell more and sell better” ~ Roshni

“This is a really special membership, perfect for you if you’re uncomfortable with selling but still want to share your offers with the world” ~ Mary