#77: Your Business Is An Imperfect Experiment

Today I’m sharing a simple but powerful mindset shift that I believe has made a huge difference in the growth of my business and in finding what I truly want to do. This was originally delivered live in my Facebook group (Quietly Ambitious Business Owners – come join us!) where I’m doing a short live […]

Episode #69: How to Keep Showing Up for Your Business When It Feels Hard: Advice From 10 Online Business Owners

Today’s episode is something a little different for the Creatively Human podcast. When I interviewed the 10 guests from season 4, I asked them all the same bonus question and didn’t include their answers in the original episodes. 

Episode #64: 5 Things I Would Tell Myself 2 Years Ago When I Started To Get Visible

Today’s solo episode comes right from the heart. I didn’t make any notes, I just came to talk about what I would say to myself two years ago when I first started showing up and getting visible. It’s all about enjoying the journey, stretching my comfort zone, and finding my voice. I’m getting vulnerable in […]

Episode #57: How Online Business is Changing & Why People Come First with Eli Trier

Today I’m chatting to expert community builder for Quiet Revolutionaries, Eli Trier. We had a wonderful conversation all about how the online business world is changing.

Episode #56: On Taking Breaks & Having Nothing to Say [Rebroadcast]

As I release this, on March 26th 2020, the schools and nurseries are currently closed, the UK has been placed on lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, and I decided it wasn’t time to release the solo episodes I had planned. So instead, I’m re-releasing an episode from last year, all about those times […]