How I Know Intuition Is Real And Can Actually Help You As A Business Owner

Welcome. This blog is all about intuition and self-trust in choosing the way you want to do things in your own business.

What is Intuition, Really?

​​I’m a fan of the spiritual and the “woo” in my life and business, but I also like to look for practical evidence behind it where I can. And what I found is that intuition is a very real thing.

​Studies have shown that our brains make snap decisions and reactions based on subconscious judging against historical situations that we’ve been in. This is what we call a “gut feeling” – and it’s based on subtle cues that your conscious brain hasn’t had time to fully process yet. For this reason, our gut feelings work best in situations where we have more experience. There’s more history to compare it to.

I wholeheartedly believe that trusting in yourself is a superpower in business.

I could never explain why I’ve been drawn for so long to follow my intuition. But after learning more about what our intuition really is, it makes sense to me that it can be a useful tool for business owners (particularly the sensitive ones!)

As entrepreneurs, overwhelm is a common stumbling block, but our intuition can help drown out the noise, keep us focused, and help us move forward.

Your intuition also matters because it’s directly related to the way you feel. 

And how you feel about your work directly impacts how good you feel about life in general. 

How good you feel impacts your energy. 

How good you feel impacts how good you are at what you do. 

How good you feel impacts how others feel when working with you. 

Most importantly, how good you feel impacts your quality of life – and that matters.

It’s important to note here that our intuition isn’t infallible. It gets stronger and stronger the more experience you have in a given area, so it’s expected – and totally ok – that you’ll make mistakes sometimes. But remember, everything you try and “fail” at will provide useful information going forward.

Intuition is also influenced by cognitive bias, when we follow ideas just because lots of other people think something (hello patriarchy and white supremacy – I see you!) This is why it’s so important to take off the layers of who we are while also learning to trust what we think.

As a sensitive business owner, it’s likely that empathising with others is another superpower of yours. So trust your intuition when it tells you something about your audience, listen to that inner nudge about what they might be feeling, and pour this into your content.

Journal Prompts

When you’re not used to using your intuition, it can be hard to even hear that inner knowing. A lifetime of social conditioning, and a long social media feed full of other people’s opinions, can massively drown out that inner wisdom. That’s why I recommend using a number of journal prompts to teach you how to tune into this powerful part of yourself.

As always, remember to take what works for you and leave the rest.

  1. If I truly believed I could not get this wrong, what would I do? Sensitive business owners can often become paralysed with indecision, knowing that saying yes to one thing means saying no to another. This prompt is designed to get you trusting in the fact that you can’t get this wrong – whatever you choose is an opportunity for learning and growth.

  2. What does my heart want to say today? Write freely without judging what comes up. This is how you learn to tap into your heart instead of your mind (which is often clouded by doubt and fear).

  3. Here’s what I need to do to quieten my mind and tune into my intuition… Our intuition is always there, but sometimes it feels harder to hear it. So take some time to get clear on what personally works for you to clear your mind and access that inner voice.

  4. If I knew everything were possible, here’s what I’d choose for myself… This is such a juicy question, and one worth tuning into on a regular basis. We often hide our desires even from ourselves, and this exercise helps you to be honest about what you really want.


Try reading, writing out or listening to the following affirmations as part of your daily routine, and see how it makes you feel. 

  1. I am intuitive. 
  2. I trust where my intuition guides me.
  3. I listen to what my body is trying to tell me.
  4. I cannot get this wrong. Every decision I make is an opportunity to strengthen my intuition.
  5. It is safe for me to trust my intuition. When I trust myself I feel better. And when I feel better, everything gets easier.

Are you new to this and need some guidance?  Or have you been doing this for a while and could do with a boost?  My new course, Journaling for Business Owners, can help.  It’s full of tips like busting through resistance to journalling and how to do it in a way that will boost your business and make you money, as well as advice on creating a daily ritual that works for you. You can join here!