The Magic of You – What Makes You Unique? (4 Examples of Magical Business Owners)

In July I ran the first round of my brand new programme, the Magic of You. The idea is that you are exactly the right person for your right people, which means that owning who you are as a sensitive business owner is the very best way to magnetise your right people to you (& scale your business with grace and ease). Let me share with you a few magical business owners who took the course and are doing just that!

How Do You Tune Into Your Unique Magic?

Obviously, this is a topic I go into (in detail) in my Magic of You course. But for now, let me share a key exercise that I had all my participants do, called the “True 20”: write out a list of 20 reasons why your right people would choose you specifically. This is not about being “the best”. It’s about your personality, your lived experience, who you are, what you’ve been through, your unique outlook and philosophy of what you do. It’s ok if it feels hard (or easy!) This is a huge part of the work to really magnetising your right people to you (and I had all of the following 4 Magic of You participants complete this before they sent me the text you’ll read below).

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4 Examples of Business Owners Tuning Into Their Unique Magic

(1) Jennifer Cockcroft – “an incurably curious and colourful soul”

My Unique Magic: I’m an incurably curious and colourful soul, a highly sensitive, introverted empath, and a multi-faceted creative with an ever-inspiring list of interests and passions. I’ve developed a deep connection to intuition, body wisdom, and emotion, and bring all of my life experiences, as well as a profound understanding of the power of language, and of story, to everything I do. I’ve lived an epic tale of overcoming the darkest of struggles to savour the most wonderful experiences, and of identity lost and re-built through a lot of soul searching and a healthy dose of magic. I want to share everything I’ve learned on my own journey – all the tools and tricks and supportive practices – to help you write the next chapter of your own story in a way that allows you to embrace and embody the uniquely varied truth and beautiful magic of who you are with confidence that shines.

How I’m Infusing My Unique Magic Into My Business: I’m launching new Practical Magic Facilitation packages soon designed to support you in understanding the truth of who you really are, tapping into your deepest intuitive and creative wisdom, and finding YOUR way of sharing your uniquely magical story.

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(2) Sarah Lynas – “I’ve learned how to navigate that messy journey from doubt to deep self-belief”

My Unique Magic: There comes a moment when you’ve just had it with self-doubt, with not belonging, with not being seen or heard. As a sensitive introvert, I’ve absolutely been there, and I’ve learned how to navigate that messy journey from doubt to deep self-belief… I now inspire & support other mid-life women, giving them the tools, the space, and the green light to travel that same path.

How I’m Infusing My Unique Magic Into My Business: Opening up Find your Spark; a free workshop for women who’ve lost themselves in the day to day of life & work.

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(3) Li-Yeng Choo – “musuculoskeletal health through a personalised, whole person approach”

My Unique Magic: I help you to look after your and your family’s musuculoskeletal health through a personalised, whole person approach. I am committed to providing health services that pay attention to nuance and my focus is to support you to find pathways to well-being that work for you in your context. A big part of my business is about harnessing the layered relationship between education and health to tackle larger social issues that affect the well-being of under-resourced communities.

How I’m Infusing My Unique Magic Into My Business: Instead of pushing through discomfort and working on ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’, I have been prioritising on being aligned with my feelings and making space for ease. This has resulted in: 1. Taking a break from the business right after setting it up as I realised I was on the fast track to crashing and burning out. I am still taking it really slow at the moment and feeling ok with it. 2. Following and trusting my intuition on how I feel most comfortable selling for now (no insta/FB).

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(4) Rachel Friedli – “I have been where you are right now and have turned my life around”

My Unique Magic: I support Mums of teens with chronic ill health to put yourself first – every time. I am here for you, I have been where you are right now and have turned my life around. The key to unlocking who you are is taking the time for yourself every day at a time that suits you. I work with you individually or in group sessions to take a deep dive into what’s going on for you right now, where you want to be and what’s holding you back. By gifting yourself time and space, not only will your relationship with your teen improve, so will your relationship with yourself.

How I’m Infusing My Unique Magic Into My Business: I’m 100% niched in on supporting Mums of teens with chronic ill health, which is where my knoweledge and experience lies.

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What They Thought About “The Magic of You” Course

“Everyone should do this course! I really believe there’s no more important work we can do than to really understand and embrace who we truly are, in all our uniquely wonderful ways – and in this course Ruth leads you through powerful exercises (with some reassuring reminders) to tap into everything that has shaped you into the magical human you are, so that you can go and bravely share it with the world. Thank you Ruth, you’ve done it again!”
~ Jennifer

“It can be so hard to tap in and own my magic, and so it’s invaluable to have the encouragement of someone else 100% cheerleading in my corner as I dig deep.”
~ Sarah

“This training has completely turned my view of what I do and why I do it, around. I have really been able to focus in on what I want and why as well as how to put it into words. Love it, love it, love it. It has been the kick up the arse I needed to find my voice and put my authentic self out there. I feel more aligned and connected with what I am offering other Mums.”
~ Rachel

“It reinforced to me what I already know but I feel I need to work on believing more in it and on communicating it better.”
~ Li-Yeng

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