Episode #49: Q&A: Staying in Your Lane, Running 2 Businesses & Growing Your Audience

In today’s episode I’m answering your questions about putting yourself out there and building a business your way.

Episode #46: Are You Allowing Yourself the Support You Need in Business?

Today’s episode is about something that, on the surface, might sound a bit boring, but that I think is actually fundamental to achieving business success in a sustainable way: getting support.

Episode #45: Big Leaps Can Happen When You Least Expect Them

Today’s episode is all about the importance of not limiting how quickly (or not) things are meant to happen in your business. It’s about understanding that small steps are important, but also knowing that big leaps can happen at any time.

Episode #44: Spending Money in Our Businesses (Lessons from 18 Months of Massive Investment in My Business)

Today’s episode is all about spending money in our businesses. I’ve spent more in the last 18 months on less tangible support than I have in the 10 years before that. And I’ve learnt a lot from it.