How Do You Own Your Unique Magic? (6 Examples of Magical Business Owners)

In February and early March, I ran the first round of my new group course, the Magic of You, Unleashed. The programme is designed to support you to expand your impact, command higher prices & market yourself with ease by strategically building your unique magic into every single part of your business (your offers, pricing, content & more). It’s about being the right person for your right people in all ways. Let me share with you a few magical business owners who dove deep, took action and are doing just that!


How Do You Tune Into Your Unique Magic?

There are many layers to not only knowing, but feeling in your body, what makes you unique. And – of course! – I go into way more detail in my Magic of You, Unleashed programme. But for now, let me share a key exercise that I had all my participants do.

The “True 20” starts with you writing a list of 20 reasons why your right people would choose you specifically. This is not about being “the best”. It’s about your personality, your lived experience, who you are, what you’ve been through, your unique outlook and philosophy of what you do. It’s ok if it feels hard (or easy!) This is a huge part of the work to really magnetising your right people to you (and I had all of the following 6 Magic of You, Unleashed participants complete this before they sent me the text you’ll read below).

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6 Examples of Business Owners Tuning Into Their Unique Magic

(1) Ariane Paras – Music Industry Coaching at Olympia Coaching

My Unique Magic: I offer a unique blend of coaching, music industry mentoring and spiritual wisdom to help musicians get to the next level. You’ll feel supported as you move through your blocks and fears (empathetic Pisces moon) AND you’ll step into your confidence and potential (empowering Aries sun). I help you go in deep waters to shift your mindset AND light a fire under your booty to create structure and take action. My programs are 100% personalized because there’s no one else like you.

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(2) Anouk Briere-Godbout – Moments Famille Parental Support

My Unique Magic: I offer a safe space for people to feel seen, heard and understood for who they really are without judgements. I see how amazing they already are and support them seeing it too so they can feel more confidence in themselves as parents. I bring nuances and normalization to everything, so parents can adapt what they know to their reality and support them in very concrete ways to do so. I have professional training, experience and personal experience in what I support people with.

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(3) Joanna Huang – Self-Care & Time Management Coach

My Unique Magic: I am a self-care and time management coach. I specialize in supporting former corporate burnouts turned entrepreneurs to avoid burning out again. I work one-on-one with my clients to create sustainable, lasting change and help them to feel safe and not feel guilty to make more time and space for themselves every day through routines, rituals, and rhythms.

Download Joanna’s Freebie: Make Self-Care Your Second Nature with My Secret Recipe: N.E.S.T.S.

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(4) Sara Obando – WordPress Web Design for Wellness and Self-Development Businesses

My Unique Magic: I specialize in creating an online presence for my clients that is not just pretty, but also strategically aligned with their purpose and values. I help them reflect their expertise in the online world so the people who need their help can find them!

Download Sara’s Freebie: DIY Website Evaluation: A 6-Step Work Frame to Optimise Your Website

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(5) Vickie Kelty – English Language Coach

My Unique Magic: To me, seriously fun learning is supporting you with my sense of humor and my sensitivity to what language learners go through. I use my 16 years of experience teaching English mixed with my 20+ years of learning languages (Spanish student forever. Woo hoo!) to help you personalize your learning so it can fit enjoyably into your life. Let’s figure out what will make reaching your English-speaking goals easier and doable (if we can sprinkle some fun and laughter into it, even better!).

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(6) Daniela Uslan – Tarot Reader, Astrologer & Intuitive Business Coach

My Unique Magic: I am a tarot reader, astrologer, and intuitive business coach. My unique magic is my ability to synthesize different modalities together and to hold space for my clients and show them how amazing they are. Another part of my unique magic is how deeply I care for my clients and the incredible communities I create as a result of that caring.

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What They Thought About “The Magic of You, Unleashed” Group Course

“The MOYU is such an in depth, valuable course, I got much more than what I expected. I will be digging back into it often as I grow my business and I know that integrating what I’ve learned in this course will have a direct impact not only on my business success but in my ability to show up for it better than before” 
~ Ariane

“I am able to relax more because I don’t have to constantly prove in my head that I am enough and worthy!”
~ Joanna

“I got the VIP Voxer support for this program and for me it made a huge difference! I would have still gotten a lot out of the program, but having access to Ruth directly during that period allowed me to process things differently.”
~ Anouk

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