How to Create Connected Content

In July I wrapped up the hugely improved & expanded edition of my content creation course, Connected Content. Creating content from a place of connection with myself, my feelings and the feelings of my right people has been key for me getting visible and building this business as a sensitive human and, importantly, making sales and calling in the perfect clients. Here are some examples of how my brilliant clients are doing it…

What Is Connected Content?

Want an easier way to create more content (in less time) that feels good, connects with your right people and naturally leads to sales?

It’s not about one-size fits all prompts or psychological persuasion “tactics”. The best content marketing ingredient? Your Truth!

Connected Content is not the same obsolete marketing advice you’ve heard again and again. This is not about churning out content and posting it everywhere.

This is about mixing strategy + mindset + who you are, and connecting on a deeper level – one that truly speaks to your right people (aka dream clients!)

…& to connect deeper with your people, you first have to connect deeper with yourself.

How you go about that is deceptively simple, but it’s the journey you go on personally that can create discomfort and resistance along the way.

How To Start Creating Connected Content

Obviously, this is something I go into (in detail) in the Connected Content course. But for now, let me ask you a powerful question: what do you really want your right people to know? Are you saying it? And what would you say to them if you weren’t afraid? There’s more to it, of course, but I find that journalling on these questions alone can unlock some powerful stuff!

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5 Examples of Business Owners Writing From A Place of Connection

Everyone included below as been through my Connected Content course, and I wanted to showcase some of their beautiful content with you, all written in the spirit of connecting with yourself before anything else.


(1) Vickie Kelty (she/her) – “Revealing My Journey with Listen Read Speak: Navigating Challenges and Growth in Spanish”

What I Do: I help English learners speak more fluently and confidently (and have a fun time doing it!)

What I Wrote About: Read as I share some of my language-learning journey, including insecurities and newfound confidence, and what my Listen Read Speak workbook has to do with it.

Here’s where my journey begins, in the spring of 2023 I created an amazing workbook called Listen Read Speak to help English learners benefit from the entertainment they already enjoy. What I didn’t expect is how much I would be benefiting from it myself. Although I should’ve 😏 because, as a language learner myself, I’m constantly looking for ways to make my own learning more efficient. What luck that I would create a tool to meet my own language needs. It was like finding the missing puzzle piece!

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(2) Tamsin Williamson (she/her) – “You weren’t put on this earth just to ensure everyone else around you has a bloody great time”

What I Do: The Parenthood Coach – life and mindset coach for Mums

What I Wrote About:A post written from the heart designed to inspire my people to stop living their lives for everyone else around them, and to start owning their own story in a way that feels beautiful, true and utterly joyful to THEM


I need you to start looking at your life through a new lense 🧐

👀One where YOU get a look in

👀One where YOUR wants and needs matter

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(3) Alana Holloway (she/her) – “There’s a better way to do life with chronic illness”

What I Do: Chronic Illness Coach 

What I Wrote About: A year-long coaching programme to help people reconnect with their brilliance, tune into the wisdom of their chronic illness and create the life they truly desire.

Finding the energy and motivation to pursue your dreams can be tough when it feels like your body’s fighting against you, right?

When you don’t feel safe in your own skin and the road ahead is uncertain, it’s hard to step into the unknown and go after what truly matters to you.

…But guess what? There’s hope. A better way.

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(4) Katie Bowers (she/her) – “Midlife Metamorphosis: Transform Your Life, Discover Your True Calling, and Enjoy the Journey of Self-Discovery”

What I Do: EFT coaching

What I Wrote About: How I was struggling in midlife, discovered EFT, would love to offer 10 free sessions to get people to experience EFT

I love butterflies, I feel hope when I see them.

They have been through so much transformation, so much courage and struggle, but they persevered as they were striving for the freedom and beauty that the transformation would bring.

It reminds me of the process we go through when we are on a healing journey.

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(5) Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC (she/her) – “3 Tips to Help You Unlock Your Potential Wealth”

What I Do: Sacred Life Mastery a division of Inspiring Transformation, Inc.

What I Wrote About: Unlock Your Wealth Potential: Exclusive Event for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur ready to transform your wealth and create lasting financial freedom? If so, I have some exciting news for you!

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What They Thought About Connected Content

“I feel excited to have found my voice again. I created 2 sales pages and a blog post in 2 weeks thanks to the energy buzzing through me after the co-working sessions, and that feels pretty great after struggling with writing content. I’m excited to keep using the prompts and to see what I write next!”
~ Vickie

“The content is speaking to me so loudly, and the exercises I’ve done so far have really unlocked so much inspiration, self-connection and ease.”
~ Tamsin

“Content feels easier to create now, and it flows.”
~ Katie

“This course was not at all what I expected…it was SO much more! It isn’t all about the client, it is about how to authentically connect with your heart and allowing the content to flow. THIS is what will call in your right people, not twisting yourself all around a template or the ‘perfect marketing formula’. Be fearlessly yourself…which you learn how to do in this course! The program itself is very well thought out and well done. If you want to relax around creating effective content you need this course!”
~ Rozlyn

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