3 Examples of Aligned Offers (& What Makes Them Special)

I recently ran a live round of my programme, the Aligned Offers Experience. And here is what my students came up with!

What Are Aligned Offers Anyway?

There is a difference between an offer you think you “should” create or that you’re running because you think people will want it, vs. an offer that’s truly aligned where you can really get behind the transformation. “Aligned” means that the offer is aligned with your energy levels, your zone of genius, your greater mission, your business meeds, and how you know in your bones that you can and want to support people.

By starting from this place – vs what we think we should sell – we save energy by working in flow, we can get behind the prices we really want to charge, we can have a bigger impact on our people (because we’re creating and serving from our zone of genius), and our excitement is really felt by the people who buy it!

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Aligned Offers From My Course Students

(1) “Guilt-free parenting” 
By Anouk Briere-Godbout (she/her)

About the business: Moments famille, supporting parents who know all the recommandations but struggle to adapt them to their reality.

About the offer: Guilt-Free Parenting is a 12-week group program for parents who are familiar with all the recommendations… But you have a hard time adapting them to YOUR real life and YOUR children and you ‘re ready to go from feeling guilty, overwhelmed and confused to make decisions more easily, identify your priorities and maintain them, feel like a present, calm and patient parent (most of the time), put perfection aside and even have a little time FOR YOU!

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(2) “Belief Alchemy for Wealth” 
By Autumn Bradley-O’Rell (she/her)

About the business: Divine Money Matters, I help creative, unconventional entrepreneurs think differently about money and create a wealth mindset so they can have and make the money they desire

About the offer: A training to explore and identify unhelpful beliefs about money, an easy way to start shifting them to more positive beliefs and 4 tangible-practical methods to cultivate a wealth mindset.

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(3) “Moon Nurture” 
By Jamie Schumann (she/her)

About the business: Collective Inner Garden – Jamie is a Breathwork Facilitator who loves creating expansive experiences for herself and others through holistic, practical and radical self-care. She created Collective Inner Garden for sharing how she uses breathwork and other simple, adaptable self-care practices as a way to build self-awareness, self-love, self-trust, and self-acceptance. It represents a garden of seeds she’s planted for herself to help you along with watering yours.

About the offer: A gentle 3 week group experience for connecting with your body’s wisdom supported by the breath and guided by the moon.

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What They Thought About The “Aligned Offers” Course

“Aligned offers was instrumental in creating my new offer that combines two seemingly separate and different fields I am in. It also allowed me to set a price way higher than planned and I can’t wait to launch the program!” ~ Anouk

“It seems like a no-brainer but the creation energy of an aligned offer is wildly different (better!) than a “I sort of want to do this” offer. Once I chose the aligned offer, I had tons of motivation to do the work and everything came toegther really easily.” ~Autumn

“The biggest result for me was the aha around pricing… and it’s natural to feel scared when you’re raising your rates and changing your work. That fear is a symptom of growing deeper in your work and deeper in your messaging. This was phenomenal!” ~Jamie

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