how to run powerful, short-term group coaching containers that increase your authority & grow your coaching income (both now and later)

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Dear coaches & mentors….

⚡️Do you want to increase your coaching income without being chained to calls?

⚡️Are you ready to boost your expertise and authority with short and incredibly impactful coaching groups?

⚡️All using a manageable system that doesn’t take hours out of your day to serve many people at once?

Then grab my Group Voxer Coaching Sprints course for just $247 $147 & learn how you can transform your coaching business (& results) without hours of extra work.

Introducing my full course…

I’ll share how you can run powerful short-term groups that…

✨ allow you to deliver transformational coaching or mentorship with complete location freedom

✨ build your brand and position you as an authority – showing participants you deliver real results

✨ create opportunity for high-impact support that serves more people than ever without working harder

✨ give you a chance to immediately get paid to show off what you do, leading to long-term customers (60%+ of my participants have gone on to work with me more)

and put you in the driving seat: you’ll know exactly how to set it up to ensure you don’t receive more messages than you can handle (without compromising the quality of the container – in fact, you’ll enhance it!)

I have worked with dozens of clients this way – either through standalone containers or as paid VIP upgrades to free challenges – and they are always blown away by the value offered in these coaching groups (even if they just lurk & don’t ask questions!)
You can charge anything from $$ – $$$$ for these groups, and over time they will add up to much more in future business. Over 60% of my mini group coaching clients have gone on to work with me in other ways (ranging from my low ticket membership to high ticket 1:1 coaching)
NOTE: although this course is designed with coaches in mind it will also work for anyone else who answers personalised questions for their clients.
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☑️ Lifetime access to the course

☑️ Digestible & action-focused – with a supportive workbook – to leave you ready to set up your own coaching group by the end of the training!

☑️ Private podcast version of the modules, making it easy to listen on the go so that there are no excuses not to take immediate action

☑️ Invite to my client/ student-only group The Inside – for extra support & community if you want it

& Here’s What The Training Covers…

How to structure your groups for maximum transformation

How to set boundaries to support your time/energy

With specific examples of how I have added these groups to my own business as VIP upgrades to free challenges and standalone groups.

Plus extra advice on: how to trust in yourself as a coach/ mentor, how use the coaching for content ideas, & ideas for taking this further

“this has been so valuable, a gold mine!” – course student


PAY IN FULL: $247 $147

pay in full

SPLIT PAY: 2X $127 $77

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A Voxer Coaching Sprint is my way of describing a short-term, intense group coaching container that uses the free Voxer app (you could also use WhatsApp, Telegram etc). There are no calls involved, instead all coaching is done by voice note or text messages.

Yes, for several reasons:

(1) You’re able to serve multiple clients at once, enhancing your revenue potential (you can charge anything from $$ – $$$$ for these!)

and (2) These short-term containers are incredibly powerful, boosting satisfaction/ results and increasing the chances of participants becoming long-term clients or providing referrals.

The training is designed with coaches in mind who want to learn a new, flexible way of impacting more people at once. It would also work for mentors, healers, guides… anyone who answers questions and shares their wisdom with others. Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, this will give you a powerful framework for a group coaching container to start making a significant impact and income quickly.

The beauty of Voxer Coaching Sprints is that they are very customisable. They could last 2 days or 30+ days, and you get to pick and choose your “working hours”.

With the boundaries I’ll share with you in the training, you won’t be bombarded with messages or chained to checking messages all day either. YOU get to set the pace to decide how you want to run your group.

The messaging/ voice note platforms you can use for this type of coaching are completely free. However, if using Voxer I recommend upgrading to a (low cost) paid account for the ability to recall messages and/ or listen back to messages beyond 30 days. If you prefer, you could also use WhatsApp, Telegram etc – whatever works best for you!

No worries, just send an email to or send a message directly using the little chat button on the bottom right hand corner of the page.


I’m Ruth – a 6-figure copywriter turned business coach & mentor to heart-led & driven service-based business owners and coaches, author of the book ‘quietly ambitious’, and host of the quietly ambitious podcast.

I believe in business as a vehicle for self-expression and meaningful impact in the world. And to make that possible, you need to market your business in integrity with your full self (thoughtful, complex, brave, scared, overwhelmed, ambitious, awkward, & everything in between). Magic can happen when you break the rules and do things differently! 

PS. I’m also a massive introvert, feminist, and 90s-music fan. I currently live in the South East of England, with my husband Chris and my son Rowan.


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