do you sense that there’s a ceiling to what’s possible for you?

💭 Ever wish you could quieten that feeling inside that makes you hesitate, overcomplicate or push harder to prove yourself at every new level of expansion or visibility in your business?

💭 Know you want something big – a new level of income, a new way of taking ownership of what you do – but feel yourself coming up against the same old “stories” that stop you from going all in?

💭 Do you see other people doing it, do you wonder whether you’re just “different” and whether you’ve “got what it takes”? Or maybe you wish you were “more like them”?

the answer isn’t to find the “perfect strategy” (if there was one, we’d all be doing it)

it’s about expanding how you see yourself so that you can expand what’s possible for you & to give you the confidence to experiment, take risks and find the path of least resistance for you

when you change the way you see & speak to yourself, you…

✨ Take radical responsibility for your own actions (without beating yourself up when things don’t go according to plan)

✨ Create new & empowering patterns that allow you to take brave, bold & expansive action without blaming everything on “self-sabotage” or “blocks”

Magnify the incredible powers of all parts of you, by loving the parts of you that you previously suppressed

✨ Tune into and transmute your energy so that you can more easily get back to a place of momentum (without denying your doubts, feelings and circumstances)

✨ Overcome self-doubt because you know exactly why it’s there (& how it serves you)

…& this all has a tangible impact on your offers, prices, content, life ✨

expanding my identity – who I think I am – has been nothing short of life-changing

My entire adult life, I hid myself from myself. I didn’t recognise my own desires in the decisions I made from my business, I made choices based on what others might think, and I held back from speaking my truth, terrified to be myself.

It was exhausting, unsustainable, and it chipped away at my soul.

Over the last 5 years I’ve experienced what I can only describe as a “metamorphosis”. My eyes were opened to all that I am – still a bit awkward, but so creative, passionate, driven, sensitive, & imperfectly unique. I still mess up, but without the crippling self-judgement spirals.

The shifts I have experienced from fully seeing and then being myself have been huge

I am more fulfilled than ever, earning good money doing work I love, constantly experimenting with new ideas, and I have big bold dreams that I know I am capable of creating (without burning myself out). And I have done this magical work with hundreds of clients, too.

“Now that you know who you are, who do you want to be?” ~ John Lennon

You’ll Get All Of This In…

The 10 digestible lessons (spread over 2 weeks) cover:

  • how & why to take radical responsibility for what you create in life (with radical compassion for the parts that are harder to look at)
  • the 2 key ingredients that will practically make you unstoppable
  • how to fully see yourself for all that you are – bringing suppressed and unloved parts into the fold to maximise what you can achieve
  • how to tune into helpful and powerful identities – that are still part of you – to stretch your comfort zone in the name of your highest vision
  • with potent conscious & subconscious mindset shifts & practices (see below)

3 ways to access the content:

✨ Watch the videos
✨ Listen to the private podcast
✨ Or read the text notes

…with a powerful workbook to integrate what you learn, explore more deeply & cultivate the self-trust you need to break your own ceiling in business

& 3 ways to be supported:

✨ Ask questions in the Facebook group
✨ Be supported in 1:1 Voxer office hours
✨ Ask questions in a
 live q&a in Sept

…with ongoing self-study access to all 10 modules (including 2 subconscious transformation sessions) so that you can work on this in your own time (this is a process you’ll want to revisit again and again)

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STARTS :: Friday August 5th // FINISHES :: Friday August 19th
Yes, there is ongoing access if you can’t join live. And yes, now is the best time to buy at the lowest price.

…plus a transformational mindset module that includes…

🔮 A subconscious transformation practice, that’ll help you let go of limiting decisions you made about yourself in the past, ready to make more empowered choices about who you choose to be (you have to experience this one to really get how potent it is!)

🔮 An activating visualisation exercise to tune into the parts of you asking to be witnessed, to bring them into harmony with your true self, and to support you to act from a place of full self-expression (to call in your right people and create from the most magical place)

🔮 Journal prompt collection – usually only available to my 1:1 and group clients – to help you explore more deeply (this stuff also makes for content gold if you choose to share!)

🔮 Affirmations to rewire your beliefs and remind you of what’s really true over time

And – spoiler alert! – all of this is the foundation of self-trust that you need to grow and expand in your business.

+ These Powerful (But Limited Time) Bonuses…


Benefit from: community support, daily accountability & 1:1 office hours for direct coaching around whatever this work brings up (Worth many times more than current price of the course)

PS. This is the only time I’m planning to do a live round of this course this year, so join now to access this support from me while you can!

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STARTS :: Friday August 5th // FINISHES :: Friday August 19th
Yes, there is ongoing access if you can’t join live. And yes, now is the best time to buy at the lowest price.

This course is brand new so I can’t share testimonials yet

But here’s some praise received for my other offers…

“This training has completely turned my view of what I do and why I do it, around. I have really been able to focus in on what I want and why as well as how to put it into words… I feel more aligned and connected with what I am offering

Rachel Friedli

“I’m welling up…. This is so beautiful and heartfelt”

“Everyone should do this course! …there’s no more important work we can do than to really understand and embrace who we truly are… Thank you Ruth, you’ve done it again!”

Jennifer Cockcroft

“It can be so hard to tap in and own my magic, and so it’s invaluable to have the encouragement of someone else 100% cheerleading in my corner as I dig deep.

Sarah Lynas

You’re in the right place to uncover who you really are if…

✨ You’re ready to take radical responsibility (with complete compassion for when you inevitably mess up)

✨ You’re ready to do the sometimes challenging inner work to decide to be who you already are (deep down)

✨ You’re feeling called to share more of your highest self, but you’re afraid, hesitating, or not sure how to tap into it

✨ You have a nudge that you’re here to create something truly unique, and you want to tap into what that could be

✨ You might have already done some of this before but you’re ready to access another level of being yourself

This might not be the right choice for you right now if…

🙅‍♀️ Your brand is not based on you as a person, or you feel like you’ve totally 100% nailed the way you put yourself out there in your business.

🙅‍♀️ It would be unsafe for you to dig into your feelings at this time.

🙅‍♀️ You don’t want to ever push yourself out of your comfort zone.

🙅‍♀️ You’re not willing to ultimately believe that this is your business and therefore you get to choose to do it your way (don’t worry, I’ll help you get there!)

NOTE: this course is designed for sensitive online business owners who have a brand that’s based on them as a person. Including (but not limited to): service providers, coaches, mentors, therapists, course creators, and other “infopreneurs”. Product-based business owners will find massive value too, but there may be some information that doesn’t apply.

Are you ready to expand what you think is possible for you?

Here are your options…

To join the initial live version of the programme from August 5th-19th and get ongoing self-study access (so don’t worry if you can’t join in live)


1x payment of $555
or 3x $199


✨ everything included in the standard option

✨ PLUS 1x day of Voxer with me to use over the next 3 months (save $333 – worth $555)

(Voxer is a voice and text messaging app, it’s super fun & impactful! Note that this is powerful support, but it is not the same as a continuous whole day conversation – there will be pauses and times where you get on with your own work)

1x payment of $777
or 2x payments of $399

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a two week live programme, starting August 5th and ending August 19th. During those 2 weeks you’ll receive 10 modules guiding you through everything listed above.

Most are pre-recorded and you can complete in your own time, but if you choose to join live you’ll have the benefit of support from the Facebook group & optional office hours. If you can’t join live, you’ll have access to all replays to complete in your own time.

With bonus resources added to your member area too -a visualisation, content prompts, affirmations etc.

You can be at any stage to benefit from Metamorphosis! But you must be ready to get uncomfortable

NO! From one sensitive business to another, this is so much deeper than that. In fact, I don’t really believe we’re sabotaging ourselves at all, and this is different way of looking at is is what has allowed me to really own what it is that I’m selling, growing this business far quicker than I grew my first. This is something different than what you’ll have seen in other programmes.

Yes in the sense that you need to take time to do the inner work (an hour a day would be really great to set aside during the live round). But when you can embody what I’m about to share, you’ll actually save yourself time – you’ll stop spinning your wheels or overworking to prove yourself, and instead get more done, more easily within your zone of magic.

I have a number of courses about the process of putting your work out there & owning what you want as a sensitive + ambitious business owner. Here’s how they all differ, in a nutshell…

  • Metamorphosis is about your fundamental identity, and expanding the limits of who we are to expand what we even aim for and believe we can do. It’s a radical mindset shift and is quite different to anything I’ve ever taught before.
  • Quiet Ambition is about owning what you want, believing that it’s possible & making it happen
  • The Magic of You is about knowing your value, & getting super clear on what makes you unique compared to everyone else who does something similar. It’s about trusting why you are the “right person for your right people”. It’s the powerful foundation that everything else builds on.
  • Connected Content is about taking that unique magic and letting people know about it. It’s more specifically about how you create content for your brand, from an intuitive place, that powerfully grows your audience & sales.
  • Aligned Offers is about taking your unique magic and getting clear on the transformation you offer your people to create an offer that is completely aligned to who you are, what you want to deliver, and in the language of what your clients desire to buy.

All of these courses work together to cover different areas of your business, including the mindset, the self-belief, the content strategy and the offers you sell.

It starts as a live group course running from 5th-19th August, after which all materials will be available for you to refer back to in self-study form. So now is definitely the best time to buy – get the most support at the lowest price.

it’s time to expand who you thought you were