Do you struggle to wholeheartedly get behind your offers that “should” sell because they don't feel exciting, or like “you”?

Do you want to experiment a bit, but you're scared because it goes against what other people you look up to are doing?

Are you feeling tired when you actually deliver your products & services because you shaped them around what you think you “should” do vs. actually want to?

Do you feel like you're on the verge of getting your next offer “right” but feel like there's something missing for you to do that?

Do you find it hard to actually sell your offers because you doubt yourself?

Maybe you're tired of going around in circles, and just want to trust yourself and the unique transformation your work can have on people.

I'll let you in on a secret… I have felt this way many times. Nearly every person I work with has felt this way too.

And I know a couple of things to be true:

(1) it is ok and completely understandable that you find it hard to trust yourself and your unique offer ideas – your brain is trying to protect you as you try new things.

(2) everything can change when you lean into creating offers from a place of self-trust (read my journey with this below)

Are you ready to start stretching your comfort zone in the very best way when it comes to creating offers from a place of excitement, transformation and belief in what you do? And, crucially, are you ready for the transformation that can bring to the bottom line of your business?


Learn to create offers that feel good to you, appeal to your clients, & are much easier to sell (without the overwhelm or “sales dread”!)

Aligned offers is an overwhelm-free programme – with daily actionable trainings & homework for 5 days to get that bold, exciting and full-of-potential offer ready to put out into the world. Plus high-touch support for 3 weeks as you create it and prepare to launch it.


Things I've personally done…

I'm releasing programmes and products (like this one!) that are completely based on how I feel and what I want to do – rather than what I “should” do – and am absolutely loving my work

I created a completely unique group experience with my Rise programme & can confidently say it changed the course of my business & made the biggest difference to earning consistent £5K months, that quickly doubled to £10K

I have been able to build massive momentum while saving energy (despite being prone to anxiety & overwhelm) by learning to make powerful decisions about what to sell next based on how it feels

Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel, I have created programmes I am excited to launch again and again helping me reach more and more people, and earn more money with less work (which has been crucial to me this year with lockdowns, fatigue & mental health struggles)

I have served over 70 people in my biggest selling course, & cultivated a real and incredibly fulfilling connection with my audience by being completely true to myself, calling in perfect-fit clients

Things my clients have done…

They've made sales on offers that they've simply teased out of excitement, before having a real sales page or properly announcing it

They have created containers for their programmes that work around their energy levels, rather than adding extras like calls or Facebook groups just because they think they “should”

They've found it easier to stay committed to selling the offer until the very end, instead of wavering and giving up before seeing it through, which has led to more sales. 

They've gone from offers that barely sell (or are too cheap) to having their first £1000+ launch (and beyond) without extra work – in fact, it's often much easier

They've created and sold offers in a way that nobody else is doing, and found a new level of income and fulfilment along the way

They've charged the prices they want to charge rather than what they think they “should” or what “people would be willing to pay”

& we have all permanently changed the course of our businesses for the better 💫

aligned offers affirmation: ‘I trust that the offers I feel most passionate about are the ones that will sell best'

During the aligned offers programme you'll be creating your new (or revamped) & totally aligned offer, and be ready to start selling it by the end!

My greatest wish is that you'll be doing the work as you go through the course – and I'll give you very focused actions every day to do that – but it's also totally fine to work on it in your own time (you'll have continued access to the programme). We also have a three-week support period with live q&a at the end to keep you on track.

Here's what we'll cover over 5 daily modules…

Note: the course will be run via a facebook group but you will not be required to use the group if you prefer not to. All replays and content will also be sent to you by email/ added to the member area.

✨Getting into the aligned offers mindset, uncovering the stories & beliefs that get in our way, and leaning into trusting ourselves more

✨Starting with the transformation (for you and your clients), and getting crystal clear on why you're creating this offer, who it's for and what it promises.

✨Choosing a container and price for your offer that suits you, breaking the standard rules of online products & services, and creating something magical.

✨The launch & beyond, continuing on your self-trust journey and how to keep remembering that you get to do this your way

✨Plus 3 weeks of support and a bonus q&a session so you're crystal clear & supported on what you need to do.

KEY DATES & TIMES: Daily trainings will be released at 10am each day starting Monday 30th November (except Thursday 3rd Dec, when it will happen at 12.00pm)

A note about why I'm running the programme this way (alongside everything that's going on in the world)…

Launching an aligned offer is about so much more than having a formula to follow. Aligned offers are about smart marketing and messaging and how you feel and how you can lean into self-trust. Including: how much you can get behind what your offer creates for people, how confidently you can sell it, how resilient you are when it starts to feel uncomfortable stretching your comfort zone. 

The current global situation means that this way of working is needed now more than ever.

  • We don’t have the time to spend months crafting our offers.
  • We don’t have energy to second-guess ourselves.
  • And we definitely don’t have the capacity to run our businesses playing by somebody else’s rules.

We need to put our feelings & energy first, we need to feel better about selling, & we need momentum that prioritises a secure income. Aligned offers take less energy, the launches are less demanding, and – because they come from the heart – they resonate with people more deeply.

So this is why I'm structuring the course this way: one week of massive value and massive action. Two more weeks of support. And a repeatable framework to rely on each time you create something new. Are you ready?

aligned offers affirmation: ‘it is safe for me to create offers based on what feels good to me'

a reminder of everything that you get...

✨5 daily recorded sessions that walk you through the aligned offers process (with the ability to catch up on a private podcast if that's easier for you to digest)

✨3 weeks of support inside the programme, plus a live q&a at the end (including an optional facebook group with others working on this alongside you)

✨daily journalling prompts & actionable homework that'll leave you coming away with a magical offer that feels exciting and easy to get selling

✨lifetime access to the content including recordings and workbooks. This is a framework you'll go through again and again.

We start Monday November 30th with the first workshop.

plus these powerful bonuses...

group mentoring session: usually reserved for my high-touch Rise clients, you'll get the chance to speak to me directly about your offer. Get on camera, use your mic, or submit questions in advance via the group – I don’t mind as long as you take advantage of this opportunity. 

work on your offers with me 1:1: normally only my 1:1 clients get direct access to brainstorm their offers with me, but throughout the three weeks of the Aligned Offers programme I'll have several 1:1 Voxer office hours to chat things through, plus support through the facebook group. This is the highest level of support I have ever offered at this price.

optional accountability check-in: at the end of each of the five days I'll send you a form to check in with your progress and questions. This is not designed to add pressure, simply as a way to consolidate your thoughts and to make sure I can support you through the process.

Here are your options…

NOTE: I also have a limited number of pay what you can spaces for anyone who truly cannot access these prices. Please contact me using the chat box in the bottom right of the screen and I'll send you the info.


Aligned Offers is for you if…

  • Whether you already have products/ offers or not, this is for you if you want to up level what you create.
  • You're a service providers or course creators (this includes coaches, mentors, therapists, healers & content creators who want to create digital programmes, masterminds, groups, courses and workshops)
  • You want to create offers you feel truly excited about, that you don't dread actually selling, filling & delivering
  • You want to work towards your own version of success, nobody else's
  • You want to stop people-pleasing and start doing what feels right and true in your heart (& price your offers accordingly!)

Aligned Offers is not for you if…

  • You want to follow a one-size-fits all blueprint and aren't willing to dig into the feelings and the mindset work
  • You're not open to going deep. The truth is that I want Aligned Offers to turn some of what you know on the head. But you need to be open to going deep.
  • You only want practical advice on the tech side of running a course (this course doesn't cover tech, and is not just about courses – it's also about services, group programmes, 1:1, workshops, & masterminds too)
  • You have a physical product based business

frequently asked questions

Is each day live? And what are the dates/ times?

This course will be delivered live each day from Monday 30th November – Friday 4th. Then there are bonus mentoring and q&a calls on top of this.

If you can't attend live, there will be a replay and ability to ask me follow up questions.

Here are the dates/ times for your calendar (all listed in UK time, GMT) all calls are a maximum of 60 mins apart from the group mentoring and q&a calls, which may go on for up to 90 minutes depending on attendance:

  • Mon Nov 30th – live training – 10am
  • Tues Dec 1st – live training – 10am
  • Weds Dec 2nd – live training – 10am
  • Thurs Dec 3rd – live training – 12pm
  • Fri Dec 4th – live training – 10am
  • Thurs Dec 10th – group mentoring session – 11.30am
  • Thurs Dec 17th – live closing q&a – 12pm
  • Plus Voxer office hours throughout, and different times to suit all time zones. Days & times tbc.
How much time do I need for this work?

Each day's live will be around 30-60 minutes (though you can also listen to an audio version on our own private podcast if it helps you digest it). The work itself is about creating your aligned offer, so I'd set aside 30-60 minutes each day to work on that.  If you're limited on time, don't forget you have three weeks support in total, plus lifetime access to the course in your member area, so you can spread the work out if you need to.

The timing doesn't work for me, can I do this another time?

Although the course will be delivered daily to your inbox from November 30th, afterwards you'll also have everything available to access in your member area whenever you want it. This is a process you'll return to again and again each time you create a new offer. And since this is the first round, you get to co-create what goes into it!

Who is the course for?

This is for service providers & course creators, including coaches, mentors, therapists, healers and content creators who want to create digital programmes, masterminds, groups, courses and workshops.

How will you support me?

I'm offering a bonus group mentoring session plus the chance to get support from me during 1:1 Voxer office hours. We'll also have an optional Facebook group for support for three weeks, plus a live q&a at the end of the programme. This is the most support I have ever offered at this price!

What exactly does this course cover?

✨Getting into the aligned offers mindset, uncovering the stories & beliefs that get in our way, and leaning into trusting ourselves more

✨Starting with the transformation (for you and your clients), and getting crystal clear on why you're creating this offer, who it's for and what it promises.

✨Choosing a container and price for your offer that suits you, breaking the standard rules of online products & services, and creating something magical.

✨The launch & beyond, continuing on your self-trust journey and how to keep remembering that you get to do this your way

✨Plus 3 weeks of support and a bonus q&a session so you're crystal clear & supported on what you need to do.

Why do I need this?

I personally work with so many women who, deep down, want permission to do what they love, and to do it their way – and they want to make incredible income doing it. It all comes down to being supported to trust yourself to do the thing that's in your heart. Not to mention that this course should pay for itself, given that you'll have a magical offer to sell by the end of it 💫

Is this for me if I already have an offer?

Yes, absolutely! There is a difference between any offer and a truly aligned offer, and that's the framework I'll be taking you through. It's your route to creating offers that feel exciting, are different, truly feel like you, and sell more easily because they really resonate with your people.

You can create a brand new offer, or you might find that you can tweak an existing offer (as my clients have done with great success).

Any other questions?

Click here to send me an email, or feel free to DM me on Instagram. The quickest way to get in touch is to use the little chat widget you should see hovering in the bottom right of the screen.

A note from ruth...

If you've come this far down on the sales page, then I want to tell you this: I believe in you, and I know you have all the answers you need. You just need to learn to listen to yourself. And when you do? Everything can change, and quickly!

I've personally been earning a living online since 2008, going from freelance copywriter to six-figure business owner in the space of a few years. One of the key turning points in that business was creating an offer that suited my energy levels, and that I found easier to sell.

Since then I've started my second successful business as a mentor to quietly ambitious humans. And my own aligned offer – my Rise group programme – had the exact same effect. It was scary but exciting, and selling that is what led to me achieving consistent £5k months, leading to £10k.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of sensitive leaders owning what they want, creating offers that they believe in and that work for them, and earning the money they deserve.

You've totally got this ✨