Get to the Heart of Your Ambitious Business Vision (Whatever That Looks Like to You)

  • My 7-step framework to hold a game-changing “business meeting with yourself”– the same framework I’ve used again and again to grow my six-figure business.
  • Easy-to-use spreadsheets and worksheets to save you time and give you a powerful, convenient overview of your business, to help you come up with new money-making ideas, and to create a more joyful business & life.
  • 3 video training sessions so that you can quickly get to work on the tasks that could transform the future of your business.
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The World Needs You To Show Up For Your Business

I believe – in fact, I know first-hand – that when you take a step back to work on rather than in your business – when you understand exactly where you are, where you’re going, and why you’re doing it – the mental load gets instantly lighter. And with more mental space comes more freedom for your big goals, dreams and ambitions.
More importantly, you’ll finally believe in your core that you already know everything you need to know to make it all happen. 
Because trusting in yourself is a radical act, and the world needs you to show up as the imperfect, unique and brilliant business owner that you are. 
You’ve got this.
Over the last decade I’ve built a very successful business that is profitable, is planned months in advance, it’s set up to work completely on my schedule, and I was even able to take several months off after having my baby. But it hasn’t always been like this, and building a business is far from easy. Especially when you’re doing it differently, and you’re unlearning cultural conditioning and constant Feminine Entrepreneurial Shaming (yes, it’s a thing)
The early days of my business looked like: 
  • Working many hours for low pay
  • Taking on any work I could get, without questioning whether it was right for me
  • Feeling fearful of making decisions or setting up systems that could possibly make my life and business easier.
  • Wanting to make a difference in the world but not believing it was possible (and without having any time to even consider it).
  • Never feeling like I was good enough as a business owner.
Can you relate to any of this? Do you feel like you are in control of your business? Do you know where you are and where you want to go? Or do you feel like you’re constantly trying to keep up?
It’s not your fault. When you’re building your own business, and in many cases doing so in a completely new field, you are thrown in the deep end. And the outside noise makes it very easy to believe that we’re “not smart enough”, “not loud enough”, “not determined enough” to be real business owners. Or worse, that we don’t deserve success.
I’ve been running an online business for over a decade and it has taken me years to realise just how capable I am. I see it in my creative business mentoring clients, too: brilliant, imperfect, capable women who are doing incredible things yet still not feeling “enough”.
The biggest lesson I learnt along my journey to getting in control of my business? It’s important to take a regular step back to work on rather than in the business.
I credit all the success I’ve had in my business to this big-picture thinking.  When I know where I am, how I want to feel, and have concrete plans about where I want to go, my business does better. And when I ignore that stuff, when I let myself get behind, everything suffers.
I believe that you know your business better than anyone, even if you don’t believe it yourself. And that is why I am sharing my entire collection with you – my spreadsheets, worksheets, journalling questions, exercises, and lessons learned that took me on the rocky path from questioning everything I did, to trusting in myself as the business owner that I truly am (and increasing my time freedom and profit along the way)
In this kit & course, I walk you through all stages of my clarity & planning system that I’ve been using & refining since I started.
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Clarify is an entirely self-paced course, and one that you’ll refer back to again and again.

Do you want a more impactful business?

If you’re anything like me, you are ambitious, and you long to make an impact with your business. To grow in a way that feels good, to reach more people, to earn a sustainable income, to work in your zone of genius, because you know that’s the world-changing stuff.

But on the other hand, it’s hard to get out of the day-to-day firefighting, to find the time to figure out how to make that impact, to figure out how to simplify and to figure out what help you need. I get it: I run a business on very limited time (& mental energy) too. 

This is what Clarify will help you to do. Because it’s about much more than just sorting out your business, knowing your numbers and setting goals. It’s where practical meets purposeful – where you come up with your big vision, but you also ensure you’ve got the knowledge, support & plan you need to make it happen.

Clarify is not your average course. It is a system that you will refer back to again and again. One that will save you time and grow as your business grows with you. It is comprised of these core elements…

7 Step Framework for a Game-Changing “Business Meeting with Yourself”

See below for full details of the 7-step process.

Having a business meeting with yourself is a period of time you intentionally set aside (like a morning every quarter) where you work on the big things that determine how you spend your day-to-day, who you serve and what you earn. 
In short, it’s a way to give you the confidence you need in order to show up as the brilliantly imperfect business owner you are, and get well paid for it.

Training Every Step of the Way

You receive access to the training course with lessons for each step of the 7-step process (click here for more details of those steps).
To make it as easy for you to go through this course as possible, you’ll get:

♦︎ Text lessons in your private member area
♦︎ Audio recordings of all lessons so you can listen on the go
♦︎ Powerful, easy-to-use worksheets & spreadsheets
♦︎ 3 process overview videos, to help you complete the exercises as easily as possible

All the Practical Tools You Need to Save Time, Energy & Make More Money

See more worksheet/ spreadsheet details below.

Easy-to-use worksheets and spreadsheets, so that you don’t waste any time when you hold your business meetings with yourself. Everything is ready to go. And you won’t need to worry about the numbers either – all of the calculations are done for you. Just fill in the blanks.
I have designed the worksheets and spreadsheets to be easy to use and they are pretty self-explanatory. However, the overview of each part of the process gives you a bit more of an understanding of why these exercises matter, and can make such a difference to your business

Bespoke to Your Business Needs

Save time, trust yourself and your intuition, be the real business owner you were meant to be.
My number one rule is always to take what works for you, and leave the rest.
Because honestly there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for online business, and those that try to tell you otherwise are only contributing to your feeling of less than good enough.
I’ve included bonus guidance and practical tools and worksheets to help you tailor the experience every time you go through the course.

Quickly Make Your Money Back

Use one of my simple exercises to recoup the money you just invested in this course!

I’ve included a simple business expenses & savings tool to make it easy to figure out where you’re losing money. It won’t take long, and you can easily recoup the cost of the course.

More than that, you become a good custodian of money. And, if that scares you, this exercise will make it all a lot less daunting.

Self-Paced Course That Caters to Your Unique Business

So that you can do this your way – dive in whenever, and however, you feel like.
This is work that only you can do, and you need to be able to do it on your own time. Your business is unique and you will pick and choose the exercises to suit you. 
Some people will break it up and work through each module at different times, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to dive right into whatever is most pressing for your business right now. Plus there is a benefit to getting it all done in one powerful day where you hold a “business meeting” with yourself.
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Clarify is an entirely self-paced course, and one that you’ll refer back to again and again.

There are 7 steps that I use in my own big picture process. I don’t necessarily use them all at once. But combined, they lead to powerful realisations, new ideas and a concrete overview of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

♦︎ The Heart of Your Business

I believe our businesses can be completely moulded around our values, so in this section you’ll get clear on what they are, why they matter, and what your wider mission is for your business.

♦︎ Money

It’s time to get clear about where you’ve come from, and what’s currently going on with your finances. This module covers income, profit, expenses and financial support systems. This stuff was the absolute key to growing my income.

♦︎ Day-to-Day

How you feel about your daily work adds up to how you feel about your business & life as a whole, so in this module ,you’ll look at your ideal day, your boundaries, and how to simplify tasks you do on a regular business – leaving you more room for your big vision.

♦︎ Clients

If you’re not serving the right people, then you’re reducing your impact. This module is all about getting clear on who you’re serving, who you want to serve, and how to go about it.

♦︎ Your Big Picture Vision & Goals

This is where we set goals for the next few weeks, months or years. Being clear on your goals can increase your impact, increase your earnings and keep you focused on what matters to you.

♦︎ Your Work In Progress

This is where you’ll keep a master file of action steps, ah-has and feelings that come up throughout the process, allowing you to create a completely bespoke big picture business kit designed specifically for your business.

♦︎ Moving Forward

This is where you take what you’ve learned to change your business for the better, forever.

…and Underlying it All: How You Feel About What You Do: Any time you feel like you’re not working in your zone of genius when it comes to your business, you can come back to this kit to put your mind back onto the bigger picture.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up

  • My 7-step framework to hold a game-changing “business meeting with yourself”, either through the course of a day or through regular check-ins, with insights from my own successful online business.
  • Easy-to-use spreadsheets and worksheets to save you time and give you a powerful, convenient overview of your business, to help you come up with new money-making ideas, and to create a more joyful business & life.
  • 3 video training sessions so that you can quickly get to work on the tasks that could transform the future of your business.

Plus lifetime access & updates, because this is a process you will return to time and time again as you uplevel your business and reach new goals.

Self-paced online training program including written course materials, worksheets and easy-to-use spreadsheets*
*Payment plan available – click “buy now” for info.

The worksheets & spreadsheets

I’m immensely proud of the worksheets and spreadsheets I’ve included with this course. Why? Because they work! They are incredibly quick and easy to use (and yes, I use these myself!), saving you time and money, and allowing you to dive into the heart of what matters to you in your business.

Take A Look…

Here are screenshots of a few of the spreadsheets, checklists, worksheets and journalling prompts. More are included in the full package to allow you to create a completely bespoke, and easy-to-use, big picture business kit.


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Clarify is an entirely self-paced course, and one that you’ll refer back to again and again.

Clarify is for you If...

  • You are caught up in the admin and busy work of your business – and that’s not where you want to be.
  • You’re not even sure about the current state of your business, so you’re unsure how to grow it.
  • You want to focus on growth and impact without sacrificing your values or hustling to get there.
  • You want to work smarter, not harder.
  • You want a flexible plan that you can mould around your individual needs and values.
  • You’re not a fan of traditional business plans but you know you need to be more intentional about what you do.
  • You’re a heart-led business owner but you’re not afraid to get practical and do the work.
  • You’re feeling fed up or burnt out with some aspect of your work.

My Story

I started freelancing back in 2008 when I couldn’t get a job out of university. Within a few years, I was managing a team of writers and selling content on a bigger scale.

But I quickly realised that I was spending more time on admin than I was thinking about the bigger picture. This is when I started to get really smart about planning, and started to have regular “business meetings” with myself!

I’d go to London, find a spot in the South Bank Centre or a coffee shop, and get working on the bigger vision for my business (and I’d usually add a nice lunch and a bit of sightseeing into the day, too!). I considered what I liked about my business, what I could outsource, what I no longer wanted to be doing, and how I wanted to grow.

It was this planning that led to massively growing my income and using that to pay for my wedding and put a deposit on a house. But it also created time for what mattered in my life. In 2016 I took hours off most weekday mornings to train for a marathon, and in 2017 I successfully planned my own 5 month maternity leave for early 2018. Now, having a solid plan is crucial with a baby in tow!

I did this by going through the numbers, asking myself crucial questions, analysing the tasks I loved and didn’t love, using tools, systems and outsourcing to work less, and making sure I checked in with myself on a regular basis… which this planning kit is all about!

OK I’m in! How much?

Clarify is a self-paced course – in fact it’s something you’ll return to again and again. All of the exercises can be moulded around your brilliantly unique business.

Have any questions? See the faq below, or drop me a message using the chat box on the bottom right hand side of this page.

When does the course start and finish?
This is a self-paced course that you will return to again and again. However, as a buyer you will be invited to future live rounds if I run them.

Who is the course for?
For bloggers, creatives, coaches, makers, small business owners… anyone who wants to work on their business, not just in it, to give them clarity and room to grow in a way that feels good.

I’m not very business-minded, is this for me?
If you run a business you’re probably great at what you sell, whether that’s a service like website design, or a handmade product, or anything else. You may or may not be great at the business stuff behind the scenes, and that’s what I’m here to help with. So yes, this course is for you!

I’ve had my business for ages, is this for me?
Yes! If you feel like you’d like to work smarter, not harder. If you’d like to take things off your plate, know where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

I’m brand new, is this course for me?
Yes! If you are brand new then this will give you the very best foundations for your business! You may not be able to answer certain questions, such as knowing previous income or best-selling products, but you can certainly use the worksheets to set goals and plan future check-ins to assess where you are.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this process?
This really depends – I usually take a day out and complete exercises in a morning or afternoon, then have the rest of the day off. But it’s all flexible and workable around you and I include lots of tips for figuring it all out inside the kit.

Why do I need this?
By purchasing the exact exercises I have used for 8+ years in my successful online business you’ll have a process to follow to save you time when it comes to working on not just in your business. You could of course figure it out yourself, but then you wouldn’t benefit from the exact process, saving you time and, ultimately, money. I have also given instructions and examples every step of the way to help you take your business to the next level.

How long will I have access to the course?
You get lifetime access, which includes future updates. And when I run it again, you’re very welcome to join in! I will add a disclaimer here – lifetime means for however long I keep the course up for sale. It does not guarantee that you’ll have access until you’re 100!

When will you run the course again?
I’m not sure yet! But by purchasing now, you’ll get access to any future live rounds for free (as well as any updates I make to the course materials).

Any other questions?
Click here to send me an email, or leave me a message using the chat box in the bottom right hand corner.