How would it feel to know that your offers…

✨ not only support your income goals, but are structured in a way that leaves space to massively exceed them 

✨ work with your current audience size (whatever that is) and are intentionally designed to grow that audience 

✨ support who you are as a unique human, meeting your needs and honouring the way you work best, unapologetically

✨ are not bound by a complicated, rigid, un-aligned “customer journey” or “ladder”, & encourage creativity, intuition & flow 

and they all feed into each other beautifully, increasing the potential of clients buying from you again and again

All of those things are possible for you. It’s how I’ve had the most fun building my business & I want the same for you too!


I have worked with thousands of online business owners and I promise you there is no “one right way” of structuring a business.

But there is a game-changing philosophy: the ecosystem.

The “ecosystem” philosophy will guide your decisions, build momentum faster, remove the pressure to “get it right” every time, & give you the structure to create a wildly profitable business you are madly in love with.

Stop trying to fit yourself into a box, set yourself up for multiple ways to reach your money goals, and make sure everything you put out there is serving the bigger picture of what you want to create.

For a limited time, get the Ecosystem course & bonus workshop at original pre-launch pricing 🎉

My business is not defined by the success of any one launch or offer.

It doesn’t matter if a launch flops (and they do!) because I always have something else to sell. Everything works together in harmony and builds up to create a body of work over time.

But the Ecosystem is about more than always having something to sell that serves the bigger picture. It’s about creating a business that aligns with you, your values, and your vision. So, are you ready to enhance & optimise your own ecosystem? Let’s do this together! 🌱

You’ll Get All Of This In…

Structure your business so that everything powerfully feeds into everything else (supporting your money goals, your audience size and you)

I’ll share with you what goes into a thriving ecosystem: the “numbers” that guide you, your range of offers, your bigger vision & more. Plus together we’ll come up with 12+ different offer ideas to bring more money into the ecosystem in a way that also serves the future (without having to create 12 new things!)


This is an overwhelm-free & super-actionable course. The digestible lessons cover:

  • The interconnected elements of creating a healthy, successful, and sustainable ecosystem
  • The 2 key ways you must know your numbers to optimise the ecosystem
  • How to feel safe to experiment in and expand your ecosystem (plus how to decide what to focus on next)
  • Getting clear on the bigger picture of what your ecosystem all serves
  • High vs low-cost offers (& whether you even need to have offers at every price point)
  • The simple & powerful money maths exercise I use to make sure my ecosystem supports both my income goals & audience size
  • Low-hanging fruit to increase sales in your existing ecosystem

With these juicy bonuses:

  • Money tracking spreadsheet
  • Simple money maths calculator & workbook for your ecosystem
  • TIME SENSITIVE BONUS: Join me for a live “profitable pathway” session to plan 12+ different offer ideas to bring more money into the ecosystem in a way that also serves the future (without having to create 12 new things!)

Plus 3 ways to access the content:

✨ Listen to the audios
✨ Listen to the private podcast
✨ Or read the text notes


I recently sat down and planned out a whole summer’s worth of juicy offers for my business based on things I already have. So many ways to bring more money in without relying on any one offer, and without compromising the bigger vision of my business 🎉

I’ve decided to walk you through the process in a brand new add-on to the Ecosystem course. We will:

  • (Re-)Connect with our business goals and vision
  • Get crystal clear on all of the assets we currently have in our business
  • Uncover the low hanging fruit that could lead to easy sales with minimal effort 
  • Come up with at least 12 ideas for ways to bring extra cash into the ecosystem (without creating 12 new things!)

Sound good? You’ll get a recording of the workshop as part of the Ecosystem course.


Here are your options…


✨ get the full self-study course split into bite-sizes lessons

✨ plus access to the bonus “profitable pathways” session where we will come up with 12+ offers to bring more money in your ecosystem, in a way that aligns with you & your bigger vision

PAY IN FULL = $199

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click here for the 2-part plan


✨ get the ecosystem offer AND a year in my Soulful Sales Society membership for a discount 

✨ Both offers go hand in hand – the Ecosystem will help you look at the bigger picture of how all of your offers work together, and the Soulful Sales Society will support you to sell them

✨ Inside the membership you also get regular live q&as and supportive mindset sessions with me (click here to learn more about the membership)

BUNDLE PAYMENT = $579 $448

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*note that by choosing a payment plan you are committing to completing all payments



The course content is around 90 mins, the bonus workshop will be an additional 60-90 mins, then you can just incorporate it into your regular business planning. It should save you time when it comes to planning out your offers and making quicker decisions on knowing what to sell — and although I can’t guarantee this, it should also convert better 😉

This is a self-study course, meaning you get access to everything when you sign up and can work through it at your pace. 

I have a number of courses about the process of creating & selling offers in a way that works for you. Here’s how they all differ…

  • Aligned Offers is about taking your unique magic and getting clear on the transformation you offer your people to create an offer that is completely aligned to who you are, what you want to deliver, and in the language of what your clients desire to buy.
  • The Ecosystem is about the bigger picture of how your offers all tie together to support you and your business goals, plus how to link them together and increase income from the ecosystem.
  • The Soulful Sales Society membership is about how to sell your offers and plan launches.
  • Connected Content is about taking your unique magic and letting people know about it. It’s more specifically about how you create content for your brand, from an intuitive place, that powerfully grows your audience & sales.

All of these offers work together to cover different areas of your business, including the mindset, the self-belief, the content strategy and the offers you sell. It’s my own offer ecosystem 🌱 – each offer has a firm boundary around what it covers and leads into the others, and I have several clients who have done them all 🎉

No. The Ecosystem is about looking at the bigger picture of how your offers work together to fulfil your business needs. My Soulful Sales Society membership is about selling the offers. They are 2 completely different but very complimentary offers in my ecosystem.

You can be at any stage to benefit from the Ecosystem! At the start it’ll help give you confidence to experiment and understand what your goals are. As a more experienced business owner it’ll give you the chance to look at your offers more strategically and decide what to focus on next to increase sales.

It’s available to sign up to any time for self-study.

The content in this course is delivered via both audio, with detailed notes for some of the lessons, and auto-generated transcripts.

This will work for coaches, course creators and potentially other kind of service providers who don’t just stick to one type of offer.