True self-care can transform your business. If you’re dreaming of more impact and more success, I want you to know how magical (and surprisingly simple) journalling can be in helping you get there. It changes the energy we start our days with, the way we respond to problems or make decisions – even the way we set our prices.

By unpacking our thoughts and feelings – by practising some deep self-love – we can start trusting in ourselves and find the courage to run our businesses on our own terms.



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You already have all the answers you need. Journalling can teach you to listen to yourself and trust the answers you find there. It can give you permission to dream of the things you’re scared to want and importantly – help you find the courage to go after them.

Through this course I hope you’ll find the same thing I did, that if you let it, journalling can change everything. You’ll come away with a direct line to your higher self, be able to tap into your BEST ideas, and keep going when things get hard.

More than that, I’d love for you to expand what you even think is possible in your business – unlocking your potential and making more IMPACT and more INCOME than you’ve dared to dream of before.

Hi, I’m Ruth and I bloody LOVE journalling.

As a sensitive person, journalling has made a huge difference to the way I take care of myself – it makes my entire business possible. It’s nothing short of magic.

I’ve been earning a living online since 2008, going from freelance copywriter to six-figure business owner in the space of a few years. But along the way something got lost – my business wasn’t fulfilling, and I wasn’t able to even allow myself to want more, let alone make it happen.

I want you to know that it is possible to run a business that’s both profitable and incredibly fulfilling and that honours who we are. Journalling helped me get there.

By making self-care a priority (and by learning to listen to and trust my own unique self) I have…

Developed a set of values that guide me in everything I do for my business. I got super clear on what I want to do and why this work matters to me so much.

✨Learned to love the parts of myself that I was afraid to share in my business. My business is more aligned with my personality and I’m not afraid to do things my own way.

✨Had the most brilliant content ideas based on the things that have come up for me on the page.

Taken care of myself during a mental health breakdown.

✨Realised I was playing way too small with my income goals. I decided to DOUBLE my prices based on intuitive thinking and expanding what I believed was possible in my business.

As a business mentor to quietly ambitious humans, I set journalling prompts to get my clients thinking all the time and they often want to know more about the practice. In this course I show you exactly how journalling works and how to do it for your business.


& get instant access to the 8 part course

MAGIC HAPPENS when you take positive action on your own self-care IN THIS WAY...

✨As sensitive humans, we can fall into overthinking well, everything. Journalling these thoughts can turn things around for you. It allows you to effectively coach yourself into a more energetic and inspired mood – giving you a great start to your day.

Your decisions come from a place of inner-trust and radical possibility. There’s no more second guessing or fear-based planning when you’re clear on your values and why they matter.

✨You can show up as yourself day after day. I want you to know it’s possible to create a business that’s truly aligned with who you are, that works for you and your personality instead of fighting against it.

When we don’t trust ourselves, we limit what’s possible for our businesses.

Neglecting self-care impacts all the areas of your life, your business included:

  • If you’re constantly fighting with yourself, trying to run a business out of alignment with your values – you’ll end up exhausted and burnt out.
  • Without radical self-love and trust, you can’t hope to be resilient enough to handle all the things your business throws at you.
  • When we don’t know how to listen to ourselves, we avoid taking risks – limiting our impact and success.

Care for yourself and for your business

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all formulas; with this course you’re free to take the things that help and leave the rest (in fact, I encourage it!). I know that you don’t need yet another course to feel behind on, or an overwhelming set of new rules to follow. With simple, easy to digest lessons, I hope you’ll develop your own practice and experiment with what really works for YOU.


  • 8 easy-to-digest, zero-fluff video modules with transcripts, (plus bonus PDFs & MP3 files).
  • You choose the learning method that suits your lifestyle and read, watch or listen to the modules whenever you like.
  • Get lifetime access to build on and develop your journalling practice for years to come.

plus the 2 rules that change everything

Journaling for business transformation is not the same as keeping a daily diary. If you’re new to journaling, or it hasn’t quite “clicked” for you yet, I’ll teach you the ins and outs of how and why it works and how to do it, specifically – how it can work magic for your business.

& how to find the time to actually do it

When you create a ritual that really works with your personality and lifestyle, it becomes that much easier to slot it into your day. There are so many different ways to journal, but I really believe that the magic is found through journalling in your own way, and in this module I’ll show you how.

& how to know if you’re doing it “right”

We can all hit blocks with a new habit, especially if we’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar with writing about our thoughts and feelings. If you’re worried about not completing the course or sticking with journalling, if you’re putting too much pressure or expectation on your practice – this module will give you the reassurance you need and help you keep going.

with printables to supercharge your day

Getting the day off to a great start is key for business owners, and as sensitive humans we can often use a little energy boost to set the mood before we begin. In this module you’ll get all the inspiration you need with 5 ready-made rituals, perfect for a quick journalling session before you get to work.

something you’ll return to again and again

All Trainings Delivered In 8 Easy-to-Digest, Zero-Fluff Video Modules, plus Bonus PDFs & MP3 Files to refer to again and again


✨ PART 1: How to Make Money from Your Journalling Practice
(aka – big motivation to journal!)

We’re all in business to make good money, so this bonus guide will teach you how to do just that – all as a result of your journaling practice! If ever you needed more motivation to get out your journal and write out your thoughts, this is it.

✨A Pep Talk for Overcoming Resistance to Journalling
(actionable MP3 download to use any time)

Put those doubts to one side; this bonus will help make sure you actually follow through with this course and make the time to journal. We all resist the things that can benefit us the most, but I’m making this as easy as possible for you.

use before your sessions

Start your journalling session with a clear mind and let those thoughts and feelings flow. You’ll come away re-energised, inspired and ready to start your day. And it also has the added benefit of calling in the wisdom of your highest self (rather than letting your inner critic do the talking).

& shareable social media graphic

I am confident that you will see big shifts when you make this a habit, and with this bonus you can also share on social media as you go for added accountability. It is so, so worth the commitment. You’ve got this!

When you add up the sale value of all those elements separately, I could sell them separately for hundreds of $$$, but you can enrol today at the special price of $49.

Are you ready to bust through your blocks and call in the results you want in your business?

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✨ Big breakthroughs about what they want to do and why, honing in on their values and even pivoting their businesses completely.

✨ Owning their ambitions and dreams; working to become really known and respected in their niche.

✨ Choosing much bigger money goals, and have the courage to really go after – and importantly, ACHIEVE them.

✨ Unpacking how much their personality has limited them in the past, and work on expanding what they think is possible in their business.

OK I’m in! How much?

For $49, you’ll receive instant, lifetime access to:

• 8 Easy-to-Digest, Zero-Fluff Video Modules.
• Juicy bonus content which includes overcoming resistance AND making money from your journalling.
• Full video transcripts.
• Bonus PDF’s and MP3 files (read, watch or listen – you choose!)

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Your money-back guarantee:

I can’t promise the specific results you’ll get from journalling, but if you go into it with a willingness to explore this magical, imperfect practice, I know you’ll come away with a transformative new tool for your business.

And, if you’re not satisfied with this course, you can get a full refund within 14 days. (T’s & C’s apply)

“I really enjoyed Ruth’s journalling course! I found it fascinating and thought-provoking… [journalling] really helps me to focus and get clear on how I want to feel as I approach my life, which in turn affects the decisions I make for the better. I’ve noticed a really big difference to my energy levels and approach to my work.

Jo Strange – Tiny Scenic Jewellery

“I have had a few breakthrough journalling moments which are just magic. Journalling can be really powerful.”


Wonderfully clear and inspiring, Ruth’s journalling course gave me a deeper, wider perspective on a practice I’ve been doing for a while on my own. It really enriched my experience of journalling, opening up new ways for me to see it, use it and enjoy it – it made me fall in love with it all over again. Ruth lays out what it is and how to do it with such clarity and supportive encouragement, so it’s perfect for newbies too.”

Josie Wood – Heartful Living

“Thanks to Ruth, I now have permission to journal only as and when the need arises (without the pressure of doing it every day). I now keep a pretty book (no more tatty exercise books or any old pen!) and a smooth-writing pen beside the bed, specifically for my journalling. Funny, it’s as if I give more value to the whole exercise now that I’ve invested money in the tools that are needed.”

Andrea Pickford

“This is a great course for connecting with your intuition as a business owner. I really valued the daily prompts and journalling daily really helped clarify what was important to me, as well as give me confidence that I’m doing the right thing for me.”


“Ruth’s Journalling course is just what I needed. It’s the strong, yet gentle nudge I needed to improve my journalling habit. The best result is that I just generally feel better for having the space to put myself onto the page – it helps to ease my general anxiety. It’s part of my daily rituals, and I look forward to time spent on the page. Thank you, Ruth!”

Sarah S

I feel validated after taking this course – and so excited to keep using journalling and trying out all the prompts! I liked Ruth’s acknowledgement around difficult feelings as that’s something I’ve found really tricky with journalling in the past.”


Journalling for business owners is for you if…

  • You’re already running a business, but you want to stop feeling so exhausted and burnt out by it. You’re ready to make changes to the way you work.
  • You’re afraid to start something you’ve been dreaming about (or maybe you worry it’s not even possible), and you need to find the confidence to show up and put yourself out there.
  • You want more – to start charging what you’re worth and make more money without sacrificing yourself along the way.
  • You’re ready to stop fighting with yourself and your personality; you want to show up as yourself in your business and work in a way that feels true to your values.
  • You’re worried you don’t deserve ‘more’. Maybe you already have it pretty good and you need permission to play even bigger and hold space for your dreams and ambition.
  • You’re already running a business, but you want to stop feeling so exhausted and burnt out by it. You’re ready to make changes to the way you work.
  • You’re afraid to start something you’ve been dreaming about (or maybe you worry it’s not even possible), and you need to find the confidence to show up and put yourself out there.
  • You want more – to start charging what you’re worth and make more money without sacrificing yourself along the way.
  • You’re ready to stop fighting with yourself and your personality; you want to show up as yourself in your business and work in a way that feels true to your values.
  • You’re worried you don’t deserve ‘more’. Maybe you already have it pretty good and you need permission to play even bigger and hold space for your dreams and ambition.

Journalling for business owners is not for you if…

  • You’re not open to digging deep and exploring your thoughts, feelings and ideas on the page.
  • You want someone to give you all the answers and do the work for you.
  • You’re looking for a step-by-step, how-to blueprint for running a business. This is a practical, actionable course guiding you through a self-care practice that can have tangible results for you and your business.
  • You’re craving 1:1 support and accountability that you can’t get from a self-guided course.

frequently asked questions

This course shows you how journalling can work for your business and how to do it. It’s created to help you access your very best ideas, encourage you to trust yourself and take risks, and keep you going when your business gets hard.

Well, each module can be watched/listened to in around 5 minutes and then it’s up to you! Journalling can mean anything from a quick check in at the start of your day, to several pages of free writing – you get to choose what makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

This course is for sensitive humans who want to do the work that fulfils them and feels true to who they are. It’s for business owners (or want-to-be business owners) who are dreaming of putting themselves out there and doing things their own way. It’s for those of us who need to start listening to that wise higher self and trusting the ideas and vision we have.

I’m a HUGE believer in reducing overwhelm and taking imperfect action. With lifetime access to the course content, there’s no pressure to ‘keep up’. The modules are easy to digest and created to help you figure out how journalling works best for YOU. Plus – I encourage you to journal only when you have need of it, there are no strict daily habits or punishing time commitments here.

The journalling practice I teach is wildly different to the diaries we kept (or didn’t) as kids. In this course the focus is on exploring thoughts, feelings and ideas, rather than keeping a record of the day’s events. Most importantly though – it’s about unpacking the things that matter to you, and journalling YOUR way.

Yes! Many of my students already journal, and find that the course teaches them to see it in a different way, giving them permission to fall in love with it again; expanding the way they think and the ideas they have.

While I can’t make any specific promises, I’ve found (and so have my students) that an investment in your self-care is truly an investment in your business. Feeling more at home in your business, growing the confidence to charge your worth, and expanding beyond your self-imposed limits are all a part of the magic that can come through journalling. There’s also an extra juicy bonus detailing exactly how to make money through your journalling!

No matter what level you’re at (already running your business or just daring to dream), getting clear on your values, learning to listen to yourself, and most importantly – taking care of yourself, can be TRANSFORMATIONAL for the impact and success of your business.

Each module is deliberately digestible, with videos lasting around 5 minutes each, and even audio versions you can listen to while walking the dog. There’s also a whole module AND special bonus to help you tackle resistance and actually complete the course.

Click here to send me an email, or feel free to DM me on Instagram. The quickest way to get in touch is to use the little chat widget you should see hovering in the bottom right of the screen.

A note from ruth...

If you feel like you’re forever putting your own feelings and self-care to one side. If your own ambitions scare you a little. If you’re afraid to make changes, dream bigger; and you’re longing to do things on your own terms.

I hope you know that it’s all possible for you. Those answers ARE within you, you just need to learn how to listen. And once you’ve unlocked that magical, expansive intuition? You can start running your business your own way – and making more impact than you ever thought you could.

It’s time to access the higher self that your business has been waiting for.

Join the course today and start taking care of yourself and your business.