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#75: How Highly Sensitive People Can Better Understand Themselves & Thrive in Life & Business with Nicolina Werther

In today’s interview I chat with mindset coach and success strategist Nicolina Werther all about what it means to be highly sensitive vs. introverted vs. an empath, and the benefits and drawbacks of attaching ourselves to those labels. We also talk about shyness, selling and the importance of stretching your comfort zone.

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#74: Behind the Scenes Update on Best Ever Months, Being Supported & Upper Limit Problems

In this solo episode I'm sharing some behind the scenes updates, realisations, lessons and mindset shifts (& blocks!) that have been coming up for me over the last few months of some big business growth and shifts.

A lot of what I talk about here is about running my business in line with what feels good, which is something I'm going to be sharing a lot more in my upcoming course, Aligned Offers (closing November 25th)
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#73: How Social Media Affects Creativity & Confidence with Helen Redfern

Today I’m chatting to Helen Redfern, a self-confessed unconfident writer, who is constantly pushing herself to become braver with her writing and creativity. As you can imagine, we dove right into the topic of creating confidence to share your creative work with the world, and the role social media plays in that (both positive and negative). We also spoke a lot about Instagram and some important realisations Helen had after taking a long break from showing up there (something I’ve been considering a lot for myself, too)
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Episode #72: What It Means to Be A Writer & Why We’ve All Got A Book In Us with Genevieve Parker Hill

Today I have the absolute pleasure of talking to my mastermind sister Genevieve Parker Hill: international bestselling author, speaker, coach and leading expert in the fields of minimalism, intentional living, nomad lifestyle, and creative growth. She's published five books of her own and now helps people turn their solo podcast episodes into books. We talked all things writing, and putting your work out there, with an emphasis on publishing your own book. Genevieve has so much wisdom to share about self-publishing, having done it herself so many times.
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Episode #71: The Truth About Quitting A Healthy 6-Figure Business

In today's episode I take you behind the scenes of finally make the decision to quit my successful previous six-figure copywriting business. Whether you're thinking of letting something go, or just taking a scary leap in your business, this episode takes you behind all of the (many!) feelings involved, and what the experience has taught me.

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Episode #70: Being Supported to Do the Work That’s True to You With Kate Northrup

Today’s interview is with the brilliant Kate Northrup, and it's all about doing less, being supported in life & business, and doing the work that is true to you and what you believe (plus a few lessons from the pandemic so far). It was wonderful to interview somebody who truly is one of my business idols. 

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