Episode #127: On Cultivating Safety and Worthiness in Our Businesses With Ashley Beaudin

Why should we be prioritising safety before strategy in our businesses? And what’s the real secret to feeling worthy of what we’re calling in? I talk about all of that, and more, with Ashley Beaudin in today’s episode.

Episode #126: Reducing Calls in Our Businesses (Without Reducing Support) With Meg Harrop

Is it really possible to reduce the number of calls we do in our business without reducing the level of support we offer? Yes, and we’ll talk about how to actually do that in today’s episode of the Quietly Ambitious podcast.

Episode #124: On Ending the Year Soft AND Strong

What if, instead of either worrying about ending the year strong, or wishing it was over already you decided to focus on your unique energy, however that is right now in this moment – and you decided that you can still make magic happen no matter what energy you are currently in? That’s the question […]

Episode #122: Why Getting Uncomfortable Is Part of Running An Aligned Business

It is a privilege to get uncomfortable in our business, even if it doesn’t feel like it, and often what feels “easy” is not what’s ultimately sustainable or true to who we really are. I am digging right into this juicy topic in today’s episode on why running an aligned business requires discomfort.