Episode #70: Being Supported to Do the Work That’s True to You With Kate Northrup

Today’s interview is with the brilliant Kate Northrup, and it’s all about doing less, being supported in life & business, and doing the work that is true to you and what you believe (plus a few lessons from the pandemic so far). It was wonderful to interview somebody who truly is one of my business […]

Episode #69: How to Keep Showing Up for Your Business When It Feels Hard: Advice From 10 Online Business Owners

Today’s episode is something a little different for the Creatively Human podcast. When I interviewed the 10 guests from season 4, I asked them all the same bonus question and didn’t include their answers in the original episodes. 

Episode #68: Welcome to Season 5 of Creatively Human (An Update!)

Welcome to a brand new season of the podcast. It has been a longer break than originally planned, so in this episode I go into what’s happening behind the scenes and what’s changing with the podcast. And as we’re approaching the two year podcast anniversary, I am asking for your reviews (lets get to 100 […]