Episode #29: Sas Petherick on Redefining Leadership, Self-Compassion & the Archetypes of Self-Doubt

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running my own business it’s that it brings all of your doubts and issues right to the surface. And the topic has come up in a huge number of the interviews I’ve done for this podcast so far. Which is why I wanted to talk to Sas Petherick […]

Episode #7: Gabrielle Treanor on Overthinking, Being Your Own Best Friend & Getting More Visible

Today’s chat is with Gabrielle, who specialises in freeing people of overthinking and worry to live life with more ease and joy. In this interview, Gabrielle gives us some concrete strategies to overcome the kind of overthinking that creative business owners are prone to, as well as sharing her own story and her experiences of […]

Episode #1: Ray Dodd on Finding Your Zone of Genius, Internal Stories & Taking Up Space

The first episode of the podcast is finally here, and it’s with the amazing Ray Dodd. We chat about moving into your zone of genius, the internal stories we have about ourselves (and why they probably aren’t true), and what it means to take up space as a woman.