Episode #3: My Online Business Journey – from Unemployed to Freelance to Business Owner

In my first solo episode on Creatively Human, I talk about my journey for the last 10 years since I first went self-employed.

Show Notes

In my first solo episode of Creatively Human, I go over my 10-year online business journey. From starting out as an unemployed graduate, to freelance writing, turning it into a business, and taking advantage of the freedom that my online business gave me.

I had to bash out the articles every day, it got so tiring… I was working myself to the ground. It wasn’t fun… that’s a lesson there: not to charge too little.

Some of the things I talk about:

  • How and why I got started freelancing
  • How I scaled that and turned it into a business
  • Why travelling and training for a marathon made a huge difference to my business
  • My experience of planning my own maternity leave
  • How things are changing since I had my baby

Links from this episode:

One thing I’ve noticed about my business journey is that I don’t often take enough time out to recognise how far I’ve come.

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