Episode #2: Rabya Lomas on Prioritising Creativity & Playful Living

My latest podcast guest is Rabya Lomas, who I chatted to about her playful living philosophy and creative inspiration. We also spoke about cutting yourself some slack, and staying safe when you share your life online.

Show Notes

Rabya Lomas is probably most well-known for her Instagram account @sheflourished_. She approaches her photos with such playfulness and creativity, and has also started taking steps towards turning her online following into a business. I loved hearing about how she gets her creative inspiration, and we also spoke about cutting yourself some slack, and staying safe when you share your life online. Enjoy!

I find having a go at myself and talking to myself in the negative voice just doesn’t help, and cutting myself some slack usually gets me in the right frame of mind and the right kind of energy to do the things that I want to do. It’s just a shuffle, it’s not a sprint.

– Rabya Lomas “She Flourished”

Some of the things we talked about:

  • Exploring your creative self
  • Why playful living is so important (and what we can learn from children)
  • Kicking yourself for moving too slowly, and cutting yourself some slack
  • Hiding your online activity from your real-life friends
  • Staying safe when you post your location on social media

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