The best content marketing ingredient? Your Truth!

Connected Content is not the same obsolete marketing advice you’ve heard again and again.

This is not about churning out content and posting it everywhere.

This is about mixing strategy + mindset + who you are, and connecting on a deeper level – one that truly speaks to your right people (aka dream clients!)

…& to connect deeper with your people,
you first have to connect deeper with yourself

When you connect deeper with yourself and why what you do matters in your content, you:

✨ Align with your whole truth and radically change the energy behind what you share, making it easier to sell.

✨ Connect with your right people by sharing your truth and vision, which creates deeper connections & a loyal audience.

✨ Be seen in your business in your own unique way, so it’ll be much easier to be visible & more “consistent” in your marketing.

Sell your aligned offers & services to more right-fit clients because your content is attracting and deeply connecting with them.

✨ Overcome self-doubt because you know why your work matters and what difference it makes in people’s life

 Here’s what you’ll learn in Connected Content

This is unlike other “content marketing” training you’ve done, because it goes way beyond content marketing.

It’s suitable for business owners of all stages and it takes you, your feelings, your mindset & your ambitious into account.

PHASE 1: Connect With Yourself & Your Vision first and foremost, because nothing will work unless it’s in alignment with who you are, what you feel, and what’s true for you. You connect with yourself through a combination of practical and mindset exercises (including a brand new alchemising visualisation, see below).

PHASE 2: Connect With Your Right People through the words you write or speak in your various marketing channels. This is more than just “numbers”. It’s about leadership, true connection with other people, and powerful feelings that go way beyond fleeting posts in the feed.

PHASE 3: Convert This To Sales by channelling all of this into confident sales content that doesn’t feel icky, doesn’t feel forced, but that actually magnetises the right buyers to you.

PLUS… how to tell when your content is un-connected, taking care of yourself during this powerful process (because it is an exchange of energy), and how to get inspired when you’re not “feeling it”.

You are the right person for your right people and it’s time to let them know.

It’s time to call in those perfect fit clients, fill up your offers & take your business to the next level through authentic, connected and true-to-you content.

Here’s what’s included in Connected Content…

  • 90 – 120 minutes workshop replay & bonus q&a session (date tbc – early 2022)
  • Powerful workbook to help you implement this powerful, magnetising content in your business.
  • Sales-boosting content prompts designed to help you write straight from the heart (normally reserved for myself and my high-touch clients – we’ve made more sales & called in perfect clients using these exact prompts!)
  • BONUS: Affirmations to help to integrate this work and do it, it’s safe for you to share this kind of content.
  • BONUS: Brand new alchemising visualisation to tune out the noise of day-to-day life, connect you back to the essence of who you are, and to tune into again and again when creating your own connected content (this is worth the price of this training alone!)

You’ll Also Get Access To:

  • An audio version of the training to listen on the go.
  • Broken down lessons inside a private member area (coming early 2022)
  • Detailed notes added to the member area so you can read the materials if that’s your preference (coming early 2022)

You’ll benefit from Connected Content if…

* You want to call in more clients, whether that’s 1:1, group programmes or courses.

* You are ready to share more of yourself and connect deeper through your content, by first connecting with yourself, but don’t know how (we’ll fix that!)

* You are ready to speak your truth and see how perfect fit clients will respond

* You run a personal brand or have a brand that’s centered around you, and you publish content online.

* You are nervous to share (certain parts of) your story but know that your work will benefit from doing so (and know that I’ll never ask you to share everything!)

This might not be the right choice for you right now if…

* You are looking for a one-size-fits-all content marketing plan

* Your brand is not at all based on you as a person

* You feel like you already share your truth and don’t need to connect deeper

* You are truly in an unsafe situation you don’t want to share about (note that Connected Content isn’t about sharing all of your life, you can leave parts out)

* You are looking for advice on connecting in-person or through public speaking, this training is not about that (although it’ll probably help indirectly!)

NOTE: this course is designed for sensitive online business owners, service providers, coaches, mentors, therapists, course creators, and other “infopreneurs”. Product-based business owners will find massive value too, but it’s important that an element of your brand is focused on “you” and/ or your values.

This course is brand new so I can’t share testimonials yet

But here’s what people said when I recently shared a tiny fraction of this content…

“I’m welling up…. This is so beautiful and heartfelt”

“This connected content method is SO helpful”

& here’s some praise received for my other offers…

“This training has completely turned my view of what I do and why I do it, around. I have really been able to focus in on what I want and why as well as how to put it into words. Love it, love it, love it. It has been the kick up the arse I needed, I feel more aligned and connected with what I am offering other Mums.”

Rachel Friedli

“It can be so hard to tap in and own my magic, and so it’s invaluable to have the encouragement of someone else 100% cheerleading in my corner as I dig deep.

Sarah Lynas

Hi, I’m Ruth!

And for a long time, I didn’t feel safe to show up as my full awkward, introverted and idealistic self.

I believe we make the biggest impact in the world when we are brave enough to choose simplicity & joy, to mould our work around our personalities, and to work in accordance with our values (even if it’s not quite the way anyone else is doing it).

Creating Connected Content has helped me take my company from scratch to £10k months in the space of 2 years, working with clients who sign up not based on price but because I’m the right person for them.

The first step is recognising our truth and speaking (/writing) it.

Connected Content helps you do just that.

Here are your options…

Sign up now to get instant access to the workshop replay (& bonus q&a). AND you’ll also get lifetime access to the self-study version of the programme (aka until I “retire” it).



1x payment of $444

pay in full


3x monthly payments of $155

3-part payment plan

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a live 90-120 minute training replay, followed by a BONUS live Q&A to be scheduled early in 2022 (questions can be submitted in advance).

With bonus resources added to your member area too -a visualisation, content prompts, affirmations etc. There’s no Facebook group for this but you can ask questions for the Q&A – so you do get access to me live for a very low price (pre-sale only!)

(Early in 2022 I’ll break the longer training down into smaller lessons too so it’s easier to refer back to – you’ll also be invited to future live rounds I may run).

You can be at any stage to benefit from Connected Content! It will be extra useful for service-based business owners, coaches and course creators.

NO! From one sensitive business to another, this is unique and what has allowed me to really own what it is that I’m selling, growing this business far quicker than I grew my first. This is something different than what you’ll have seen in other programmes.

NO! This simplifies by allowing you to follow your feelings, with the content you already need to create anyway.

I have a number of courses about the process of putting your work out there & owning what you want as a sensitive + ambitious business owner. Here’s how they all differ, in a nutshell…

  • Quiet Ambition is about owning what you want, believing that it’s possible & making it happen
  • The Magic of You is about knowing your value, & getting super clear on what makes you unique compared to everyone else who does something similar. It’s about trusting why you are the “right person for your right people”. It’s the powerful foundation that everything else builds on.
  • Connected Content is about taking that unique magic and letting people know about it. It’s more specifically about how you create content for your brand, from an intuitive place, that powerfully grows your audience & sales.
  • Aligned Offers is about taking your unique magic and getting clear on the transformation you offer your people to create an offer that is completely aligned to who you are, what you want to deliver, and in the language of what your clients desire to buy.

All of these courses work together to cover different areas of your business, including the mindset, the self-belief, the content strategy and the offers you sell.

The workshop is 90-120 mins, then you can just incorporate it into your regular content schedule. It should save you time writing content that is truly connected to how you feel — and although I can’t guarantee this, it should also convert better 😉

It’s a self-study replay of a workshop I originally ran live, and I will be expanding it into a self-study course and you’ll get full access to that plus any future live rounds I may run. So now is definitely the best time to buy. The price will go up to £444 in Jan 2022.