The 15-Point Intentional Online Business Manifesto

I passionately believe in building an intentional online business that works around my life. But what does that mean to me? Here’s my online business manifesto. Hopefully, it helps give you the permission you need to create a business that works for you, too.

Life is more meaningful when we do work that fulfils us. And we should be proud of that work.

Your business can be based on your values.

And you don’t need to sacrifice those values to make a profit. Fulfilling and profitable are not mutually exclusive.

The hustle ends here. You have permission to take a more intentional, more joyful, more gentle and much less stressful approach to your work.

You’re in this for the long haul. Even tiny steps forward count. Have patience.

There are no “shoulds” in your business. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, or be where everyone else is.

It’s OK to simplify. To go deeper, not bigger. To be smart about what you spend your energy on. To focus on one core message or offering, not many.

The “work-life balance” is constantly changing. Focus on what works for you in this current season of life.

You have a voice that deserves to be heard. Your voice is unique and you have something worth saying.

It’s OK if you don’t always love your work (even if you love your business). Nothing is easy and fun 100% of the time.

Your self-worth does not depend on your business results.

Working on your business also means working on yourself. And it’s a constant learning process.

There is no magic button or one-size fits all approach. You have to do the work, inside and out.

You are not alone. Even though you may not have any people modelling this for you in real life.

Your version of success can be anything you want it to be.





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