Is Posting Great Content A Waste When You Don’t Have Many Blog Readers?

As I write this post, my blog & current business is still pretty new and doesn’t have many monthly readers. I won’t lie that the thought has crossed my mind that maybe I should “save” my great content for when I have more readers.

I’ll get straight to the point here. Although it’s tempting to think that you should be saving your best content, the answer is a massive NO! But you might be interested to read more about why I think so, and why this might be a symptom of some mindset stuff that you really need to get over!

You Need Great Content to Attract Readers

Think about what people are going to be drawn to when they come across a brand new blog. They’ll click through a link they saw around somewhere, they’ll probably scan for a few minutes (or less!) before deciding whether to stay or go. In this brief time, do you think they’re going to think “this content is pretty mediocre, but I guess I’ll stick around to see if it gets any better”. Nope!

People will be drawn to you and your blog thanks to your great content, so you want to start posting it from day one! Unfortunately, though, it’ll be harder to get eyes on that great content in the early days. And some posts that you feel are truly epic may seem to go unnoticed. This leads us to the next point…

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Your Efforts Now Will Pay Off In Future

The good news is that writing great content now, even if nobody is reading it yet, will never be a waste. Eventually, it’ll form the foundation of your business – a useful blog full of content that’ll inform, entertain, inspire and educate your readers.

In the future, when new people land on your site and like whatever they clicked through to see, that great content you wrote months or years ago could be the thing that gets them to stick around, subscribe to your list and buy your products. Not to mention the SEO benefits that a site full of content can bring. People may find you by searching on Google for a topic you wrote about 2 years ago! Or you could get a constant stream of new visitors from an old pin that finally went viral on Pinterest.

You can also consciously repurpose the content you’ve written in the past. Perhaps you’ll take an old post, edit it slightly and publish it at the top of your blog. Maybe you’ll use it as inspiration for your email newsletter. Or maybe you’ll use it as a place to direct people to when they ask questions about your niche. Don’t be afraid of reusing your content in this way – most people haven’t seen everything you’ve ever written, and even if they have they won’t remember!

You Won’t Run Out of Ideas

Another big worry is that you’ll run out of ideas. I hear you, I often let this thought creep in, but it really is ridiculous. There is not a finite amount of great content that you can create, and then you’re done. You’ll actually get better at writing content the more you practice. You’ll find your voice and your content will improve as a result.

You’ll also find that you grow as you move along your business journey. The things you write about, or the viewpoint from which you approach them, will morph into something new and fresh. And, with that, you’ll have an endless stream of amazing content ideas for your blog and business.

Don’t Let Fear or Perfectionism Hold You Back!

This post has all been about great content, but I don’t want you to think that absolutely everything you ever post should be perfect and mind blowing. Some posts will naturally go deeper and resonate harder than others, and some may be more basic but will still fulfil a useful role for your audience. So aim for great, but don’t be afraid to settle for your best as long as you find that every post you write is useful.

It could even be a mindset issue holding you back – and you’re using the idea of “wasting” content as a BS excuse. Sometimes when I find myself questioning things like this in my business, it’s really just a procrastination tactic and sabotage stopping me from just taking action and creating a successful business. This could be down to a fear, like being afraid to be visible, to put yourself out there and to have your voice heard. If you’re still feeling resistance after reading this post, go deep and ask yourself whether there’s an underlying reason why.

So get out there, get writing, get posting and know that you’re building the foundation for something amazing!

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