Episode #115: Welcome to Season 7 (Plus Why Who You Are Being Changes Everything)

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You’re listening to quietly ambitious with conversations about how it really feels to build a business that honours your whole self unapologetically. And that includes who you are, how you feel, what you really desire, the impact that you want to create, and importantly, the money you want to make. I’m your host, Ruth Poundwhite. And my superpower is supporting sensitive and ambitious humans to make more money by fully expressing and owning all of who they are. Let’s dive in. Hi, and welcome back to the quietly ambitious podcast. Welcome to a brand new season of the podcast. Now, I’m gonna be completely honest with you, and say that I never officially finished the last season, it just sort of petered out. And I let it happen, because I had other priorities. But my intention, and I will go into this a bit more. My intention for this season is very much that it will not peter out, but it will just get better and better and better as we go. So yeah, this is an introduction to season seven. Plus, I have a few thoughts I want to share. So it’s a bit of a random one. It’s a bit of a preview of what’s to come. Plus, I have a lesson with you about something that has been so key for creating change in my life and business. And I just wanted to share it with you, I guess I just felt like doing kind of an update, but I wanted it to have something juicy as well. And this is what’s on my mind. So I’ll start with the update. So yes, season seven, oh, my goodness, can’t believe we’re at season seven already. So you may have you may be listening to this episode on a Friday, but we are going to come back weekly on Thursdays. So starting with the first normal episode the first Thursday in October. And the thing that’s really changing this season is that interviews are back. So I stopped doing interviews a long time ago. I think it’s been well over a year since I recorded and released any interviews. And it suited me at the time because you know, recording interviews means having lots of things in my calendar. And sometimes having lots of things in my calendar can stress me out. But I felt the nudge to do the interviews again. And I’ve already recorded three at the time of recording this. I have spoken to some incredible business owners about the role of creativity, how to access our creativity, about running a business alongside chronic illness and reframing reframing how we think about chronic illness. And also parenthood being a superpower as an online business owner. So I’ve already recorded those. I have got more interviews lined up. And yeah, I felt a bit nervous going back into the interviews. Like I won’t lie, but I think I just love it. There’s something really, and it’s actually very interesting to reflect on this. You know, how many years has it been?

Just like counting. It’s been four years since I started this podcast. And to remember just how nervous I was, when I did the first few interviews, oh my goodness, I have changed and grown so much. And actually interviews are just the best. For introverts who don’t like small talk, like, we don’t do any small talk at the start of the interviews, we dive deep into the good stuff. So yeah, interview is going to be back. There’s going to be a mixture of interviews and solo episodes from me, but new episodes will be coming out weekly, from October. And there’s just going to be so much stuff to look forward to I don’t know how many ways that I can say that. But it’s it’s true. So I’m really looking forward to getting the podcast on a more consistent schedule. Again, I don’t think it’s wrong, by the way to be inconsistent sometimes. And you know, I did, I did put a book out there this year. And you know, we’ve had a lot going on, it’s totally fine to be inconsistent. And it doesn’t like take away from the value of what you’re doing. But sometimes there are seasons for getting back into a consistent flow. And that is the the nudge I’ve been getting about the podcast. So I’m really looking forward to that. The next big thing that I need to let you know about is I am running a summit. So if you’re listening to this sort of live ish around the time it comes out, you will be able to join this summit for free. If you’re listening after the summit has closed then it’s a shame that you’ve missed it. But yeah, me sharing about it might still be interesting for you. So it is called the soulful sales Summit. And you can join me and 32 other experts to You discover to uncover your unique sales strategy as a highly sensitive business owner is a free four day event. Like I said, we’ve got over 30 speakers, I could, it was just impossible for me to narrow it down any more than that, because they’re just so good. And yeah, it’s all about making selling easier for sensitive business owners. So I know that we all have different feelings about selling like, personally, I actually really like selling. But it took me a while to get there. I know a lot of clients do not like selling or a lot of clients don’t mind other people selling but they worry about what people think when they’re selling too much, or some of us find it hard to get behind offers, the summit is going to talk about all this stuff. It’s going to cover the emotional rollercoaster of selling, it’s going to help you really get behind the value of what you’re offering, offering. And it’s going to help you really trust that your sensitivity is your superpower. So I’m just I should have planned this. I always say this, I should have planned this before I came on. But I’m just gonna say a few of the the talks that we’ve got a few of the speakers. So we have got, I’m just looking at the sales page, we’ve got Eliza rose, the business mystic talking about selling in alignment with your astrology. And if you’re not into the Whoo, don’t worry, although it is a brilliant presentation. If you’re not into the Whoo, then we have got other speakers talk. Can you tell I’m doing this off the top of my head. We’ve got other speakers talking about creating offers with soul, creating gentle sales paths, instead of sales funnels, we have got Red Dog talking about pricing in a way that makes it easier to actually show up and sell. We have got SAS Petherick, talking about selling from self belief in sales calls, we have got so much goodness, you know, I feel actually kind of bad reading out some of these because they’re all so good. And I don’t want to like do a disservice to the other speakers. We’ve got it all.

And it’s free. And it’s happening on the 11th of October. So if you want to get your free ticket, make sure you do it before that date. If we’re in the week of the summit, you can still sign up for a free ticket. But the presentations are only going to be available. There’s different categories. Maybe I should just read to you the categories. Day one is about knowing and trusting yourself to sell your way. Day two is about soulful selling techniques. Day three is about believing in yourself and the value of your offer. Day four is about practical strategies that make soulful selling easy and fun. And then we’ve also got a few presentations on supportive sales practices that will be available throughout but most of them are available for 24 hours only. I have deliberately asked the speakers to keep the presentations short, actionable and no fluff. So there’s that although there’s a lot of them. They are not like long, overwhelming things to get through. And honestly, I do not. I don’t think you should be planning to watch all of them, pick and choose the ones that work for you. But yeah, it really is going to be amazing. And I think the thing that I most want to emphasise is that this is specifically for sensitive business owners. And I believe that soulful sales means different things to all of us. For me, it is absolutely not about a set of rules. It’s not even actually about ethical selling, because I do think we all have different things that are in alignment with that as well. It’s about finding a way of selling a way of talking about things a way of putting things out there that is in full integrity with you, as an individual human. And because of that it’s going to be different to everyone. So this is not about rules, I want you to pick and choose what works for you, as I always say, and watch the presentations that work for you. Really what I want you to what I most want everyone to come away from is feeling totally empowered, willing to take up space when they sell, believing in the value of their offer. And putting it out there in a way that knows that that you know, it’s not going to take everything out of you when you do it. That is what I absolutely most want from you. So yeah, and I do believe as I need to say as well, like there’s a lot going on in the world. Certainly in the UK, there’s a lot of talk about money, there’s a lot of fear. There’s a lot of real stuff going on not pretending it’s not real.

And it can feel difficult to talk about selling right now. It can feel difficult to think about selling it can be feel difficult to think about people buying I actually think this is a really important conversation for us to be having right now. Like we are not Who are we helping by not showing up to sell our stuff properly. I actually believe in soulful selling of our stuff. When we have truly behind the value of what we do gets to be life changing because what you do improve people’s lives, the people who need it need you to show up and sell it. And the people who are watching you show up and sell it get to get to be empowered to do it that way as well. I don’t think I said that very articulately. I sent a much better email about it recently. But long story short, soulful, selling good for the world, good for yourself, even in these very tricky and rubbish times. So yeah, go to solve all sales. Oh, my God, I haven’t even given you the link, go to solve or sales summit.com. And you’ll get a free ticket. So like I said, each of the presentations is available for 24 hours. So I block out some time that week, from the 11th of October. But I do want to like, Absolutely, it’s completely free. But I do want to draw your attention to the fact that we have upgraded passes, there are two levels of upgraded access. The first is the basic level, the All Access Pass, which just gives you lifetime access. So if you don’t want to have to fit it all in, in a short space of time, you can get upgraded access, you also get a private podcast feed for it, so it is a bit easier to consume them on the go as well. So that’s basic upgrade paths. The one I’m really excited about, though, is the upgraded paths plus the bundle option. So I have asked my speakers, if they would be willing to include any of their pre existing courses memberships master classes in this bundle. And I was kind of blown away by the reception, we got way more than I expected that I literally added the total value of it. And I added this isn’t some like icky fake value thing. It’s actually what they sold them for. And it came to $2,600. But you can get the pass for a fraction of that. Now, I’m not going to say the price because it will depend on whether you get in on the early bird or not. But the early bird ends on the 11th of October. So all the more reason to go and sign up now. I mean, talk about soulful selling, I’m not going to do like a massive sales pitch, the summit itself is free. But I do believe in the value of the office. So it would be remiss of me not to emphasise that

it’s not just getting a bunch of extra extra presentations is literally getting access to all these different courses and stuff which go into things like how to have sales conversations without feeling icky. how to price your products in an aligned way, how to create a VIP client experience to get more referrals, I’m just things off the top of my head. Really simple tasks you can do everyday to get more clients. And different ways of selling that feel in alignment to you. I’m really not explaining it great. But believe me when I say it’s amazing, and the thing about a bundle is because it’s a fraction, a tiny, tiny fraction of what you would pay separately if you signed up to them all. Like, again, don’t don’t sign you don’t need to use them all. If there’s one or two that you want in there, then sign up, you’re also going to get again, if this speaks to you do it if not don’t. But we’ve also got I’m going to do a live experiential transformation session. So I’m going to take you through some like subconscious mindset techniques to clear whatever’s in the way when it comes to you soulful selling. And we’ve got a live breathwork session as well. And I don’t know if I’ve talked about it much on the podcast, but I am going to be interviewing my lovely breathwork practitioner who I do breath work with Kathy Bell. But it has been so, so powerful for me breathwork. So I wanted to bring it to the summit as an it’s not something for you to consume. It’s something for you to experience. And believe me when I say breathwork is an incredible experience. So if that speaks to you, you will also get that if you get the bundle upgrade. But yeah, go to soulful sales. summit.com Get your free ticket. If you feel like upgrading all the upgrade options will be explained to you. After you get your free ticket. I will do another podcast episode at some time going over the process of me doing this summit. Long story short, it is a massive project. It is potentially the biggest project I’ve ever done. And I didn’t quite realise that when I started. But I am using the summit in a box course in case you’re curious. I do have an affiliate link for that somewhere. Let me just find that. Okay, so my affiliate link is actually not very good for speaking out loud. But it’s Ruth poundwhite.com forward slash l forward slash summit course. And I will link to that in the show notes. But the summit in the box course is amazing. It just happens. That summit is a massive project. So I’m not out the other side yet. I don’t know how it’s gonna go. But it has been like such a learning experience so far. And I definitely believe that no matter what happens, everything works out the way it’s meant to. But yeah, so I’ll talk more about that some other time. But at the moment, I’m really in the thick of it. And then finally, the thing that I wanted to give you which was kind of the actionable stuff from this lesson was this idea that lasting change doesn’t happen by just focusing on what you’re doing, and changing your actions. Lasting Change happens on the identity level. So I think the reason I want to share this now is because in setting up and doing a project that’s so big, like this summit, I mean, anything that’s different to what you’ve done before, right? It can really challenge you, it’s stretching your comfort zone, it can bring up self doubt. And it can make you wonder if you’re cut out for it, right. And I think that the only reason I’m able to take on things like this now is because I’ve really worked on and considered who I believe I am. Because anyone can buy a course like the summit in a box course and follow the process. Anyone can get a coaching certification. Well, I mean, I’m not saying it’s like no work at all, like, obviously, but anyone can start a business. But you can follow the action steps, you can follow the daily tasks, but it’s the work you do to expand your concept of yourself to rethink the identity you feel that you hold, that makes so much more possible. And there’s actually a concept called the logical levels of change by Robert Dilts, I will have to double check by got the right name there.

Yeah, Robert Dilts. It’s something that I learned about in my NLP training. But basically, the idea is that you can try to just change things based on your behaviour, change your habits, and it might work. But it’s so much more powerful and effective. If you start with the identity, who am I being? Who do I choose to be? And in my work, this is not about deciding that you’re different to who you are. It’s about accessing the different parts of you. I use parts work a lot in my own work. And I firmly believe that we’re all made of so many parts, there’s fearful parts, and there’s also empowered and brave parts of us. So who do I choose to be? And starting with the question of Who do I get to be? And what would the business owner that I choose to be? Do? What would they surround themselves with? How would they resource themselves right now it trickles down into everything. So I just wanted to offer that to you. Because I just feel like it’s really present right now. Like every time the doubt comes up about the summit. Every time the overwhelm comes up. Every time I really feeling the stretch, I get to remind myself about all this work that I’ve done to get here, the business owner that I choose to be, is willing to experiment, the business owner that I choose to be, and this is a part that already exists within me knows that no matter what happens, I will learn exactly what I need to learn. So I just wanted to offer that to you as well. And this is something the identity piece, the parts of us. This is something I go into in loads of detail in my metamorphosis course. I don’t know when I’m running that again yet. But it’s worth mentioning, right? This is all part of soulful selling, sell the stuff when it comes up for the people who are interested. But yeah. So yeah, I hope that was helpful. I look forward to getting back to regular podcast episodes with you for now. Go to soulful sales summit.com and get your free ticket to the summit. Please do join in. I know that there are lots of summits out there. I know that the internet is noisy. I can’t emphasise enough that I want you to take the talks that speak to you and leave the rest is going to be a magical experience. Yeah, I wish I could say more about it. But I think I’ve said what I need to say right now and I’m I’m not gonna lie, I’m recording this really late. So go to Savile sales summit.com I really hope you’ll be part of it. I really hope it’s going to be an experience that we won’t forget in the very best way. And thank you for being here with the podcast. I can’t believe we’re going into our seventh season. Can’t wait. Okay, I’ll catch you again soon. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to another episode of quietly ambitious. If you have a moment to rate and review know that it really does make a difference. And if you’d like to carry on the conversation, then you can connect with me on Instagram at Ruth Poundwhite Join me in the Facebook group or my personal favourite. Sign up to my newsletter letters to quietly ambitious humans. Just go to Ruth poundwhite.com forward slash newsletter to subscribe and keep doing what you’re doing because your work really does matter.

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Welcome to Season 7! In this solo episode I’ll share what’s changing, the HUGE thing that has been on my mind, and the number 1 question that supports me through (& why): ‘who do I choose to be?’ Expect new episodes weekly on Thursdays from October 2022.

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